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 Tom Dongo on left, Tom Courtney beside Valery on right

Aileen in purple

Dr. Uvarov, would you describe your UFO research organization in the USSR? What are its activities and function? (Valery has resigned from the research organization he was with at the time.)

Has the Soviet government ever tried to stop you or interfered with you as you pursue your activities collecting information about UFOs and extraterrestrials?

As for me, I can tell you -- never! I have never been stopped, never been hurt or had any attempt in my direction to interfere with me!

That's great. I wish I could say the same about researchers in this country. I understand that in Russia you have personally had contact with a race of extraterrestrials. Can you describe that contact to me? How did it happen?

Actually, my contact began when I was a child, but it is difficult to tell you exactly how it happened. It began long ago. I had dreams about UFOs and crashes, etc. They began early to prepare me to develop my consciousness.

Have you seen them face-to-face -- the extraterrestrials?

Face-to-face, yes... yes, but again it is difficult to describe. It is a very special thing.

What are they like? What are their personalities like?

Like we are. But I don't like the word ET or extraterrestrials. They are humanoids like we are, so I prefer to call them humanoids. They are neighbors to us.

Are they good beings?

Yes, and very intelligent. They are very kind and very specific. They are trying to give us information and do everything possible to get us to understand what they are trying to say. I have never had any problems with them at all. Never.

What do they look like?

Like us. There is no difference that I can tell. The civilization that we are working with are no different from us. They are a bit taller, perhaps a half a head or a head, that's it. There is no real difference. They once told us that the construction of our brains are quite the same, but they have developed their psychic abilities, and we have not.

They are basically the same beings as we are, just far more advanced?

Yes, that is the major difference.

Okay, going back again -- they look exactly like us, but do they have any small physical differences in their noses, eyes, chins or hands anything like that?

They look exactly like us -- just a little taller.

Can you tell me what the information is that these people have been giving you since you made open contact?

It is very difficult to explain everything here in such a short time.
The information is about how our universe is built, the construction of the universe. The construction of the chrono fields (explained later), how to move with the laws of movement -- and laws of creation. Again, it is very difficult to explain.

Was there any specific information to help the human race?

Yes, of course. In our contacts we have received information on the future of our planet. We have talked with them much on this. We have great upheavals in store for us and they have explained how we can make it less intense, how we can prepare ourselves for these upheavals. We have received information on how to build ourselves up (energywise) and make ourselves stronger as well. We were told how to build ourselves up psychically. This is going to be one of the key ways to survive -- to create, let's say, a new generation very quickly -- a people with a new level of consciousness, an understanding of the earth changes to come. This will result in an understanding of the laws of the universe and so on. And people with these new abilities will be able to stop, or to control, the difficulties which are in store for us.

Have they given any kind of a time frame in regard to when these upheavals will begin?

Well, let me put it like this: We have about a year and a half to prepare ourselves -- free time -- then the next ten to fifteen years will be the deciding ones. (From 1993) If we make it to, say, the year 2010, we will be all right. I cannot be more specific on that because that is all I have been told. (Interviewer note: There are some things I think he preferred not to divulge.) I have also been told that there is a small possibility that nothing major will happen at all. It is a possibility.

So what you are saying is that we have the power to change events on our planet -- the future, especially in regard to major earth changes, or cataclysms?

Yes. It is actually our exclusive right. But we are not using that right.

Are you still in regular contact with these beings?

Yes, but now it is more of a telepathic nature. If something serious comes up, we can have contact when we need to. They contact us by telepathic means or by sending us pictures. It is like a screen. We see the pictures they send on a screen in our minds. We have been receiving much information recently about chrono pits. These are time fields. In different parts of the universe time moves at different speeds, and these chrono pits are very localized. A chrono pit has anomalous points. These points are points of transition from one dimension or universe to another -- or from one time or solar system or star system to another.

You mean portals?

No. Not exactly. It's an entrance. When these beings were originally researching in these areas, they received (from a higher source) information about a special kind of corridor in space. They now move through these corridors with their ships at a speed much higher than the speed of light -- for instance, if a light beam moves at normal speed in normal space, it goes at an established speed. But, in a chrono corridor the speed is incredible. This is true with any object that enters the chrono pit. There are many of these corridors in our universe; that is why they fly so fast. One of my friends in Russia has had contact with a civilization situated at a distance of seventeen million light years from us. They told him that they move to our planet through one of these corridors in five seconds.

We have six of these chrono pits in our country. That is why there is so much activity there. (I understand from a reliable source that the Soviets have located these corridors, and monitor them closely with very sophisticated electronic devices.) There are twelve chrono pits around the world, and six are in the Soviet Union. These are two in the US, one is in the Bermuda Triangle and the other is in Arizona. The Bermuda Triangle corridor is the biggest and most powerful on the planet.

Have they mentioned to you that they travel, or project in consciousness from one place to another? Can that be their primary means of propulsion, or power?

Yes, they can. Of course, consciousness is the great power, anyway. Humanoid civilizations of higher levels can move through the universe with or without spacecrafts. They use different types of energy frames. They can transform their bodies into pure energy and move like an energy ball, or I might say, an information ball -- and then transform themselves back into a physical body. They do it very easily. For example, they can take their matrix, of which there are three types: physical body, astral body and matrix body. They very often contact us in their matrix bodies. (I think what Dr. Uvarov means by a matrix body is a projection. In other words, a type of bilocation, when the physical body stays in one place and a nonphysical aspect is projected to a second location. Evidently a matrix body differs from the astral body in that it travels on lines of magnetism through time and universes.)

Do you know of any negative or harmful UFO or alien activity in Russia? We have a lot of abductions here. Do you have anything like that there?

To tell you the truth, I have heard about only one case. It was a very, very strange case in which a person was abducted. I can give you the information later. And no one that I know of has been hurt by aliens.

That's interesting, because we have a lot of abductions here in the US. Even one or two (or more) cases of aliens killing humans, for unknown reasons.

What is your opinion of the UFO and alien activity here on the Earth? Why do you think they are here now in such numbers? So many different races? Do you think they have different goals, different assignments?

Yes, of course, they have different goals. They have the greatest wish to make it clear to us that (as a race) we are living out of the Law -- the Law of the Universe. We are turning back on ourselves -- reversing our progress. If we want to go up, to develop, we must always live in the Law. The high civilizations are trying to communicate with us to give us this Law.

You mean they are trying to get us back on the track, the right track?

Yes. Trying to get us back on the track. As soon as we do this we will be a part of the laws of creation -- a part of the space, or cosmic, community. Right now our morals are very low. I think in the very near future they are going to come to us and then our consciousness will develop so that we can be mutual with them. Then we will share equally with them the problems of the universe. We will be partners there.

You have some recent, quite extraordinary photographs of the British crop circles. What do you think they are? Do you think they are some kind of language?

I can tell you that I think they are a formula, a scheme of transition from one dimension to another. It is their way of showing us maps to prepare us for the future. Sooner or later we will use the information contained in the crop circles.

You mean they have given us the visuals -- now we have to figure them out?

Yes, I think they are a formula scheme. Simply that.

Dr. Uvarov, thank you and the best of success in your research!

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