Thursday, January 3, 2013


Location. Merrill, Wisconsin
Date: 1998                  Time: late night

The witness who lived alone in a 2 bedroom apartment was suddenly awoken not by a noise (or one that she could remember) and was looking at 2 small beings in cloaks that covered their heads and only left shadows where the face should have been. She looked behind them to see a taller one. The taller one was a little slumped over due to the fact it was taller than the ceiling allowed. 

What surprised her was that the first thing she said was “not again”. She was on her right side laying down when she made a fist and proceeded to strike one of the smaller entities. She drew her arm back to hit one of the small ones but it suddenly held up its hands to stop her which it did. She came within an inch of its hand but could not move any further, it felt as she was pushing down on an opposing “magnet”. 

Her next memory was of being led (she could not remember if her legs were moving) to a disk shaped object that was leaning against her bedroom wall. She then leaned into the disk shaped object and found that the material she was leaning into was very soft. She sank into it. The material was black in color. The disk then lifted her into a laying position and proceeded to float toward the bedroom wall that leads outside. She thought or spoke out loud that there was no way that she could go through the wall. But she apparently went through it, it did not hurt but she could feel going through it. 

When they were outside she felt that someone was definitely going to see what was happening. The disk then floated up and she became very sleepy, she fought it but her eyes closed. The air was blowing on her face and she knew that she was going up. 

Her next memory was of waking up in a room that was all white. No straight edges anywhere, on the walls the floor, doors and window were all rounded edges. She got up but does not remember what the bed looked like. 

She walked towards some curtains that were blowing in the wind and the closer she got to the curtains she realized that it was some kind of balcony. She walked outside and was amazed at the beauty of it all. The sky was pink, a beautiful pink and there were white clouds. The more she looked at the sky the more she realized that the clouds were not like the ones on earth. It almost appeared that they were “simulated” to look like clouds. She noticed that there were ripples in the pink sky, just like when you drop an object in water and get the ripple effect. She looked down and saw a huge lake also pink in color and rippling. She looked back up and thought, “Oh I see there is a dome over us and is reflecting the water.” 

As soon as she thought this a small being touched her hand and she became sleepy again. Her next memory was of waking up in the morning with a big chunk of her sheet in her mouth.

HC addendum

Source: direct from the witness,                                       

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