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This is a composite of many letters from "Sherry".  The above painting was done by her to represent space.

Before I knew anything about aliens and what they looked like I had an experience with one.  Now first let me tell what was going on before this.  This was after seeing the ships in the country and I had gotten a divorce from that husband that was in the bedroom when I was standing at the window.  And also I had seen these beings since I was very young, the thing was, I didn't know what or who they were up until this happened.  

This happened around 1990 in the summer in Macon, GA and I was living in a friend's house while they lived in Pittsburg. They wanted someone to stay and show the house until it was sold.

At that time I was going to church and so I read the bible at night until around 12:30am. To my left was a very large window that stretched from the ceiling almost to the floor and this room was made for a paralyzed man, so there was a lot of room and it was added onto the back of the house, so it was attached to the den. To the left of the den was a kitchen and a sliding glass door and a side door to the upper left. So, while I was reading my bible I saw that my window was lit up. I had a few sheets on it and the sheets were extremely white, then I noticed motion in front of my bed. The foot of the bed was pointing towards the den. So, I laid my bible on my chest and watched to see what was coming. It was the form of a man that had a grey stocking like suit on. Like tights but it was from his head to his feet and with the light from the window it looked grey. Also there was some kind of patch on his chest and the shadow of his eyes looked very deep and dark. It made his eyes look big and with the lights on his head also he looked like he had a big head and I didn't see much of a mouth so I figured it was covered by the tights.

 As he was coming to my bed he looked like he was gliding instead of walking. I couldn't tell how tall he was because I was laying down but he did look shorter than me. I was 5'7", but he did look under nourished. He was standing at the foot of my twin bed and looking at me and I was wondering how he broke in without me hearing him and what he wanted. 

Then I remember being in some kind of vehicle that was round and there was strange writing around the top of the walls but I could not recognize it and the walls were curved instead of flat. Then I'm sitting some where in a very bright room and there is more beings like this one and they bring a baby that was very pale and had sparse hair with large blue eyes, not as large as these beings but like mine and slightly larger. It looked like it was a human female. When they put her in my arms I didn't know what they wanted me to do with it until I heard a voice in my head, it was almost audible and I looked around looking for where it came from and the being said again, "love it". So I held the baby girl close to me and loved her, rocked her, kissed her and hugged her. I think I also sang to her. For some reason I kept getting the idea that this baby was mine, so I named her Jessica. She was about a few weeks old. I don't know how long I was doing that and it came time to go and they tried to take her from me and I wouldn't let go. So in my head the being explained to me that this baby couldn't live on earth yet because it hasn't developed lungs for earth's air yet and it wasn't grown enough, something like that. Then I started crying and he took me back out of the room. 

The next thing I remembered I was in bed and he was next to my head telling me that they will come to get me again so I can help my baby. Yes, they said she was my baby. After telling me goodby I woke up the next day. I went outside to the back to see if there had been anything that showed some evidence the ship was there and saw nothing. 

So I was going to my neighbor's house and she met me on her way to see me and she told me they came to see her that same night. She described what they looked like and it was identical to mine. That made me feel a little better knowing that I wasn't hallucinating. 

She had people come to her house and tried to exercise the demons out of her and her house, but she and I even though in different houses still had the same thing happen. It almost made her go insane. 

Then a man found out that I had a strange experience and he asked me to meet him at a mental health building and I told him what had happened and showed him what I drew and he said "did you know people all over the world are drawing beings like this?" I said "no, what are they?" and he told me "they are aliens from outer space". 

Later, I told my daughter. She told her pastor and she had a meeting with him and while she was there she called and asked me to bring my paintings to show the preacher. I didn't know he wanted me to show the being, but all my paintings of everything else including that one. So I took them to him and was showing the pictures until it came to that being and he snatched it out of my book and told me it was a demon and he tried to cast it out of me. I hate that man and to this day I give him an evil look. He stole my painting and accused me of being demon possessed.

Have you ever heard of this kind of thing happening to people? I hadn't.

Attached is a picture I drew and colored in pencil of two of the children I took care of in space and the names I named them. I was married to my last ex-husband, David Coleman, that's why my name is Sherry Coleman on this piece of art and I drew them in 1997.


In 1990, I lived in Crawford County in Byron, GA. Me and my husband lived in the country and we see a lot of strange things going on. 

One night I couldn't sleep so I laid in bed and looked at the sky. As I was looking I saw some movement and got up to go to the window. Sometimes if you stare at the sky you can see the stars moving or the moon, so to test this there was a pine tree by my window and I could see through the branches, so, I watched this moving "star" and it went behind one of the branches, then appeared under it, that's when I knew it was really moving. I looked for blinking lights like an airplane and there were none. So I watched it go up and then noticed there were others coming from other directions and they all went to a vehicle further up in space and it looked like a wagon wheel that was laying down on its side and these ships which look like one man ships, went into something that looked like docking ports.

Later as I watched I saw them coming back and they had red lights in front and they went on top of several houses. Some went down chimneys and others landed on the front yard and went through the doors. (This made me think of Santa Claus, but this was in the summer). 

I watched to see how long they stayed and I'd say about an hour. Then they left and went back to the big ship.
I remember it was around 2am.
The next I remember was waking up to hear an owl and it was 5am. That means I missed 3 hours. I was standing up at the window, then waking up in the bed.

Well, the way I was told, they are checking on their people. Some say that most people don't have two human parents and that they are part them and part us and they put us in our mothers when we were first formed and they check on us through out our entire life. (I remember my helper from when I was little. He was a little like me and had wheat colored hair. Then I remembered him as a grown person. I haven't seen him anymore since I got older, but I know he sees me because I can sense him being near sometimes). Anyway they check us out like doctors do. Sometimes the exams are so painful that they have to hypnotize us so we don't remember the pain. (I remember one time I was scared and they calmed me down by floating some objects and they went around and around. The objects were a square, circle and a triangle. When the objects started to slow down, the square stopped in midair and then the circle went in the square and stopped then the triangle went in the square and circle and stopped and then I was out).

I don't know anyone that can regress me. There was a doctor at a mental health office that used to regress people that has had unusual things happened to them and he worked on me and my daughter because we saw some lights at the same time and a spaceship. We had to tell what we remembered, but we were separate and the doctor said we had identical stories. He isn't there and they don't do that sort of thing anymore.

Thanks for listening. I can't talk about things like this with anyone because I've been called crazy and they said I hallucinate. Well apparently, I've been crazy and hallucinate since I was a baby. Hmm....

Aliens Blasting Cattle and Other Animals

I think I was in my 20's and the aliens came and got me. I don't remember why they had me on board, but I do remember watching them hover over cattle pastures (and farm animals) and they came across some cows and they had me and some other people go down with them and watch with a strange gadget they blasted the cows open and they got different pieces of the cow, heck, it was weird because the cow was still alive and its heart was still beating and it was crying. By the time they got all they wanted they took another pointed gadget and aimed at the cow's head and it died. I was wondering why they killed it last and the thought came into my mind (their thoughts) that they wanted the meat to be very fresh and alive, because it lasts longer that way. It was so gross to me and the smell of the meat and how they did it turned me away from meat. They did other animals this way also. If I need to eat meat some time or another, mostly 2 times a month, I have to psych myself into eating chicken. I can't look at nor cook raw meat anymore.

I Googled 'cow mutilation' and none of what was shown was what I saw in real life. The greys I was with didn't take the tongue, udder, eyes, or sexual organs. They only took certain kinds of meat and the cow was so blasted that it was everywhere on the ground. What was shown on the internet was a whole cow on its side and its flesh still on it. The greys I was with didn't even take the blood that was mentioned was done to cows. The reason they took certain parts was to feed the people that were on the ship for a long time. Maybe another kind of aliens did that kind of mutilation and it's strange that people talk more about the cows and not the chickens, pigs, horses and sheep that the greys I was with took. 

I remember in between the years 2000 and 2002 that the space people came to get me, and me and Dave had separate rooms across from each other and my dog was sleeping with him that night and they came to get me and I tried to wake Dave to let him know, but he and my dog was sound asleep and there was no waking of the two, so we went on up to a small craft that had other people in it and we were talking to individual attendants and mine was familiar to me as we were talking and I was being told what was going on, I was having some sort of machine put on my head that reminded me of a hair dryer at a beauty shop. There was a humming noise coming from it, but no pain at all. 

The next thing I remember was we were docking outside of a huge planet and you could see the inside through the walls and there were a lot of people in white coats like the doctors wear and all kinds of people from the earth mostly and space people, also. (I found out it was a great ship). 
We were escorted inside and there were different ones that met us and each group went to different rooms that remind me of a class room in college. The seats were arranged in levels and in a semicircle facing an area in the front and there was a large screen in front and important people from different planets, I guess, dressed in their white coats. While on the small craft, after we had the machine on our heads, we remembered things that we aren't aware that we had learned. Mine was concerning the growth of plant life. We then were instructed how to tell what we learned by using a devise that takes the things you learned by observation and study that you were unaware of and send the pictures and be able to explain the process of the growth on the planet earth. This was happening to other people that had other subjects in another part of the ship.
So when they called my name, which is different from what I'm called here, I went down and as I was thinking everything about the project, it came up on the big screen and when the professors or people that are important saw this, they were writing down something on a strange board with an object that I cannot explain, sort of an inkless pen, but not. (?)

I remember my title was some kind of science engineer officer, but I cannot remember what that was. After my turn I listened to others and then they showed us what they're making to put back on the planet that will grow better and it will be able to withstand more than what we have now. 

We all met together later in a huge auditorium, after all the information was given and there was a lot of speeches that told what we are to be doing when we go back and what is going on with the progress from experiments and the new things they developed and after we went and met with friends and family that we knew from the last trip, then we went back home and on the way back home we had to have the machine on again. I know one thing, I slept all day and the next night 'til morning and woke up refreshed. 
I tried to tell people what happened but they thought I lost my mind, so, I shut up about it and this is the first time I've told it in a long time. 
The one thing I hate about going to that place in space was I could speak intelligently and here I stumble over trying to explain anything. It's like I have a sieve between my brain and my mouth. The intelligent speech is too big to go through the little holes and only little words come out. It's irritating and exhausting, especially when I know so much and would like to talk to someone about it.
The space people also did something to my memories, because I cannot remember everything about this trip. Apparently I've been there before, but, for some reason I don't remember, now they've allowed me to know a little more. If I've been to any other places since then, I'm not remembering, but I do look to the skies all the time hoping I'd see them again. That's the only time I remember not being afraid.

PS I told this story to Gerald and he said that he knew it to be true and they told him it was the same ship he was on in the story he told about meeting Lothar.

I was raised up in a pentecostal church and family and don't know what is out there so all these things are frowned on and if I mentioned to anyone what is or was going on with me, they try/tried to cast demons out, but it never worked and I still do the same things and the things keep coming to me. So now I'm "totally and completely possessed of the devil" is what they say, but I know what is /has happened to me is real and the devil has nothing to do with them. I'm no longer going to "their" church.

What I'm trying to say is I don't know about metaphysical or other things outside of the church, so when Gerald tells me stuff, I don't know what he's talking about nor what to do with it.  But I thirst to know. In the past I used to see other worlds by staring into the front of the air in front of me or in a mirror. Sometimes I see other people or myself in another country, but lately I discovered I cannot do it anymore. Sometimes I can shut my eyes and lay my head down with pressure on my forehead between my eyes and a little above and then I see some places and I'm flying above the ground and see some action or a piece of land. Some places make me think of Ireland along the coast. I do this a lot. I can feel the air, taste and smell it and and hear everything going on. I don't know what that means and don't know what the purpose is. I cannot focus when I'm stressed out, though, which I'm doing now, but gradually trying to relax.
I want to thank Sherry for sharing her experiences.

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I live in Crawford County Byron GA in the country and have seen odd things too, would like to reach Sherry. Recently filmed something, rest was visuals.