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This is an amazing story from Russia.  If the words seem unusual, it is because the story has been interpreted from the Russian language.


Thanks to the efforts of researchers working on the problem of UFOs have in the last century to link the collection information verified to the extent possible the most carefully - about alien encounters with humans on a peaceful basis. 

Some of the messages clarify the question as to what they are doing to our environment and what they do before you disappear from the face of the Earth. 

Interestingly, for example, an event that occurred with a woman who was not afraid to reveal her name and was not frightened of ridicule. 

Surayah Melihovna Gaynulin, microbiologist. At the time she was 35, and she worked at the Institute of Biophysics in Pushchino.
This incident happened to her on October 2, 1977. Here is her story.
"Fiction is not fond of. Aliens before this incident did not know anything, except that it is nonsense, and not interested in a" dish "at all. 

On that day, October 2, nothing much happened. A few weeks before this case I had a bad dream. Usually I go to sleep in the apartment. In the summer - I go out and sleep on the balcony. Our balcony is on the 9th floor - faces to the west. Night On October 3rd awake. I got up, put on a warm coat, walked through the house. Came to the loggia. And I thought I was all alone in the house, that the house has no one in it and the apartment has a strange look: as if there is an entrance to the apartment next door, and there is a sleeping brother, who had come on a mission. In reality, of course, was not ... (?)

I looked down at Oka. I think: you have to leave. Suddenly, above the Oka was a disc and a ball, like Saturn. Color of hot metal. The unit stopped at a distance of 300 - 400 meters from the house.
Height was difficult to determine, but it was not high. It was a beautiful sight. 

At first I thought that the device is separated from any "humanoids." They walked very slowly to the living quarters. There were 15-20. Then these "humanoids" were distributed towards Pushchino: some went to the red house, which stood next to our high-rises, others - on the block "B", and on the case of "A" and "B". And in our body went three. As they approached, I saw that it was no longer sticks and poles, and ... pillars of standing people. Moreover, the height of each "pillar" that ranges over and under. People - in the form of Soviet soldiers. Young persons, expressionless, frozen ... 

One of them is floating past me to the next balcony. I am afraid that it will scare and make a scandal, he waved his hand to her. He immediately turned to me and quietly stood beside me. He looked about 19 years old, but the growth is not 3 meters, as at that post, but just very tall, about 190 cm in uniform.

I say nothing. He spoke in Russian, smiling:
- Do you understand who I am? 

- Yes. But why are you in such a manner?

- I would like to talk to you. Can I?

I invited him into the room, in addition  I paused on the balcony. In the room was a chair near the balcony with stools. A bed on the other hand, is not fenced. And strangely - her husband seems to be no where.

We sat down. I say - well you understand Russian?

- I set up for you. Speak the language in which you talk.

- But you did not go with me?

- Not, you, but people tend to get scared. So I waited for the normal reaction from you.

- Why do you not talk during the day? People are happy to let you come and be with you in touch.

- I will answer this question at the end of the conversation. And with you I want to talk about - he said then - how do you personally go about the history of your community?

In his hand he had a device the size of a transistor radio, but without any buttons and ledges. Then he sometimes pushed it and we found ourselves in another dimension ...

He does not scare me, and he behaved very well. I conversed with him, even graciously, as a boy. Then he explained to me why he had come this way.

- When we were on your border, we saw there a man and 20 soldiers and took their appearance.

Later, at the end of the conversation, I suddenly noticed that his face had changed - in front of me was a man of about 45, intelligent, good looking, with glasses, very likable. I asked how it happened?

- I have examined you. And accept the appearance that you present

And It really was a pleasure to talk with him.

 At the Congress of the Institute of Biophysics in 1972, I saw a man with such a person. 

My companion pulled the unit and said that he needed to know the representation of the history of man. I said that this is a very long story, but he said:

- No, it happens fast. We will help the unit.

I started with the ape. And when you press the button, we suddenly found ourselves in a primitive society ...

He told me not to worry, that everything around me - my imaginary world, the one that I have in mind.

Thus, the history we have gone through in 20 minutes. Then I told him that we in the USSR consider ourselves a better society on the planet. He smiled.

- We have no private property - I explained and began to tell what the capitalist system, the colonial wars, etc. Due to the war had told him about Ulster. And then - we're there. But there they were all real. I was scared and he switched ...

Then we were somewhere in Asia, in the jungle, and there was a mutual destruction of several gangs engaged in drug trafficking. We have seen inhuman beatings around the corner from us. But as soon as he saw my fear - immediately switched ...

Then I asked him, why do you not want to talk to us? He replied that the planet they already learned. What we do not understand is  their interests.

- According to our assumptions, - he continued - your planet could include in our system of interplanetary relations, but that the level of your moral was very low.

Further, he said that humanity has gone down the wrong path and came to a dead end. We have a very serious thought, with great inertia. That this property is common to all people.

Then I spoke to the earth's patriotism and I'm trying to prove to him that people are not so bad and we are aware of its imperfections. He answered briefly and plainly.
- No. Not conscious. As there are too many dark, animal natures. You have to get out of their excrement.

He said that this confused place they have not yet found in the universe. But he added that science, if he wants, can understand many things in the system mezhkosmicheskoy communication, but at the moment, because of our aggressiveness, it is excluded.

I turned the conversation to another subject and asked if our theory is correct of the pulsating universe. He said no. It's just in your mind the design, based on your level. This error is caused in people with incredible ways of thinking.

I asked him where he came from?

- Do you know astronomy? - He asked.

- As a biologist, - I answered. He smiled and said:

- Later on, you still face the facts that we will evaluate and reject biologists, but only because in biology this type does not exist. Will reject, and other scientists. But there is a way of knowing. Education can not be science. Either it is or it is not. As for us, we will - from this "far" it is impossible to explain your existing terms.

He further said that the Earth - is a very convenient point for communication. And it seemed to me that we have for them a negligible effect on the planet

I was hurt and he felt it.

- We're not long, - he said. - We are collecting the information.
He was struck on the division of the country. And decided to talk about it. We have, as he noticed a big difference between people. They do not like that. The only big difference is between children and adults ...

He sought to know more about us, but about my speaking only in response to questions. Very short answer, sometimes evaded, explaining: do not understand.

He could not understand what is earthly love. Family he knew. They do not have families. There is love and children. No State. He said that the system of government, as well as the tribal system - this is savagery.

He did not consider the act of playing a new organism love. It's - it. And love them is another.

-It - the exchange of information and knowledge. Only someone who loves spreading the light of knowledge about others do not live in darkness of evil.

Information is emitted in the ecstasy that knows no man. It is a mystery that they protect each other. He further said that he was pleased to feel that I love my planet, protecting the people ...

- What do you look for in each other? - I asked.

- We can take many forms, which we need.

- And the children?

They look like the information they receive ...

- And death do you have?

-We just complete one stage and move to the next. Life is infinite. Death - is speculation of the animal mind.

- And do you have hatred?

- I can not understand what it is. Also do not understand earthly love.

Here, I feel that you do not talk like it is. You simply taught to understand. This is also a gamble. People are under the illusion ...
You are a kind and good person, but also not perfect. Continuous controversy.

I asked him what they do and why the UFO pilots are here and in other places? He replied that they do about the same. They know about me, and me - about them. I, in this case, am lucky.

- What is our future? - I asked at the end of the conversation.

- The planet will not die - he answered evasively. And it was not clear what he meant. I felt that it was the people he spoke about: it does not matter whether or not we will perish.

- You have a terrible way of knowing what you are imposing on your children - he said goodbye.

- When changing the path of knowledge, then you are moral and will change. 

We went out ... at the lodge. He did not shake hands. In general, he has never touched me. Again he become the "stick" and approached the ball, along with all newcomers. The ball disappeared into thin air and disappeared.

On this occasion, Gaynulin took lots of notes. She answered many questions. In particular, she said that the ball was clear, with no diffusion glow. Its diameter does not exceed 3 meters. She added that the stranger pointed a great fear of death. That in general, the fear in the world surprised him. For humans - a sort of driving force. In reality, this process is reset when worn bioskafandr, is just the beginning of another time and in another dimension of birth ... 

To the question of, "Where have the aliens departed to?" Gaynulin replied: "They fly off to him. He said their task - to establish new connections between all civilizations in the universe. But with us it is difficult to establish communication. First, for the sake of convenience science rejects us and discredits any excuse of our existence: and secondly, and most importantly, the society of your planet have a very high level of aggression, so they avoid meetings with aggressive creatures "."

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