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Call-in by John in Hollywood to Paula Harris on Coast to Coast am on March 7, 2013

locator map of Sardinia
map of Sardinia
Paula, if there is any way I can help you let me know.

My Uncle Peter was a giant, a real full blooded giant, which makes me have DNA of a giant.

Giants are known, of course, to have come towards Sardinia, and this may help you out a bit, from the area known as Tyre where there were Giants where they were called Pythons.

They were exiled over to Cadiz, Spain.  On their trip towards Sardinia they departed to the mainland which is the Pyrenees Mountains which is the Basques.  Very recently they found a common denominator in the Sardinia and Basque language so there you have a very, very rare connection.

Something I want to bring up about giants which have never been mentioned by anybody anywhere.  My Uncle Peter having been a giant had a spiritual quality and my mother used to tell me that when he placed his hand on the body it would leave a mark, the imprint of a hand wherever he would place it, so the vibratory pattern of his DNA was that quickened.  He had a different sense about him.

He was extremely strong.  He could lift 500 pounds under each arm and another 500 pounds on each shoulder.  He could pull a horse down the street by its tail and bring it back to the corral or could go up into the mountains and get a horseless carriage that was broke down and bring it into the town by one hand.

My Uncle Peter was a very rare man, that was my Mother's brother.  So the giants - where they came from, they were actually Nephilim or actually children of Nephilim because they were out of Tyre but brought to Tyre through the Gobi where they were sentenced.  If you read Enoch, I think it is Enoch I, you will find out the Giants were suggested to go after that to avoid being killed, they were to go east.  They went to the Gobi desert and that is where they went over towards what is Greece, Lebanon and Tyre.  They went out of the origins of the Middle East towards the Gobi and that is where they planted their schools.

Actually they had schools because they were very brilliant, even though they were supposedly bad.  I can't pronounce the word, but they were Troglodytes.  They were not nasty but they had knowledge, extraterrestrial knowledge, the original ones, I don't know about their children.  They left it in the Gobi.  The Himalayans picked up on this knowledge and they created the two houses.  One of which Hitler was very interested in, Shambala, and Agartha, and that seems to have fallen by the wayside but what they did was they brought it back towards Greece and then you have the legends of the Titans.  Titans is the same in Sardinian as giganti meaning the Giants.  The people in Sardinia called them the Star People.  They were coming from the stars.


(3 syl.). A people of Ethiopia, south-east of Egypt. Remains of their cave dwellings are still to be seen along the banks of the Nile. There were Troglodytes of Syria and Arabia also, according to Strabo. Pliny (v. 8) asserts that they fed on serpents. (Greek, trogle, a cave; duo, to get into.)
“King Francois, of eternal memory ... abhorred these hypocritical snake-eaters.” —Rabelais: Gargantua and Pantagruel (Ep. Ded. iv.).

A person who lives so secluded as not to know the current events of the day, is so self-opinionated as to condemn everyone who sees not eye to eye with himself, and scorns everything that comes not within the scope of his own approval; a detractor; a critic. The Saturday Review introduced this use of the word. (See above. Miners are sometimes facetiously called Troglodytes. 

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