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By Sean Casteel

His is an old-fashioned UFO story in the same vein as George Adamski and Dan Fry.

He was not abducted by grey aliens, but communicated face-to-face with blond-haired, blue-eyed Nordic types.

It's a pretty much "nuts-and-bolts" encounter with a couple of junkets to other planes and another dimension or two.  Nothing out of the ordinary.

Ever heard the name Oscar Magocsi? No?  Doesn't ring a bell?

Well, enough with the "trick" comments and questions already.  We would all have to agree that Oscar Magocsi is a little known and forgotten contactee  whose experiences are recounted in Timothy Green Beckley's "The Authentic Book of Ultra-Terrestrial Contacts."  Beckley heard Magocsi's stories both by phone as well as later during an in-person meeting some years ago and considers it to be among the wilder encounter tales he has ever come across.  But Beckley adds that Magocsi seemed sincere and did "not strike him as the type of individual to be making all this up.
Magocsi told Beckley, "Before my encounter, I had never been a believer in UFOs whatsoever.  And I believe now that my first encounter was more or less accidental, and from then on, I had become deeply interested in the UFO phenomenon."
The first of Magocsi's encounters took place in 1975 on vacation property he owned in Canada, north of Toronto and near a small town called Huntsville.  It was nighttime, and Magocsi was sitting outside by his campfire.  He was alone, and began to have the feeling that something was watching him.
"I looked up," Magocsi said, "and about 400 yards away I saw this strange object hovering above the tree line.  It was a UFO - a flying saucer.
After hovering there for a while, it took off, making no sound at all.  It was kind of disc-shaped, it was changing colors, from a yellow-green to orange, and then it started to fluctuate.  As it was fluctuating, I felt as though someone or something was probing me, trying to read my thoughts.  It was almost physical, the feeling.  I knew somehow that it was probing into my brain."

The experience left Magocsi more curious than frightened.  During the next few days, he asked his neighbors, casually, if they had ever seen anything strange in the area.  They all replied that they had not.  He also made inquiries in the Toronto area and began to attend lectures about UFOs there, having developed an intense interest in the subject.  After one particular UFO lecture, Magocsi was approached by a fellow who told him he knew that Magocsi had something to do with UFOs, that he could see an orange aura around Magocsi that was an unmistakable sign that he was linked or connected to the phenomenon.

"I just smiled," Magocsi said, 'because I wanted to hear about his experiences.  He told me that something happened to him in the 1960s in California.  There had been a major earthquake there and he was driving to Los Angeles at the time and he saw a UFO in the sky."

The stranger told Magocsi that as he looked up at the UFO, his car stalled just in front of a bridge spanning a valley.  Within a few seconds of the car stalling the bridge collapsed in the aftermath of the earthquake.

"He told me that the UFOnauts saved his life," Magocsi said.  "From that time on, he was deeply hooked.  I didn't really take him seriously.  He talked of a blond stranger, tall, somewhat unusual looking.  He felt this individual was an alien.  At the time, I didn't have any comment to make."

A few days later Magocsi decided he wanted to see a movie.  On the way to the theater, as he was proceeding down one of the main streets, he stopped to look at a poster on a wall advertising a psychic fair being held at the Sheraton Hotel.  He considered the possibility of attending the psychic fair but decided to stick to his plan for a trip to the movies.

"So I flagged down a cab," he recalled, "and told the driver where I wanted to go.  He didn't take me to the movies.  Instead, he took me down to the psychic fair, to the UFO section.  I was surprised.  I told him"Didn't I tell you I wanted to go to the movies?  He turned around and grinned.  I was suspicious of him.  It was obvious to me that he was an "agent" on a mission."

Since he was already there, Magocsi decided to check out the psychic fair.  A tall, blond stranger seemed to pick him out of the crowd and approached Magocsi.  They conversed about Magocsi's sighting the previous summer and the UFO subject in general.  Magocsi allowed as how he would like to have a more direct experience with the UFO occupants, something beyond just seeing one of their ships.  The blond stranger advised Magocsi to return to the vacation property the next summer when the time would be right for the kind of encounter Magocsi wanted.

"I didn't take him seriously," Magocsi said, "although I had positive feelings about him.  He had lots of charisma.  He was youngish, early 30s.  He was a very good-looking fellow, like some kind of a super movie star, with a high forehead.  I guess that's how one would depict an intelligent alien.  Good vibes, friendly, and he spoke good English."
Whether he believed the stranger or not, Magocsi did return to his vacation property that next July.  The first couple of nights, nothing happened, but on the third night, the UFO showed up, landing behind the nearby hill.  Magocsi took his flashlight and took off on foot.  He found the ship in a forest clearing, hovering about 60 feet off the ground.  He stopped about 50 feet from the object, which then slowly came down and landed noiselessly.  He approached the craft and saw three portholes with a yellow light emanating from them, but he couldn't see inside because they were higher than his eye level.
"Then I heard a sound," he said, "kind of like an air-braking sound like you hear on trucks or buses.  This made me rush back into the trees.  Then I saw a door opening slowly, like the iris of a camera.  A ramp was lowered as I waited and watched.  I figured aliens would be coming out, but nobody appeared.  Finally I said to myself that since  nobody was coming out why don't I go and take a look and see what's going on?  So I just walked in.  I was scared, frightened, but I felt that if I walked away I'd never know, I'd never learn anything."

Curiosity overpowered Magocsi's fear and he went inside.  There was no one there, "no human being or any other kind of individual. I saw these benches, vertical semicircular in shape.  There was also this tubing or shaft that was flickering with lights.  My impression was that it was some kind of super brain.  It was biological.  It wasn't just a mass of jelly or flesh, yet it wasn't electrical either.  Perhaps it was something in-between, sometimes I thought it was a great eye.  Or a great brain. It's almost impossible to describe, but it was flickering with all kinds of light patterns.  I figured it must be the center of intelligence as it was the only light in the craft."

As detailed in Beckley's book on Ultra-Terrestrials, the room Magocsi found himself in was circular, about 25 feet in diameter with a ten-foot-high ceiling, providing him just enough headroom  As he stood inside the craft, the door closed behind him and he feared he was trapped.  The door had sealed itself seamlessly, and there was a vertical pencil-thin shaft of light visible.  He tried putting the flashlight he was carrying through the light and the door opened.  He walked out and then walked back in again, repeating the maneuver several times to reassure himself that he could open the door and leave at will.  The vertical light then started to "energize," almost like streams of water, like a multicolored energy discharge.  The light began to glow more intensely and to grow thicker.  At that point, Magocsi panicked and fled the ship.  Afterwards the ship "closed up and went away.  That was that for the night."

The ship returned a couple of nights later, but Magocsi stayed home, still fearful of the sudden burst of light he had experienced.  But the next night, his courage returned, and he felt his earlier fright and flight had been stupid.  He promised himself that they next time he was inside the craft, he would stay.  When the ship landed that night, he went on board again.
"I began to study everything in greater detail," he said.  "I was inside for about an hour. I said to myself, "This time, if it starts to energize, I won't run away because I'd like to go for a ride."

His wish was soon granted.  The ship began to ascend to an altitude of about 1,000 feet and he could see through the portholes that the whole landscape beneath him was almost fully lit in spite of the fact that it was pitch black nighttime.  The ship first took him to Toronto, 120 miles away, in about two
of three minutes.  Ten minutes later they were flying over New York City.  Magocsi felt a mental urge to see the pyramids next, though he cannot say whether the thought was his own or implanted by the aliens. He dozed off, and when he awakened the ship was directly over the great pyramids in Egypt.  There was a perfect alignment at that moment with the sun.  After waiting there for a while, Magocsi stepped outside the ship and saw what he thought was an approaching dust storm.
"It turned out it wasn't a dust storm," he said, "but a column of tanks.  As they got closer, they started to shoot real heavy artillery.  The shells were exploding while I was away a little distant from the saucer, but we were in some kind of force field that kept the shells out."
Seeking to escape the furnace-like heat of the desert, Magocsi went back inside the ship and the ship lifted itself up and out of the fray.  When they had reached an altitude of about 10,000 feet, three jet fighters appeared that Magocsi believes were Arabian, but he can't be sure because they flew by too quickly for him to read their  insignia.  The lead plane fired two missiles at the ship, which the saucer dodged by lifting up so suddenly that Magocsi felt his stomach was still back there in the desert.  The saucer fired something like a "laser cannon" at the missiles and they exploded harmlessly a half mile away.
"I felt somehow this was all done purposefully," Magocsi said, "the saucer wanting to show its defence capabilities."
Whether or not that is the case, the desert incident does sound similar to other encounters between a UFO and an earthly military agency, whether Arab or Russian or American.  The scrambling of jets and the useless attempts to fire on the unidentified craft are familiar from many previous accounts that have entered the lore of Ufology and never been completely disproved.  Even if the aliens were in fact "showing off" for Magocsi, the typical military engagement scenario has definitely repeated itself here.
The ship flew Magocsi on to the Himalayas of Tibet, where they landed high in the mountains, near the peaks.  He and the ship sat there in idleness for a long while.  Then he saw a line of people approaching, carrying torches.

"They looked like monks," Magocsi said, "who live in the mountains."
One of the monks approached the saucer and opened the door, which he somehow knew how to do.  He threw a pair of "funny boots" at Magocsi and motioned for him to put them on.  The monk and his fellows then escorted Magocsi from the saucer into the mountains through underground caves and into an underground monastery.  The faces of the monks were not only Asian; there were also white, black and red Indian faces, and it seemed like every race in the world was represented
The monks began to chant and burn incense while they scrutinized Magocsi.  He fell asleep and when he awakened he saw the head monk, an old man, seated opposite him.
"And as I was looking at him," Magocsi said, "He was rising up in his chair - levitating.  Then the whole area just opened up so that  I could see the whole valley and the saucer hovering nearby, with its orange glow"
Magocsi next recalled that he was standing with the head monk again on a balcony or terrace in extreme cold.  After this dreamlike moment, he was escorted back to the saucer, which lifted up and flew him this time to South America, where it seemed someone was shooting green lightening bolts at the ship.  From there, the next destination was Northern California, specifically a place Magocsi thought must have been Mount Shasta.  He could see three campfires below him, with men seated around the campfires, soon after which the ship discharged some form of energy into the mountain's peak.  Mount Shasta has for centuries been known as the scene of many a UFO sighting and numerous other paranormal events, so it is a fitting place for Magocsi to end his trip  around the world onboard a flying saucer.

After leaving Mount Shasta, Magocsi was returned to the same spot where he was originally picked up.

"The entire experience lasted 23 hours," he said.  "Insofar as being tired from the trip is concerned, I was.  And insofar as the food, I found a cubicle which I managed to open and found storage-cubes, condensed food.  And I found water. That was my first trip.  I was happy after that.  So, a few days later, the saucer comes again to the same spot and lands, and I got into it and went on another trip."
This time, the trip would not be a journey around the physical planet as we know it.  Magocsi called this second trip an "inter-dimensional" one, though he was still required to put on a silvery "spacesuit," similar to a skin diver's outfit, with a wide belt and something resembling a motorcycle helmet.  The ship hovered for a short time over Lake Ontario then suddenly Magocsi was in deep space, which he also felt was in another parallel dimension.  He still had not met anyone onboard the craft.

He recalled being told by someone he had met at the Psychic Fair the previous winter that, "They are from another dimension altogether.  They accidentally stumbled onto ours, and there are quite a number of other dimensions that are interconnected."  The person at the fair claimed to be a "psychician" and a member of the Psychician Federation of Worlds.

After fading back into Earth's dimension, the ship entered a vortex and came to a place where a mother ship sat waiting with seven smaller ships nearby, which Magocsi called "Baby Ships."  A door opened and he walked out into an idyllic scene similar to a rock garden or pleasant jungle area, a space intended for recreation.  He surmised that there were other people there who had also been brought by one of the other smaller ships, and that they were supposed to "seek each other out."

Magocsi found himself on a planet called Argona, a member of the Psychician Federation of Worlds.  He came to a reception area where he met human-looking people. including the cab driver who had taken him to the Psychic Fair instead of to the movies as Magocsi had intended.  The cab driver became Magocsi's host, taking him on a tour of the city and the surrounding countryside.

The city was built inside a domed area and had structures similar to earthly skyscrapers.  The entire planet was a recreation center and was populated by thousands of people of varying skin colors and wearing different style clothes.  Some of them facially resembled a cat or dog and spoke a language similar to a Chinese kind of singsong.

People from various dimensions were there on a common mission: to be trained in Earth mannerisms, languages and cultures so they could go to Earth and carry out some purpose that required them to pass for normal human beings.

"They had common names like George or Joe," Magocsi said, "and were said to be from Japan or China.  One woman said she was from New York City, but in reality she had never even been to Earth before.  Before she was set to come to Earth, she knew already all the mannerisms, even played the piano.

"It's not very likely that any of these people would ever be detected," he continued, "except by psychic means.  But they looked much nicer, more handsome than we are.  They looked more intelligent.  There were subtle things about them.  Small things.  It's very likely that this girl I met there, who knew New York - she called herself Melody - she could be here right now.  She was a gorgeous looking redhead, And she sings."

Magocsi said the influx of human-looking aliens is intended to help us overcome the psychic contamination of our atmosphere, a contamination that could lead to nuclear war and the complete destruction of life on Earth.

'It seems they are greatly concerned," he said. "They wouldn't stop us from wiping ourselves out.  That's a no-no.  If we want to blow ourselves up, that's fine.  But should that happen, they are willing to rescue quite a few people from here. Selections will be done through the aura.  They have aura detectors.  They're interested in what kind of an attitude you have socially, spiritually, psychically."

The lucky chosen ones would be taken on "space arks" to an artificial planet, already prepared to house the survivors.  Magocsi has no idea how many would be saved, but that an effort to educate some portion of the world to the situation has been underway for a long time.  He feels he was chosen by the aliens because they were seeking an 'Average Jo."  A typical human specimen, in order to test how he feels about things, how he reacts to various situations.

After undergoing intensive testing on Argona, Magocsi concluded that the aliens are advanced millions of years beyond Earthlings and that we will never catch up with their level of development.  He was told that open contact would have to be made at some point in order to foil the evil designs of more negative beings from other parts of the universe that could dupe mankind and use us as a weapon against the friendlier races.

Magocsi believes these negative beings are manifested on Earth as the Men-in-Black, creatures he has encountered himself.

"Once I found a note," he said.  "It was a cutout from a newspaper about someone who published a book on UFOs and who disappeared.  I found this cutout in my locked car -  on the inside.  I don't know how the hell they got in to put it there, but I feel that was a hint.  But I wouldn't let myself worry about that."

Meanwhile, the friendly creatures Magocsi met on his journey are governed by higher beings that aren't flesh and blood but consist of energy and are spiritual in nature..  When he asked about the existence of God, he was told that was a mystery that no one could answer because the cosmos is so vast.  "Everyone has to find their own answer," the aliens said.  The experiences changed him, Magocsi said, making him more psychically aware and causing him to realize there is more to life than eating, sleeping and making merry.

He related a conversation he had had with some spiritualists who maintained that their source of inspiration was the spirit of someone's deceased grandmother.  When Magocsi demonstrated his own psychic abilities, they asked where his information was coming from.

"I said, I haven't got any bloody proof.  But it's not important.  I just pick these things up."

An amazing story?  Indeed?

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