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Alien Spaceship in Russia

Anfalov Anton, PhD writes an open letter in Russian and this translation may not be completely accurate.
To Coordinator "Kosmopoisk", Chairman of the Union of Russian UFO-BA Shurinovu,
To all ufologists:”There is a multi-year cover-up of alien spaceships in the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation (one) and United States of America (three)”

Dear Vadim!

Back in the 1990s there was a little known, a military base near the town of Odintsovo in the Moscow region where the military and intelligence agencies have covered-up the investigation of the captured alien spacecraft. Odincovo let slip this data in a telephone conversation with me in the mid-to late 1990s. You and your colleagues have taken virtually no tangible and concrete actions or a detailed study and the final publication of this important data for the whole of Russia and the world of ufology.”
KGB released photo of alien craft
My colleagues and I will put an end to your cynical criminal silence and inaction after years of hiding the truth about the alien ship. We are also aware of the three alien disks seized in the United States (two-discs in Arizona in May 1953 and another one in California in the summer 1967) and stored since the 1970s and still in the underground base at Area 12, Rainier Mesa, a Nuclear test site in Nevada.
With regard to the current Russian cover-up since the mid-1980s, an alien disk-UAV is in an underground bunker base at SRF-10-Odincovo that is now closed. This is the only extraterrestrial aircraft in storage and under study in the former Soviet Union and now Russia. Information about other alleged crashes is false. I’m fully aware of the fact that after the publication of this information on the alien disk will likely cause it to be transported to a more distant place in the Urals. Concealment continues in secret from most of the leading Russian aerospace industry professionals who have the right to know about it!
They are hiding and exploring the unmanned extraterrestrial reconnaissance machine which was discovered and captured in Zagorsk region of Moscow, near the village of Nikulskoe and the arsenal at the landfill by engineering troops back in 1979, after falling into the gorge near power lines, for the "Blue" zone defense of Moscow.
Contrary to popular belief, this craft was NOT hit by a missile, and the disc did not shoot anybody, he fell himself as a result of a domestic accidents. The above is confirmed by numerous witnesses. In particular, corporal Krupin Viktor, who served with the MAS technician in the protection of Zhukovsky in the period 1981-1983. In 1982, I personally talked to the officer, who secretly photographed the rescue disk at the crash site on his personal camera. A cordon of soldiers stood near the 1263rd Engineering Corps arsenal Arsaki. KGB and Soviet Interior Ministry personnel cordoned off the crash site for a rescue disk. The disc was studied in the workshop of NIICHIMMASH (Research Institute of Chemical Engineering)
It passed the preliminary examination by experts in various fields at TSNIIMV (Central Research Institute of Materials), now-NPO "Composite."
 In the mid-1980s, after the full range of research and the weight of failed attempts to open the drive enclosure at the time of equipment in the USSR - the disc was hidden in a much more secure and isolated place. The alien disk was placed inside a new bunker underground room in 1986 or 1987 connected to the main building thru a tunnel in the southeastern part of the military base Odincovo of Vlasikha.

Scientists from different research institutions, including and from the NGO "Composite were brought to the bunker periodically mainly materials science.
The diameter of the disc is a small, 6-7 (max -8) meters, unmanned. Dome top and bottom - a small projection and 3 supports. Unfortunately the disc has not opened, and researchers do not have access to the interior and the equipment inside the drone has not been removed. Numerous methods were tried and extreme means were rejected in order to avoid the danger of destruction of the disc. Therefore, there has not been a special introduction of alien technology. The Americans with those things are better, because they have access to the inside of the two captured alien discs.
The U.S. has three alien-discs tucked away at the underground base at Area 12 near Rainier Mesa, Nevada Test Site. In the summer disc was seized in the summer of 1967 just north of Edwards Air Force Base where it was originally, and hid in a hangar.
In Area 51 (Groom Lake) there are no aliens at all. The base-12 in the area is in the foothills - spur of Rainier Mesa and is much better equipped with the latest technology and well-financed from the "Black Budget" of the U.S. with the direct participation of the Lockheed corporation, CIA, U.S. Department of Energy, and NSA and other secret government military and the U.S. intelligence community. There is a super-secret lab there with an alien spaceship. Rainier Mesa is one of four major nuclear test regions within the Nevada National Security Site (NNSS) shown here.
To sum up, I note the reality of the extraterrestrial civilizations with conclusive tangible evidence - not just at Area 12 in the Nevada nuclear test site in the United States, but some specialists now SIC RKT , TSNIIMV (now NPO "Composite"), some soldiers and members of the Strategic Missile Forces Base Odintsovo-10 (Vlasikha). Employees of the former KGB and current FSB, hiding and studying for many years captured alien disc.

The US has three alien discs with participation of corporations "Lockheed", "Monsanto", "North American", "Konv"yr", "Boeing Phantom Works" and many others. The list of companies and organizations involved in the United States is very long (Indian Head Division-Navy DOD Center for Energetics, Maryland; North American Air Force Plant No. 85 - Columbus, Ohio - Naval facility); and more, Etc.
America has eight bodies of aliens while the Russians have only one disk-drone.
I propose on behalf of the "Kosmopoisk" and UFO-Russia Union with a proposal to the higher authorities of the Russian Federation - to address a proposal to the leadership of the United States of America - the joint and simultaneous removal of declassification and on a review of the world community in the Russian Federation and the United States. SNIP
Thanks to Professor Anfalov Anton, PhD,  ARIANA coordinator of the association (Association of research and development in the field of anomalous artifacts and Unidentified)

I know that the top picture of the crashed UFO is authentic.  At one time I knew a Soviet Cosmonaut that showed me the picture but there were additional pictures that went with it.  A group of military men surrounded the craft, examining it.  He was one of the men as his father was the head of the group that had come to take it away..  Also there was a truck load of soldiers that were brought to the place to protect it.  Each had a gun.  I believe the pictures are on the video of  "The Secret KGB UFO Files"

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