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This is the middle of the 1920 cases.  I think I have it sorted out now!

According to the Canadian UFO flyer ‘Cuforn Bulletin May-June 1988” an apparent early
abduction incident was reported from Port Burwell, Ontario, Canada one night during the
summer of 1925:

The five-year old witness woke up and felt compelled to go outside into the backyard; she then saw a
large “train-like” craft approaching. It was emitting a loud whining sound. A light approached the
witness and she recalled floating up into the craft. Several small gray beings with large eyes, set far
apart took her gown off. The beings were slender with whitish gray skin, large heads, and bulging eyes and were wearing tight fitting satin like outfits. She is later floated up and apparently examined with various instruments. She is eventually released.

This is an apparent very early abduction event describing what appeared to be the typical
modern day ‘gray’ humanoids. Later that same summer the same witness reported another
similar incident at the same location but involving somewhat different appearing beings:

The witness was lying on the grass outside when she saw a flat silvery disc land nearby; several beings with wrinkled yellow skin came out. She was then apparently taken inside the craft and given a ride. The disc flew at a very high altitude and the witness was returned later.

According to the Swedish UFO publication UFO-Aktuellt 3/1983 page 39, sometime between
September 20 through September 30 1925, between 630 a.m. and 630 a.m. a strange
encounter which I classified as of high strangeness, occurred, the following is the summary of
the event:

On an early Sunday morning the 8-year old witness had gotten up and gotten up and gone out into the
surrounding area near his home when he found himself in a small country lane. He had no definite
goal. It was already bright and the weather was fine. When he came down to a bridge that crossed a
creek he looked up out over the area and saw something reminiscent of two deep saucers facing each
other. This phenomenon was big as a car and blackish gray in color, stood on four legs in a field, which a few days earlier had been harvested for potatoes.

He doesn’t know how long he watched the strange object when he saw something that looked like a
rope ladder being hauled into a gap in the craft, the legs were retracted and the ring that went around
the object began rotating around faster and faster, and the craft rose slowly to the side with a faint
whirring noise. He did not see any living creatures. He was then seized by a strange fear and felt
uncomfortable. He ran quickly home and told his parents what he had seen, but was met with
skepticism. He also spoke about it to his best friend and her mother but was ridiculed.

The rope ladder hanging down from an open hatch implies that there were apparently
entities inside the object either getting ready to exit when interrupted by the witness or just
returning to their craft.

In a 1984 article in ‘Fate’ magazine, authors Rob McGregor and Trish Janeshutz recount an
extremely bizarre and improbable tale occurring sometime in the year 1926 near the location
of Ancud, southern Chile, without going into any speculations I will present the following
narrative from the article:

The 18-year old brother of Marcelino Zaldivia was sleeping one night on the porch when he
disappeared and was not found until Easter week of 1976 when Marcelino, feeling nostalgic about his
lost brother visited their old home on the banks of the Rio Pudeto. There seated in the living room
and dressed as he’d been half a century earlier, was his brother, now old and evidently demented.
When Marcelino asked where he’d been all those years, the man replied only that he’d been on a
‘boat’ and implored him not to ask anything more. When a woman named Elena Vera Guerrero asked
him about it, he shook his head and said, “They hear everything.”

This area of southern Chile has been the scene of numerous other bizarre and similar tales.
Whatever happened to the unfortunate 18-year old perhaps will never be known, I do
wonder who he meant when he said, “They hear everything.”

Seasoned Polish researchers Bronislaw Rzepecki and Marcin Mioduszewski provided me with
an interesting case from the area of Ujazd, Poland said to have occurred one afternoon in
September of 1926. The case both involved a disc and related entities:

The witness (Zofia) was alone in a meadow grazing three cows when she suddenly turned around and
saw three gray discs (about 2 meters in diameter) hovering just above the ground and three strange
entities standing in front of them. There was total silence. All three objects had something resembling
opened doors. The humanoids were less than 120-130 cm tall, maybe about 80 cm, and wore dark
green suits and something like belts or ropes around their waists. She was unable to see any hair or
facial features as the humanoids stood about 100 meters away staring at her. Very scared she began
running away. She briefly turned around and everything was gone.

From French researchers Joel Mesnard & Michel Morel Seythoux we get a brief summary mentioned in the UFO magazine FSR Vol. 37 # 1 of a case which would have been labeled as a CE3 type ‘A’ (occupants seen within UFO) using modern UFO research classifications:

Location. La Combe De Morbier, Jura, France

Date: Winter 1926

A woodcutter reported seeing a large brightly lit sphere hovering at treetop level, several figures,
human-like in appearance could be seen inside the object. These apparently ignored the witness.

Time: evening

Quoting Italian UFO researcher Paolo Fiorino in UFO Universe another CE3 type ‘A’ incident
was reported sometime in 1927, one morning, in Corbola, Rovigo, Italy:

One morning while a 12-year old girl was going to fetch drinking water at the River Po she saw a shiny and round object come from the sky, it later crashed in the water seven meters away from her. After a couple of minutes, the witness noticed a big bubble in the water and later the object resurfaced and flew away disappearing in the sky. The girl had the chance to observe the interior of the object and saw a little man who seemed to be seated because he was only visible from the neck and above. The facial features were human looking and he was not wearing a helmet. The object, which emitted a hissing noise, had a diameter of 2-3 meters.

Researcher and author Jacques Vallee illustrates another similar case in his book
“Confrontations, a scientist’s search for alien contact” the following is a summary of this very
interesting case:

Date: late April 1928

Harry Dillon was driving along an unpaved country road when as he reached the top of a slight rise he saw an object slowly coming into the view. The object was described as resembling a metallic hexagon with a dome on top, olive drab in color. The witness could see rivets along a vertical section and a two by three foot window set in a metallic frame. In the window he could see the upper torso of a man dressed in a dark blue uniform. The man had a dark complexion and was totally human-like. He looked intently in the direction of the witness’s car, and then the object rotated, flew across the road, and shot away at terrific speed.

Yakima. Washington
Time 1600

Long time English researcher Norman Oliver shared with us in Quest UFO Magazine Vol. 11 #
4 a humanoid sans UFO encounter said to have occurred on November of 1928 one late
evening in Bolton, Lancashire, England:

A young boy, Henry Thomson, playing with a gang of friends was running through a dark alley when
he saw in the backyard of a house three strange figures peering into a lighted living room. The central
figure was tallest; it turned and looked at the witness. He mumbled at the other two and they all
turned. A wide black eyepiece divided down the center by a ribbed silver piece covered the face of the tall entity. All three appeared to be wearing inflatable rubber suits with dark boots. On their heads
were transparent dome-like helmets. Tubes came from these and joined tanks that were on their
backs. They had pale heads shaped like light bulbs, slit-like eyes, scarcely any nose, and no visible
mouth. One made a strange noise, and all three began to move toward the boy. He ran away from the
area in terror.

One of the strangest incidents of this roaring decade was said to have taken place one
morning sometime in 1929 in Hertford, England. The incident is summarized by researchers
and authors Janet and Colin Bord in “Modern Mysteries of Britain”. It definitely involves a
humanoid and an ‘unorthodox’ conveyance to say the least:

A sister, 5, and brother, 8, were playing in the garden one morning, at that date the road was a lane,
with just two pairs of houses, one of which was theirs, and behind the houses there was an orchard.
As they played, they heard the sound of an engine---years later the sister would likened it to a quiet
version of a trainer plane. Her brother and her looked up and saw, coming over the garden fence from
the orchard, this small aeroplane (of biplane type) which swooped down and landed briefly, almost
striking a dustbin. It remained there for possibly just a few seconds and then took off and was gone,
but in that short the girl had a perfect view of the tiny biplane but also of a perfectly proportioned
tiny pilot wearing a leather flying helmet, who waved to them as he took off. Neither she nor her
brother spoke of the strange sight until years later. She estimated the wing-span of the tiny aircraft at
no more than 12-15 inches, with the tiny pilot in perfect proportion thereto.

A more ‘mundane’ incident (if there is such a word in the world of humanoid encounters) was
given to me by veteran Brazilian researcher Antonio Faleiro from Passa Tempo Minas Gerais.
It consists of brief but very interesting details of an incident said to have occurred in 1929 (no
specific month) in the town of Paraguaco, Minas Gerais Brazil:

One night a large shiny white metallic craft with several window-like apertures was seen on the
ground. Two giant humanoid figures about 2.50 meters in height stood next to the object. These wore
silvery outfits and brown boots and gloves. No other information.

In his excellent book “When saucers came to Earth” Italian researcher and author Maurizio
Verga gives us the following very ‘high strangeness’ report:

Location. Roccagloriosa, Salerno, Italy

Date: summer 1929

A girl was working in a field when she looked up and saw a stationary ball

of white light in the sky. This then descended vertically, stopping just a few

centimeters above the ground, while descending the ball greatly dimmed

creating a sort of “opening” in the center of the sphere. After 5 or 10 seconds,

a female figure emerged from the opening wearing sumptuous black garments,

“like those from the 19th century”. Inside of the ball, 2 or 3 small beings

moved slowly and peered outward. The female figure walked toward the

witness, without her feet touching the ground. Thereafter, she turned left and

was lost in some trees. The girl was frightened and made the sign of the cross.

She then ran to call her father. When he arrived at the landing site, he

smelled the fragrance of roses.

Time: 1400

There seems to be a combination of unusual factors in this case. The female entity could have
been interpreted as a type of ‘Marian’ vision, the small beings unfortunately are not
described, but in modern terms they could represent ‘aliens’. The fragrance of roses at the
site is also interesting, which tips the balance to the Marian vision hypothesis. Whatever took
place was definitely out of the ordinary.

According to French Canadian UFO researcher Henri Bourdeleau on or about June 15 1929 at
Fermeneuve, Quebec, Canada what appears to have been a close encounter of the third kind
took place:

Louis Brosseau, riding home to Fermeneuve, saw on a hillside a sort of black “cloud” with a yellowish light coming from within. Approaching on foot to within 150 ft, he saw it to be a dark object on the ground; he could indistinctly see, in the darkness, 4 or 5 small “yellowish” colored men running around in a 20-foot radius. The dark object rose & passed over him at about 50 mph, “purring like a milk separator,” with a rush of air; coming from it he heard 2 voices as if in argument. The object was about 50 ft in diameter, with windows “lit like the moon,” and with black protuberances 3 ft apart all around the circumference.

Quoting an entry on the NUFORC site (National UFO reporting center) we learn of an alleged
incident said to have taken place one afternoon on July 5 1929 near Burns, Oregon:

The witnesses were traveling east of town climbing up through a cut in the rim rocks when an object,
very slowly flew over the top of the car, about 50 ft above the rim rock. The object stopped and
through a transparent window the witnesses could see two completely human-like figures that
appeared to be pointing down at them using their arms and hands. One of the witnesses stepped out
of the car but his mother demanded that he get back in. He stood on the running board observing the
craft, which was two tones of brown. The craft, which had windows in the middle section, hovered for about 40 seconds emitting a soft hum. One of the figures then moved to another window and the
craft suddenly accelerated and was gone in a blink of an eye.
Thank you Albert Rosales (Humanoid Contacts).  Without your hard work we would never know about these sightings and encounters.  You are to be commended!

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