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I took this picture coming home from work on November 30th 2003 at 7:41pm. I saw a strange cluster of lights in the sky and I stopped to see if I could find out what it was.The lights were huge and bright orange and they were moving in and out of formations very tightly. I flagged down another car to see if someone could say what these were but the man and woman who I talked to were also curious and pulled of the road to watch these lights as they continued to move in formations. I remembered I had my daughters camera and I got into the car and pulled it out to take a picture of it before they ALL VANISHED AT ONE TIME. The objects were very strange and I have no idea what they were.. I know they were not military flares because military flares do not move around in the skies they simply fall to the ground. These lights moved left and right at different speeds and they all seemed to act as if they were all controlled by some source as they would all disappear and reappear at the same time each time in various formations. I snapped this picture of the objects in night vision mode on the camera.
I was driving on highway 67 just east of Marfa Texas..
Do you think these were UFOs of some type or could these be the famous Marfa lights?!?
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When I lived in Texas I invited my friend Billy Harris to travel with me to Silver City and Roswell,NM and then on to Phoenix, Arizona.  
On the way back to Texas we decided to go to Van Horn, TX and then down to Marfa to see the lights.  On the way Billy noticed that the stars were blacked out above us.  We also noticed a light on each corner of "something".  We stopped the car and tried to determine what it was; of course we couldn't.  We were very excited.  We kept driving towards Marfa and on the way we saw an Air Force establishment with a tether holding something above.  There was a sign that said "Deadly Force will be used if you pursue coming into the base."  That was enough for us!  Eventually we arrived in Marfa and the first thing we did was ask someone what that base was for.  Everything made sense after we were told it was a dirigible that kept track of illegal aliens coming across the border.
We stayed in Marfa that evening.  Billy wanted to see if he could "catch" one of those lights so he took the car and I went to bed.  He said in the morning that every time he got near one it would zoom away. I believe it was the television show "That's Incredible" that did a feature on the lights.  They also tried to catch one but to no avail. - Aileen
The Ghost Lights of Marfa still shine as bright as ever, and are still as mysterious as they were when they were first seen by early settlers who drove their herds into the Marfa area in 1883. 
Who can explain their source?  Where are they actually located?  How long have they been in existence?  The mystery is no closer to being solved now than when they were first seen.
Robert Ellison came to Marfa in 1883 and off-loaded his cattle in Alpine.  He then drove the herd west and on the second night out, while camped just this side of Paisano Pass, he saw strange lights in the distance.  At first, it was feared that they were Apache Signal Fires.  Mr. Ellison searched the countryside by horseback.  He finally realized that the lights were not man-made.  Other early settlers assured him that they too, had seen the lights and had never been able to identify them.
The lights appear almost every night.  They seem to come from somewhere east of the Chinati Mountains but just where exactly has never been determined.  Those who have searched for their source during the day have found nothing!  No buildings, no campfires, no evidence of human activity.  And no evidence of mineral deposits or Swamp areas.
The ghost lights appear in different ways to different people.  Some swear they have seen them divide and form separate balls of light.  Others claim that they have seen them move up and down.  All agree that they glow as softly as a star at times then brighten to the intensity of a spotlight.  Sometimes they pop off and on.  As they fade they seem to be receding.  There are verifiable accounts of people being pursued by the lights.
A Marfa Lights viewing site has been provided for the public on Highway 90 by the Texas Highway Department.  It is located nine miles east of Marfa.  Ghost light watchers can park in the area and scan the south-western horizon, looking toward Chinati Peak.  Using a distant red tower light as a marker, one can be certain that any light to the right of the marker, which appears and disappears, is a Marfa Ghost Light.  You will know them when you see them - there is no mistaking them.
Spanish wagon trains drove through this area in the 1500's.  They also reported seeing the mysterious lights.

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