Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Several years passed between my first and second encounter with extraterrestrials. Frankly, with no memory of the first experience other than the visits and dreams, I never thought of them again. Then in 1967 I saw something that refreshed and re-intrigued me all over again.

My father worked for the State of California. The job being what it was required that as he promoted up through the ranks we as a family needed to relocate. In 1966 we moved from Salinas to an area of San Bernardino County known as Cajon Pass. We lived in what was called the “Old State Yard” at the junction of Interstate 15 and Highway 138. This placed us approximately 25 miles South of George Air Force Base and 25 miles North of Norton Air Force Base. The yard and house was on a small rise overlooking Interstate 15 approximately 100 feet away, and was probably 50 feet higher than the road. The yard was fenced in with chain link, with a wide gate exiting the yard onto Highway 138. Standing at the gate allowed full view of both the highway and the interstate. This was the gate I and my two sisters stood at every morning at 6:30 AM as we waited for the school bus that would transport us to San Bernardino for school.

In September or October of 1967, I had left the house and was standing at the gate awaiting the bus. My mother and sister were walking across the asphalt yard towards the gate. I could see the bus coming and so turned to yell that they needed to hurry as the bus was coming. The turn toward the location of my mother and sister placed me in a position facing I-15. As I turned I saw a craft that I can only describe as a classic saucer shaped UFO. It was flying northbound above I-15. It was approximately 100 feet above the northbound traffic, placing it only about 50 feet higher than my elevation. It was traveling at the same speed as the traffic on the interstate, or about 60-65 MPH. It appeared to be about 60 feet across and was a dull metallic color. There were no markings on the ship, nor were there engines, jets, or other means of propulsion. It was completely silent. The craft had windows, located approximately ½ the distance from its rounded top to it’s rounded but flatter belly, and I could see 3 individuals in those windows. While I could not see their entire bodies, the appeared to be short with large heads and odd faces. They were looking at me and seemed amused.

I pointed at the craft and yelled for my mother and sister to look. Both looked, stopped dead in their tracks, and then continued to the bus stop. I was very excited and exclaimed that it was a UFO. Neither my mother nor sister made any statement. The UFO simply flew out of sight. That night at the dinner table, I attempted to speak to my mother and family about the sighting. My father never believed in such things, my mother denied that it was anything other than an airplane, and my sister remained silent. To this day my mother and sister deny their sighting of a UFO, but I know what I saw. What I saw was an absolutely beautiful flying saucer occupied by at least 3 amused aliens. My question then and now is did no one driving on the interstate see this craft? No one stopped, and there was no mention of the craft on the nightly news, on the radio, or in the newspaper.


Same thing that happened to me when I was 17 and traveling between Pendleton and Stanfield, Oregon. Everything was bright green at midnight. We thought Hanford Nuclear Plant had blown up because we had never heard of a UFO at the time. The next day I looked in the newspapers and listened to the news to see if that had happened. There was nothing. 10 years later I found that an uncle and aunt of one of my friends had seen that same thing on the same night!

P. Urial

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Gary Val Tenuta said...

The fact that Danny's mother and sister don't admit to having seen the UFO is interesting and not uncommon. I've read of other cases where one person distinctly sees a "UFO" and can describe it in detail while others who were there at the same time (and who were directed to look at the object in question) claim to not have seen anything at all or, as in the case of Danny's mother, they claim it was just an airplane or some other conventional aircraft.

Some researchers have postulated that perhaps the "UFO" is only meant to be seen by certain people in any group of potential witnesses. Perhaps some sort of a screening phenomenon is activated to prevent others from seeing the craft.

Another possibility is that sightings of ET crafts are somehow the result of an image intentionally implanted into the consciousness of the observer.