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May 20-1953 The Kingman, Arizona UFO Crash.

The earliest reference of a crash near Kingman has been made to MUFON researcher Richard Hall in April 1964. He was told the story by a future Vietnam commander. The case of the Kingman UFO retrieval was then brought to the public attention by Raymond Fowler, a respected UFO researcher, in June 1973.

It involved an engineer who took preliminary measurements to assess the momentum of a crashing craft, measurements useful to any reverse engineering efforts. The engineer who brought this story to light was Arthur G. Stancil (previously known by the pseudonym "Fritz Werner"). Stancil graduated from Ohio University in 1949 and was first employed by Air Material Command at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio as a mechanical engineer on testing Air Force aircraft engines.

Dr. Eric Wang, who was suspected of leading a reverse engineering team on alien craft, headed the Installations Division within the Office of Special Studies where Arthur worked. Stancil signed a legal affidavit vouching to the honesty of his testimony, who was released by Ray Fowler in UFO Magazine, April 1976.

Stancil told that he was loaned out to the Atomic Energy Commission and was designated as a project engineer on some atomic bomb tests referred to as "Operation Upshot Knothole".

The location of these tests was at Frenchman's Flats at the southern end of the Nevada Test Site. The test director was a Dr. Ed Doll.

On May 21, 1953 Stancil was called away by his boss and told to report for a special assignment at the Indian Springs Air Force Base where he was joined by 15 other specialists. They were flown by military plane to Phoenix where they boarded a bus with blacked-out windows and rode for an estimated four hours. When they arrived at their destination somewhere southeast of Kingman in one of the washes of the Hulapai Mountains, they were met and briefed by an Air Force Colonel who told them they were to investigate the crash of a super-secret test vehicle. He and the others on the bus were told not to speak to each other under any circumstances.

Stancil's job was to determine the forward and vertical velocities of the vehicle when it impacted in the sand. Stancil was escorted to the site by military police. Two military arc-lights illuminated the saucer, which appeared to be two convex oval plates inverted over each other approximately 30 feet in diameter. The saucer was embedded in the sand about 20 inches. From this Stancil had determined that the saucer crashed at a velocity of 100 knots yet it had no dents, marks, or scratches on its burnished aluminum surface. It was constructed of dull silver metal like brushed aluminum.

Another specialist had gotten a look inside the craft as a 1.5 x 3.5 foot hatch was open revealing an oval interior cabin with two swivel seats and many instruments. Stancil saw one body recovered from the crash. It was humanoid, about 4 feet tall, with brown skin and wearing a silver-metallic flight suit.

Whilst they were back on the bus and being taken back they were made to sign the "Official Secrets" act and was told never to tell anyone about this incident.

Fowler made several checks as to the integrity of Stancil and everyone who knew him said that he was a man of considerable integrity and scientific ability.

Another story supporting the 1953 crash near Kingman came to UFO researcher Len Stringfield in 1977. A man who was in the National Guard at Wright Patterson claimed that he was witness to a delivery from a "crash site in Arizona" in 1953. He said that 3 bodies had been recovered and were packed in dry ice. They were 4ft tall, with large heads and brownish skin.

Sent in by Gerald Bringle, thank you Gerald!


Anonymous said...

We think they "crashed"
But I am wondering if it was done on purpose. As a gift for us to find, unfold, and explore.
A huge clue. An introduction.
"Hello, we are here"

kingjim said...

I know whee the UFO crash site is in Kingman, AZ. The trash from the light bars are still there and the picture of the mountains on ufocasebook is a perfect match. I go there often to continue looking around. Jim

Celebrity Baby said...

kingjim, are you open to company the next time you go? I would really like to go there. My friend from PA asked me if I could help her find someone who knows where the site is. She has organized a conference and people like Bob Dean, Robert Fowler and Don Schmitt really want to visit the site.

kingjim said...

I just need a little information as to when would be good. I am 99% positive this is it. They would probably know. What if I am wrong and waste thier time? Be happy to do it though. I really believe this is it. Let me know when would be good and I will do what I can. It is not far from Kingman and surprisingly close to the Freeway. Here are photos of the desintigrated batteries and light bars. The last one being a drawing of the sight from memory I believe by Mr. Stancil. That pile of rocks is there. Waiting to hear from you. Jim.

James said...

The Kingman UFO crash site is not located close to I-40

kingjim said...

Sorry James but I am sure it is. If you have proof otherwise then post it as I did. It is about a mile south of I-40. If you are sure that it is not then tell me where it is. Thank you.

James said...

There were no old pop cans and other trash left at the crash site, nor light bars and battery fragments .. sounds like you happened on to an old dump site. I mentioned this to the PA lady you refer to, along with some other basic information. Site location is discussed in a documentary planned for release late this year.

kingjim said...

There is no old pop cans or other trash. Don't know why you made that up. Believe what you want and I will know what i know. Good luck with your dreams.

James said...

March 17, 2010 kingjim said: "the TRASH from light bars are still there" .. then on April 10, 2011, said: "here are photos of the desinigrated batteries and light bars". Which is what I was relating to, as far as what you were saying. The cans and trash story has been going around the past couple of years. No idea where it originated, but it was discussed at the May 2011 UFO conference in Kingman. It wasn't something I made up. No dream. Good luck to you in your continued efforts to find the crash site.

Eileen Mack said...

I have been looking for this site off and on for 20 years. So sorry we missed the Conference in Kingman and the location of the crash site group tour! We think we found something very suspicious off Stockton Hill Road - is that the location?

kingjim said...

The Conference would not aknowledge the site I found after they seen where it was because they could not get a bus out there and charge people to see it. I did however show them the site. It is off Route 66 about a mile if you walk but about 5 mile drive. Not a bad trip. Fun on ATV's. My wife, dog and I ride out there now and then. Are you around the Kingman area?

James said...

What did you find that was very suspicious?

kingjim said...

81 Is this the same James that has been saying I don't know anything for the past year? The one that told me the site location would be released before the end of the year? Yes, the light bars and desentigrated batteries that were4 left there in the early 1950's makes it suspitious. Then tthere is the picture that Arthur Stancil drew of the place from memory years later. I can stand there and look at the exact place that he drew. If Dean, Fowler or Schmitt find another spot I would have to think it is for the ease of getting people to it. Only my opinon but I believe the place is here. Thank you for getting back in touch. Reminds me to go back out this week and look around.

James said...

Yes, it's the same James, but I haven't been saying you don't know anything, sorry if you took it that way. It's good to hear from you as well, so don't get me wrong when I say you found something interesting, but I don't think it's the crash site.
And yes, that information is going to be released this year, in fact within the next 45 days. Arthur didn't spell his name the way you spelled it, so you've been reading Exaggerator material which seems to be everywhere.
His name was spelled: Arthur Stansel. He died in December 2006. There were a number of other Kingman UFO witnesses besides him.
I do not know who wrote what you are saying Arthur Stansel supposedly wrote about and drew pictures of concerning the UFO location. That is suspect information and here's why: Arthur Stansel himself was very clear in saying he could not give or draw anything that would accurately reflect where he thought the UFO location was. He ought to know better than anyone what he said and did. There are other solid reasons why he could not give such information, including the fact he was deceived by the military and what they told him, then he spent nearly 4 hours riding from Phoenix to the Kingman area aboard a 1951 GM PGA3301 36 passenger military bus with all it's side windows blacked out with tape, and to make matters even more difficult for him to see and figure out where exactly he was and what things looked like, he arrived at the UFO site in the dead of night and it was pitch black outside. Arthur Stansel mentions that the military was already there in significant numbers when he arrived and they were using two large carbon-arc lights to light up the craft. Arthur Stansel said this in a signed and sworn statement and his interview with Raymond Fowler. The arc lights were so bright he could not see anything beyond the brilliant glare of light bouncing off the silver colored UFO.
By the way, Raymond Fowler is a very honorable and credible man who is now elderly and no longer does UFO research. The same goes for 82 year old Bob Dean, he's retired, and as for the hard working Donald Schmitt, his real interest and expertise is Roswell, not Kingman. These researchers aren't expected to be exploring Kingman any time soon. But they are all great people and gave much for us to think about over the years.
There is an abundance of story tellers doing books and internet blogs that stir the pot and confuse people about Kingman. They've been doing this for the past 15 years, including the guy that keeps right on spelling Arthur's last name wrong, insisting Arthur himself spells it wrong! Totally weird.
With that said, you seriously need to consider the limitations of the Bus used to get to the UFO site. It wasn't a 4x4. The Bus needed a road that was relatively flat and smooth enough at the time for a full load of Specialists and Scientists aboard to reach where the UFO was, which according to Arthur Stansel not only happened, the Bus actually parked on flat hard packed ground 50 feet from where the UFO was located.
The road really had to be flat (not level) and fairly smooth to deal with the bus being overweight for it's size, underpowered (even with it's 503 cu inch 6 cyl motor with 3 speed stick-shift tranny), and it was low to the ground to be off road and running on it's lumpy rayon tires aired up with rubber tire tubes, and shock system that didn't stop the bus from rolling and pitching like a rubber duck in the ocean. That bus was not like anything we have today. No AC, just widows that opened part-way down from the top to exhaust tobacco smoke and let in fresh air. Those windows were not big to begin with and were worthless to use or see by when blacked out.
If you really want to know more about the Kingman UFO and where it went down, go to:
This site has the facts about it, and a lot more.

kingjim said...

Thank you, James, for getting back to me and for the information. I will continue to beleive what I beleive though until someone can prove otherwise. I will see what Mr. Drew has when it is possible. If I knew where it was I don't think it would take me 6 months to a year to let people know unless I was doing something there. All I can do is wait.

James said...

I agree with you. From the stand point of discovery and validation the wait is more a matter of working smart. Facts don't always come easy and once any crash location is made known people totally contaminate it, then pick it clean.

Don Schmitt has been doing work at Roswell since the mid-1990's and has gone back multiple times to search for clues. He's back again and is now doing excavations. Tough job at Roswell, the place has been constantly disturbed by people for 65 years.

James said...
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Unknown said...

To Kingjim - I live in Mohave County. The site we found sounds nothing like the site you describe. We can easily drive to it. However, it is very strange and has been cleared off for no good reason (in my opinion) - about the right size for a crashed UFO! ALSO it fits the description I found for the site many years ago over the Internet. It is on private property so I don't feel comfortable really going out there and exploring around a whole lot or giving people the location. But my husband and I are going back out in the fall because our curiosity compels us to look for weird metal or something. We figure there would HAVE to be remnants if this was the crash site.

Unknown said...

I don't think the site on the is the site we saw, although it appears to be very similar to the terrain we were in.

kingjim said...

Eileen, I have gone through your entire page about you and your Uncle. Very interesting. I would like to see what you found sometime and would be happy to show you mine. It has been awhile since I have been out there so my wife and I are planning another trip to look around in the next few days I hope. Beutiful country out there and still so many places to look around in the area.
I am not a UFO hunter. Have had some sightings and some things have happened to me to make me believe so I have always been aware of this site. I hunt Ghosttowns. Have for close to 40 years so spend a lot of time in the desert. When I ran into this place I could just feel I was there. I still beleive that despite the people here that doubt me.

Unknown said...

I was fascinated to find out about a crash site in kingman. I googled top 3 UFO crash sights in the US and to my astonishment the second one on the list was the same town I lived in. Which I felt was curious because I know many people and families in the town that have lived in the area for generations and not one person had any idea that it ever happened. Oddly, not one individual had even heard a rumor of it , and were as surprised as I was when I had explained what I had found. It makes me doubt the authenticity of it at all, yet I read that these reputable men swear it occurred. So evidently the government is quite skilled at covering up crash sites, because to this day I have yet to find one person that has any idea it even transpired. On a second note, the reason I googled about UFO sighting and crashes is because I had viewed a 5 extremely large amber colored lights in a straight line as though secured to a object yet they were still in the night sky. What was more strange is that I pulled over and got out of the car and could not hear a sound. I was heading north to kingman outside of wickenburg, az. It was a clear night with a full moon. I was approximately 4 miles from the lights I viewed and they were about the length of a aircraft carrier. They were approximately less then 1000ft above the ground. The lights dimmed out in a sequence from left to right. I sat motionless listening and heard nothing. After about 3 min standing in silence pondering what I and my woman had seen I clearly heard a jet approach at very high rate of speed from the direction of Phoenix. Yet the jet must have been completely blacked out because I could see no aircraft lights at all yet I definitively heard it bank and circle the area then returned back the direction it had came from. At the rate it was traveling and the maneuvers it made it was apparently a military jet of some sort scrambled to see what I had seen. I had never experienced anything like it in my life. I am no aviation experts nor am I ufologist, but I do have a understanding of basic physics and there is no way something that size could sit and hover without making a sound. I got home and researched what I had seen. Astonishingly, not only had what I seen been described by other people on the net, they describe viewing it in the same area. And these sightings date back consecutively to the 70s. They are referred to as the wickenburg lights. Look in to it if you guys have a interest in the area. MUFON should definitely investigate more in to this.