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Life-Long UFO Connection

I have had many UFO sightings in my life. Whether it is because I am aware that they exist, and therefore looking, or because “they” are keeping track of me, I do not know. I do know that my first encounter was about 50 years ago at about age 5-6. The first experience was one in which I went aboard, and traveled in, a UFO. There were 2 aliens that had contact with me. This encounter was the beginning of my strong beliefs. Perhaps at another time I will write of this encounter and perhaps I may even write of the several sightings I have had since. I hope to visit with my friend Aileen Garoutte first. The sighting I wish to write of today was very simple.

It was in August of 2006. It was very hot that night in the mid valley of California. The location was Modesto, California, and it occurred approximately 3 miles from the landing pattern of the Modesto Airport. In fact, this craft flew right through the pattern as though it did not have a care in the world. I had just gotten home from a long 12 hour work shift and had stepped out into my backyard to smoke. Generally you will find me staring up at the sky when outside. Tonight was no different. As I looked up and to the North (direction of airport flight path), I saw a very large black triangle. It was flying west and was actually in the airports pattern. It was a well lit night and I could see that there were no markings on this craft. It had no wings or tail, and while there were no engines or jets I could hear it making the slightest “whoosh” as it flew by at about 40 miles per hour. The sound was not like an engine, but rather like the wind passing by the craft. It had four lights on it. There was a very bright white light on each point of its triangular shape. These lights pointed downward, were also triangular, and did not seem to be running lights as an airplane might have. They did not change color, rotate, or blink. Directly in the center portion of the underbelly of the craft was a large round light. This light also pointed straight down. The emitted light was odd. It was white light but seemed opaque or diffuse, almost like a window, though I could not see in. Without changing speed, it casually flew by at about 400 feet above ground. When it reached the area where landing planes would turn north and land, the craft continued its westward flight toward San Francisco. At about half mile past the flight pattern, it simply disappeared, either accelerating at an incredible speed or becoming invisible.

For the next several days I listened to the radio and read the newspaper, hoping to see or hear others describe what they had to have seen. There was nothing. It was as though it wasn’t seen at all. Frankly, I know that since the craft passed within 1 mile of the airport’s control tower, it had to have been seen. For me, the occurrence is added to the list of extraterrestrial and paranormal experiences that continue to follow me.


When I turned five years old, my parents began allowing me to visit my grandparents in Cuyama, California for the summer. It was 1958. My grandfather meant the world to me, then and now, though he passed away at the age of 96 (he has visited me once since with warnings of possible death). He was a loving man, a minister, one who took his beliefs seriously. To this point in my life I had never thought about aliens, UFOs, or abductions, but what happened changed my life forever.

Every evening after coming home from work, my grandfather would take me out into the countryside. The area was an old river bottom, approximately five miles across, with many small streams running through it. The entire area is a valley situated between two large mountain ranges, and at the time quite unpopulated. He would kneel at the base of a large old tree and pray and while he prayed, I was left alone to explore the wilderness, streams, and wildlife that were found in and around the tributaries. My grandfather prayed very loudly, so loudly in fact that I could wonder away for up to a half mile and still hear him in the surrounding silence. I used my ability to hear him as a means of knowing when he was done and ready to walk the mile or so back to the old house. When he was finished (usually about one hour), I would immediately begin walking in the direction that I knew would allow us to intercept each other between the old tree and the house. My grandfather would take me by the hand and we would walk and talk our way home. These were some of the happiest moments of my life.

In the summer of 1960, on one of these nightly expeditions, something happened that involved me, a UFO, the earth from outer space, two aliens, a little human girl, and lost time. My grandfather and I again walked to the old tree. He asked me to be careful and then began to pray. I turned to walk back down the trail and around a very large old river bush as I had done so many times, in route to my favorite stream full of frogs and salamanders. I had only walked about 50 feet from my grandfather when I suddenly found myself completely confused. I stood looking out into the wilderness, knowing that something was out there. This knowledge did not scare me, but the confusion did. I could no longer hear my grandfather praying, so knew that at least one hour had passed. Yet I had not explored and I was only a little ways from him. Terrified I turned to run back to where I had left my grandfather, but found him walking towards me as though done and ready to go home. He took my hand as usual, and while wiping the tears from his eyes as he always did after praying, we began walking home. I did not mention my fear and confusion, and he did not act like he had any idea that anything was wrong or different. At that time, I had no memory of anything that had transpired. I only knew that somehow I had lost at least an hour of time and that something was in the wilderness with me.

A few weeks after this incident, we moved from the old house to a newer home that my grandfather had moved onto a lot next door to a fine church he had built for the community. My grandmother was very ill, and had a hospital bed in the living room where she spent her days. At night, my grandfather would carry her to their bedroom for the night. I would then sleep in the hospital bed for the night. The small kitchen was adjacent to the small living room, which had the hospital bed at one end of the room. If one walked into the kitchen from the living room, he would see a screened back porch and door to the outside at the back of the kitchen. From the bed I could see a portion of the kitchen, but could not see the back door. Beginning immediately after the incident in the wilderness, I began having what I can only describe as visitations at night. These visits scared me terribly, but you must remember that at the time I had no memory of what had actually transpired in the wilderness. All I knew was that something kept trying to get in to me. The noise from the back outside kitchen door would awaken me. I could hear the scuffling sound of something moving on the tile kitchen floor towards the living room. I was on each occasion paralyzed, unable to move or scream for help, and literally drenched in perspiration. The scuffling would move to the passageway between the kitchen and living room, stop and wait, then leave the way they had entered. Slowly as the moments passed, I would regain my ability to speak, but would remain silent in fear. On many of these occasions my parents would be at the house visiting for the weekend. On those occasions, I would, as my speech returned, scream for my dad. He would patiently come out of their bedroom and search the house for me. Of course, he never found anything. These visits continued for years. That house and church has long been removed from Cuyama, but to this day the thought of that house brings fear to my mind.

Also beginning immediately after the wilderness incident, was a recurring dream. This dream occurred nightly for many, many years, and then slowly occurred less frequently as I became older. The last dream was in early 2007 shortly after my little boy was born. The dream leaves as much confusion and fear as did the lost time and confusion in 1960. At the time, the only things I could remember upon waking from the dream was a vision of the earth from far out in space, and the knowledge that there was something crucial to mankind that I was responsible for. The dream always woke me up in terror and confusion, as it never told me what the crucial thing was that I was responsible for.

Memories of the encounter did not begin to reveal themselves to me until 2006, when somehow I felt the need to explore the topic of alien life, UFOs, etc. I was on-line and found the E-mail address of my now friend Aileen Garoutte. According to the web site I was looking at, she was an acquaintance of another individual, a family friend of my parents, who I knew had been abducted back in the late 50s or early 60s. I sent Aileen an E-mail, but didn’t get a reply for several months. Then all of a sudden she answered me. We became rapid friends, almost like we had known each other before. It was with her help, spurring my memory that I began to remember what I now know was an abduction.

My memories of the incident are now as follows. I do not remember being taken aboard a craft. However, I do remember being aboard the craft. I was in a room at the outer perimeter of the ship. The room was metallic colored and had a rounded exterior wall with a horizontal series of three windows. Each horizontal series had 4 windows. What I am describing then is three rows of windows, four windows in each row, all at different heights above the floor. To my left was a little girl, somewhat younger than I. She was dressed in a knee length skirt, a blouse, and black shoes. Her hair was shoulder length and curled up at the shoulder. I do not remember her saying anything at all. She and I were looking through the lower level series of windows at the earth from outer space. It was beautiful, with blue and white. I could actually see the ocean and clouds. This vision of the earth was what I now know is remembered from the repeating dream. Take note that I saw this many years before photographs of the earth became such a daily experience. I can tell you that every time I see the photographs now displayed, I remember the beauty of our planet. I find myself judging the photo in distance, comparing it to my memory.

Standing to my immediate right was a tall, approximately 6’1” – 6’4” non-human man. He had blondish brown hair and was well groomed. He had a chiseled facial appearance and perfect skin tone. He was wearing a metallic colored fabric one piece jumpsuit with a v-neck, no pockets, and tighter fabric wrist and ankle sleeves. He had a badge or patch on his left shoulder that to me looks like a clockwise rotating propeller or impeller. He spoke perfect English, but the only thing I remember him saying as he rubbed his chin and stood looking at the earth through the top line of windows was “that is your home. It is your responsibility to take care of it.” My feeling was that he was in charge of the craft. My feelings were also that he cared, a lot, and was a friend. There is an interesting note here. The emblem on his left shoulder became important to me many times later in life. Whenever my life has been in danger, such as when I was going through chemotherapy, that emblem could be seen by me on the inside center of my forehead. It rotates rapidly. When I survive whatever it is that endangers my health, it stops and disappears.

Standing to this man’s right was a second alien. He was totally different than the first, perhaps not even the same breed. He was shorter; maybe 5’10”. He wore a dark two piece, almost pirate like suit that had large buttons on the front of the shirt. I could not make out his proper features as he had long matted hair which these days could be called jerry curls. I remember his eyes being sunken and dark. He never said a word. He also didn’t look out the window he stood in front of. Instead, he stood and stared at me. I felt uneasy with him. I did not feel that he was good or friendly, but I felt at ease because of the first being. I do not believe that this individual cared at all about the earth or its inhabitants.

I have witnessed at least six sightings in my life. None of them seemed to care at all that they could be seen. In some of those cases the aliens were witnessed by others, all of whom immediately denied what they had seen. Perhaps they are visible to me because of my beliefs. I don’t know. I do know that in addition to seeing aliens and UFOs, I also routinely see ghosts or spirits, as does my little boy. My hopes are that someday soon my friend Aileen and I can visit. Maybe she can bring out more with regressive hypnosis. While I am sure that she doesn’t know the potential of her power, she brought out a world of memories in me without ever standing face to face. Maybe someday I will know the reason………………..

Danny Hughart

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