Thursday, March 18, 2010


In 1988 a person called from Fife, Washington from a motel where he was staying for the night. He was idly thumbing through the TV Guide in his room when he saw an advertisement we had put in there. That advertisement was the only time it appeared in the TV guide. It said if you have had an unusual experience with UFOs and need someone to talk to - call this number. He immediately called me. That was the beginning of a life long friendship that exists to the present day.

Jeff made an appointment to come and see me. The result was we did two sessions of hypnosis to recover his lost time memories. He is from Missouri so it was hard to schedule more sessions.

The first part of his story was when he was out on a date with a local school teacher. He was driving in his pickup and all of a sudden the pickup was up in the air going around in circles. The next conscious memory was being on the delta of the Missouri river 70 miles from home. The pickup had used no gas! The next day after driving home they went back to the spot. Across the river Jeff had some friends so they went over to talk to them. One of the boys told Jeff that he had seen a UFO on the river bank the night before!

The most fantastic thing happened to Jeff in Evanston, Wyoming. Jeff travels for his company so he is on the road all of the time. That evening he rented his room for the night and then went to a lounge which had a lot of Mexican oil laborers in it. People were dancing so he decided to ask a girl to dance with him. She had been sitting at a table with many women and one or two Mexican men. The girl refused and said you don't want to dance with me! He thought that a bit strange but he passed it off. He went to the bar and was standing there when two Mexican men flanked him, one on each side. Jeff got this really uneasy feeling so he left. They followed him into the parking lot. As he got close to his car they pulled a switch blade and demanded his money. He said I am not giving you my money! At that time he was opening the car door. As they came nearer to him all of a sudden they had this look of horror on their faces and ran away. About that time a police car drove up and asked if there was a problem. Jeff was shaking and told the officer what had happened. He told Jeff that they had a lot of problems lately with the oil workers robbing people in the parking lots. The policeman took off after them.

Jeff went back to his motel room, still shaking and trying to settle down. All of a sudden a woman totally in white appeared to him. Then he was really shook up! He broke his own little finger to make sure he wasn't hallucinating. He wasn't. She told him many things about himself and also about his future. She also told him to touch her so he would know she was real. When he did he felt love go right up his arm and fill him with joy. She told him that he previously was a star ship captain and she was his mother in a former life. She also told him that he had a wife and daughter waiting for him. He later saw both of them. Jeff has never married because of them.

Since that time Jeff has had many unusual experiences which continue. Jeff comes to see me several times a year when he is traveling for his business and he always stays at my home. He has done many wonderful things for me which I cannot repay. It resulted in we are best friends. I understand him and he understands me.

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Very nice experience. Thank you for sharing.