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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Two Aliens

The following is the short version of what happened to me. When I was living in Columbus, Ohio a lot of strange things had been happening to me and I got the feeling that I was being watched in my daily activities.

Getting visited:

One night in early August of 2005 I was in the backyard smoking a cigarette. It was late. I looked up and saw a type of plane that I haven’t ever seen before in the sky. I didn’t think too much of it. Lots of planes had been flying over me during that time, many with that circular radar equipment that spins around on top. I looked quickly and thought “huh, that’s weird,” continued to smoke, finished, and went inside.

After I saw the strange plane over the house, I was visited by two beings. I think the craft I saw above the house belonged to them.

One being was about 2 and a half feet tall, a blob with speckles in its body that glowed in the dark and was about a foot wide. I call that being "Positive." The other was about 2 feet tall, wider than the blob looking alien with large tubular structures off its head sort of like hair. It was about 1 1/4 or 1 and a half feet wide. It glowed in the dark too and it may have been greenish colored. I call that being "Negative;" it was intimidating. They both looked like they were in this dimension and another at the same time; you could see through them.

They came to my home late at night, between 2am and 4am. I was awake and compelled to leave my bedroom. I walked into our living room and sat down sort of Indian style on the couch facing the stairs to the basement. My right hand went out to my side facing up. These two beings came up the stairs from my basement. I was totally calm, I didn’t feel like I was paralyzed but I had no desire to move. It was silent. The blob shaped one, Positive, inspected me. It emitted a red/orange light from the upper middle part of it’s body. I felt my chest get warm. Negative, the other being, waited on the left of Positive while this happened and did nothing. They left after that.

In the moments after, it was hard to wrap my head around what just happened to me. I eventually went to bed.

Getting Chosen:

The next night they came to me in visions. I was in my bedroom. They were not physically present as they were the night before, so this could have been a telepathic communication. The walls in my room did that green Matrix movie digital reality thing but the moving digits/symbols were red, the color of blood, symbolizing that this world is an illusion; that it is not “real” as we think it is. I was also shown a bluish-white tunnel vision, similar to the one in that movie Donni Darko. It also looked like a worm hole that I was moving through or was moving around my perspective. I think it was meant to symbolize life’s connections to all life and to these two beings and/or, a worm hole or a dimensional gate. The dimensional gate, or stargate, connotation is important from what I understand now.

However, most importantly, I was also shown a Christian Cross and a Buddha head similar to one that I keep by my bed. These are the two religions I have had the most exposure to in my life, but I was not religious before this happened. I considered myself a spiritual person and I have spent much of my young adult life helping people, but I did not practice Buddhism or Christianity. I do not want any other religion to be offended by what happened between Positive and I. I believe Positive picked these two paths to show me because it read my mind, knew me.

I have since found out that the area of my chest that got warm when Positive inspected me is where in some beliefs, my 4th Chakra is located. This Chakra has to do with a person’s love, compassion, forgiveness, hope and integration of opposites like ego and selflessness. When presented with these visions I said, “I need to think about that,” meaning the decision they were presenting me with between choosing Buddhism and Christianity. At same time out loud, I said “I choose life” for the planet and for humanity as well. I eventually went to sleep on the second night of this unbelievable experience. If it did not happen to me, I would not have believed it myself.

I communicated with these beings that visited the next day telepathically and asked Positive that instead of choosing the Buddhist path or the path of Christ that they showed me, if I told the truth about them would that bring peace and the answer was “yes.” Since that time, I have been keeping a journal and communicating positive thoughts and energy whenever I can. I am leaving out a lot about being under surveillance and getting harassed by reptile beings and others.

Next Steps:

There is a lot more that I would like to share later on but in short, I believe this being that I call Positive is God and has been behind all of the good in the world included all of the spiritual leaders from Allah, to Jesus to the Buddha, and more. I have a strong feeling that before Positive picked me, Earth was in big trouble. I don’t think we are “out of the woods” yet but I honestly believe that events over the past 3 months or so have helped to avert Armageddon. I want to learn more from you about reptile beings, stargates and more. I don’t know all the right questions to ask yet. I have read things that lead from stargates to the reptile beings to the Illuminati to the NWO. On one posting I read this: Earth was started as a slave colony. I believe he said the Dracos were the ones who created the first slave race?. AKA Adam. He compared Jehovah and Yahweh to Enki and Enlil. One being the harsh slave master and the other being a God who genuinely loved his creation and stood by them, guarding them as they genetically grew into beings who not only would equal other races in the universe, but who had the ability to surpass the other races.;read=72660

Are these the two beings that came to visit me?

Positive has communicated to me in visions and telepathically for some time and in my dreams and other ways too. Positive is looking out for me. I don’t know everything about what’s going to happen in the future. I have been attacked by other beings that are unseen but I can hear a “ssssss” sometimes. That lead me to research the reptiles beings, or reptoids. Those beings do not like me. I have been keeping a journal; doing my best to record all of what has happened. Their tricks are really sneaky but I have been reading up on accounts of other people that have been harassed by these reptile beings. I know they can possess people and are not bound by time/space like we are – they exist in a different dimension. In religious and spiritual traditions, I believe these beings are described as demons. I believe they are one-in-the-same.

I like to think of Positive, as our mother.
The above was made as a comment to one of my blogs. I think it is unique so I wanted to share it. If Luck5-7 reads this please write to me as a comment.

P. Urial

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