Sunday, April 4, 2010



In July 2007 I was working nights, my shift ending at 6:45 AM. On this particular night I got off work and drove home to Hughson, California, arriving home at about 7 AM. Before going to bed, I stepped out into my backyard for a smoke. Always looking up, I stood in the pleasant morning air and began looking around. To the east I saw something that seems impossible from an earthly point of view.

Hughson lies in the mid California valley, directly east of Ceres and south/east of Modesto. East of the valley is the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, separating California from Nevada. The mountain range is approximately 30 miles from Hughson (by air) and approximately 75 miles wide at this point. If one were to travel due east from Hughson, across the range, he would find himself in Nevada about half way between Las Vegas and Reno. To my knowledge there is basically no inhabited area of Nevada in this area though you wouldn’t be too far from Area 51.

On this particular morning I saw a stream of white steam or something like steam, traveling upward from the top of the mountain range. It appeared to be coming from somewhere east of the range’s western slope and inside the range itself. My first thought was that it was a missile or rocket being fired. Then I realized that there is no military base located inside the range. As I watched, the steam trail became longer such as a rockets continuing flight. I could see what at that distance must have been a huge craft at the point of the steam, appearing as a black dot. Suddenly the craft stopped and hovered for several minutes. It did not move. The oddity is that the steam also froze. It did not dissipate or malform in the wind. After several minutes the craft again began climbing, doubling its altitude over 3-4 seconds. Then it froze again, again with the steam staying intact. After several minutes of hovering, the craft simply disappeared. As it vanished, the steam immediately began to dissipate and malform as the winds began to affect it. The entire incident occurred over about 20 minutes.

Over the next day or two I listened to the news, read the newspapers, and listened to the radio for any report that others had witnessed the event, and perhaps for an explanation. It was not mentioned by any of the media. I have no idea whether this was manmade or alien. However these facts remain:

  1. The craft had to have been huge for me to see it at that distance
  2. It moved so slowly, but then doubled its altitude in 2-3 seconds
  3. It hovered twice and when it hovered, the steam (or whatever) froze in its path
  4. It disappeared as though at a fantastic speed
  5. When the craft disappeared the steam immediately began to dissipate and blow away

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