Monday, April 26, 2010


Monday, April 26, 2010


We now have additional information to add to this report. I will mark with an asterisk the new information.

* The following locations have reported chem trails in addition to those below:

North City, San Diego, California



Over Denver 1-3-10, 1-15-10 and many other times

Colorado Springs, CO

Aurora, CO

Baton Rouge, LA

Victoria, Australia

Fargo, ND


Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Ingredients in the chem trails: aluminum oxide, magnesium, (thimersal) Mercury, Barium (3 times the allowed limit in the human body), Echelyne, Dibromate, Cadmium, Chromite, Silver Iodide

It is believed that the chem trails is what is killing the bees.


Potentially deadly fungus spreading in US, Canada
22 Apr 2010 22:21:58 GMT

Source: Reuters

* Fungus is unique genetic strain * Climate change may aid its spread WASHINGTON, April 22 (Reuters) - A potentially deadly strain of fungus is spreading among animals and people in the northwestern United States and the Canadian province of British Columbia, researchers reported on Thursday. The airborne fungus, called Cryptococcus gattii, usually only infects transplant and AIDS patients and people with otherwise compromised immune systems, but the new strain is genetically different, the researchers said. "This novel fungus is worrisome because it appears to be a threat to otherwise healthy people," said Edmond Byrnes of Duke University in North Carolina, who led the study. "The findings presented here document that the outbreak of C. gattii in Western North America is continuing to expand throughout this temperate region," the researchers said in their report, published in the Public Library of Science journal PLoS Pathogens at "Our findings suggest further expansion into neighboring regions is likely to occur and aim to increase disease awareness in the region." The new strain appears to be unusually deadly, with a mortality rate of about 25 percent among the 21 U.S. cases analyzed, they said. "From 1999 through 2003, the cases were largely restricted to Vancouver Island," the report reads. "Between 2003 and 2006, the outbreak expanded into neighboring mainland British Columbia and then into Washington and Oregon from 2005 to 2009. Based on this historical trajectory of expansion, the outbreak may continue to expand into the neighboring region of Northern California, and possibly further." The spore-forming fungus can cause symptoms in people and animals two weeks or more after exposure. They include a cough that lasts for weeks, sharp chest pain, shortness of breath, headache, fever, nighttime sweats and weight loss. It has also turned up in cats, dogs, an alpaca and a sheep. Freezing can kill the fungus and climate change may be helping it spread, the researchers said. (Editing by Eric Beech)
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Wisconsin White Object

Tomah -- On April 11, 2010, I was photographing starlings when I noticed a white object appearing and disappearing in my photographs. It was highly reflective of the sunlight and was flying east.

About 30 minutes later, I noticed a spray plane traveling in the same path at a high rate of speed and flashing some type of laser off the bottom of it. Within 15 minutes of the spraying, the sky was a complete white out. Total elapsed time from first to last photograph is 49 minutes.

I recently sent out a message about how many became sick after attending the Aztec Conference in Aztec, NM on March 27. I wondered if it was because of Chem Trails. Since that time I have been accumulating data on where people live that became sick with upper bronchial infection and weakness. Some persons have said they do not believe Chem Trails have made us sick. These are the reports I have received and I know there are many more but because they didn't receive my inquiry they did not report.

First of all, persons attending the Aztec Conference came from all over so I will list the ones I know.

Cortez, Colorado 2

Boulder, Colorado 3

Cincinnati, Ohio 1

Cleveland, Ohio 1

Seattle, Washington Unspecified


* Just had a report from a friend that yesterday in Seattle they were on the way to a Mariner's ball game. All of a sudden both parties started sneezing and coughing at the exact same time. They commented "Did we drive through something?" Today the woman is sick with the exact symptoms we had to begin with.

Taos, New Mexico 1 & possibly 2

Medford, Oregon 1

Paris, France 1

Bagdad, Arizona 1

Mexico City, Mexico ?

Boise, Idaho Many

Minnesota Many

*Eugene, Oregon

Sky was covered in chem trails until it turned milky white. The witness has upper respiratory infection!

*Modesto, California

A nurse called me yesterday. Because of his job he was required to have both types of flu shots: H1N1 and a regular flu shot. He has the upper respiratory infection. He said there are many chem trails there. Because he is a nurse he knows how many are ill, he said that there are many people sick with the same malady in the area.

The following remarks were made by those reporting in:

Medford, Oregon:

1. How many at the conference got something?
2. If medical help was consulted what did the doctors say it was? (Swine flu, pneumonia, upper respiratory infection)
3. What medication was used to treat it?
4. How many of those who had H1N1 shots and or regular flu shots also got the bug. (The new information from Modesto, CA answers that question!) Did the local area folks in Aztec get something also?

It is okay to keep looking up, just don't inhale!

Taos, New Mexico

I wondered if maybe US gov't has a role in any possible respiratory infection rather than ETs. (I never believed it was ETs doing the spraying!- P. Urial)


If chem trails are really what they are supposed to be they might be an Armageddon population control weapon.

Paris, France

Singer Whitney Houston was released from a Paris hospital on Wednesday after suffering a respiratory infection and she called media reports that she was using drugs again "ridiculous."

Boulder, Colorado

Witness tested positive for Swine flu but his wife did not. She had the upper respiratory infection.

Boise, Idaho

A lady there said that the Chem trails started in about 1999 in her area. Right after that people had the respiratory infections.


Lady asked about the Chem trails and said that in her area after they had observed planes flying all over the sky and dropping Chem trails that people had come down with this infection. She said it has taken two to three months to get over it.

Cincinnati, Ohio

The person got sick around Christmas and the sinus infection was so bad it lasted three plus months.

Phoenix, Arizona

Person from Cottonwood attended a conference in Phoenix. The sky was covered in Chem Trails. People at the conference were coughing and sneezing.

Yolo, Prescott area, Arizona

I heard this weekend that a rancher on last Friday, was observing the planes dumping chemicals above (chem trails)and pretty soon he wasn't able to breath, his lungs were burned and he barely made it to the emergency room, he was in bad shape.

They ran a bunch of tests on his hair, etc. and it was barium, aluminum and a few more but I can't remember the names. He is going to be ok but his lungs were badly burned from it.

He called all the ranchers in the Yolo , Prescott area trying to warn everyone he knew.

Tenerife, Canary Islands

So many Chem trails it wipes out the sun. My friend's wife is a well known singer. She got the upper respiratory infection from the chem trails. When they see these they stay in the house to avoid having them drop on themselves. He said it happens all the time.


Another person that attended the Aztec Conference from Texas also got the infection.

Tennessee Triangles

Signal Mountain -- I woke up on March 3, 2010, and noticed the sky had a ton of chemtrail activity so I grabbed my camera and began filming the aircraft flying back and forth laying these chemtrails.

It has always been a theory of mine that these aircraft are masking the presence of UFO activity. When there are chemtrails, many times I have seen "spheres" which always take on the color of their surroundings. In the clear blue sky, they will appear transparent. I have led a few people to see UFOs when they did not believe.

Cortez, Colorado

We both came down sick about the second day after the conference. We still have it but it is slowly getting better. (Because of GSE and Oregano pills I feel so much better, almost normal!)

I am sure there are many more suffering from these Chem Trails. I am aware and watching for more information.

TODAY I HEARD FROM A FRIEND IN ENGLAND, She said the sky is covered with chem trails over London!


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