Sunday, October 17, 2010


Friday night on C2C a UFO investigator called in to report a case he is investigating. This was the most unusual report on the ETs that our government is involved with that I have ever heard. I want you all to see this so I am trying to type it off of Real Player.

Jason in Annapolis, MD

He received a letter and he is investigating this case. He reads verbatim from it. The letter is from an ex military person retired, Air force:

"The first of my experiences was this, I was standing inside of a B-17 Hangar. One craft flew in through the doors; it was about 40' in diameter. It was twenty feet from me. A door opened in the side of the thing - an internal opening to the left - to the right of the door like deep blasted were the letters USAF.

When the craft settled to the ground a being about 5' emerged, he was sickly pale. He had the appearance somewhat of the Grays you see in Sci Fi movies. He was not gray nor were the twenty or so I saw that year, he was just pale sickly white like people that never get into the sunlight.

They all stink like rotten meat. I don't think their heads are much bigger than ours but their bodies are so small that their heads look twice the size. They do have tiny jaws and large eyes. The first one was looking around, he stuck a finger up on his hand and stuck it into the corner of his right eye. Then he popped the lens out that covered the eye and then removed the other so the large ovoid kind of eye was a type of sunglasses. He looked around and saw me, he smiled and looked like he was embarrassed. His eyes were a very light blue like a Husky dogs, and perhaps twice the size of a mans.

Another being came out with a metal box in his hand. He opened it and what looked like raw meat was in it and he ate it.

Neither seemed concerned about me. The wind shifted outside the hangar. Now I could smell them. What I smelled wasn't nice, these guys smelled like rotten meat. These I believe to be demons. All of them have rotten meat odor,"they are not aliens."

They speak as though they are controlling something. When the first being spoke to me it was in a baritone voice like mine. I saw this guy several time and he always spoke to me. He told me that they were not concerned about me because in my sensitive position I would not be believed.

All of the craft I saw were 40 to 60 feet disc shape and were the same as I described above.

There were two guys I met from the Weather Rocket Saunday (?) Unit. They had some neat toys. We drank a few beers and got restless and decided to walk over to the B-17 Hangar.

This was a 3 hour hike. We arrived and saw 3 UFOs inside when we got there. I don't know if either of the guys remembered the next day because they wouldn't speak to me after that, neither of them, it was if they had never known me.

For the next 3 months I was by myself, walking the island and seeing these discs. I saw some men come out of several. All just regular men. On one occasion I spoke to one. He described the craft and said these other pilots were demons. He said our government was working on a treaty with them.

Now he actually invited me to look inside. All I saw was chrome walls and two chrome seats. I asked how they flew and he said magnetic propulsion and it was an invention of Nicoli Tesla.

I became frightened as one more disc came and settled down and two demons told me I could not remember anything I pretended to forget. I thought about a white light. They tossed me into a stack of pallets. When I awoke I was late for work and did not remember how I got there. I saw a MP truck headed my way and caught a ride with them to work."
George asked when he could talk to him again and he asked when would you like to talk to me again? George said they wanted to keep up to date with him. He said he would actually like to find some military men that had been on this air base so he gave where it was off the air so they could pursue finding someone to corroborate the story.

Very interesting case!

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Selenasking said...

Well, I don't listen to C2C anymore since 77 WABC in NYC has stopped carrying it and I haven't bothered to check it out on the web, etc. That sounds really terrible and, anyway you slice it, I think they are missing the facts that Harold Camping is telling us from his very deep study of the Bible, i.e. that the world will END next year in 2011 making everything else therefore moot.