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Amazing evidence for life after death

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NO ONE KNOWS for certain what happens to those who have died. Many are convinced, however, that they are sometimes in a place where they can still watch over living persons who are most important to them. Strong connections exist among blood relatives and even close friends. And these connections often seem to continue after death. There are countless personal stories from people who believe they have been contacted in some way by a loved one who has passed on. Often it's just a feeling. Sometimes contact is made in a dream. Then every so often this contact is made in much more tangible ways: visions, sounds, smells and even voices.

Here are some remarkable true stories of contact from the dead, making their presence known one last time to settle some unfinished business, deliver a message, give approval or assurance, or to say a final goodbye.

Welcome Back, Grandma

Everyone loves their grandmother, but for me she was the most important person I had ever met. I loved her so much that I found it necessary to be a part of her death. She died in my arms and it was the most important thing I had ever done. This night as I held her and she slipped away, I asked her to come back to me so I know she made it and she was happy. I am a firm believer in the afterlife and knew that if I asked her to come back, somehow she would.

When I arrived home the night she passed away, my telephone kept ringing. That in itself is not unusual; everyone gets phone calls. But do they usually get them on a phone that hasn't been plugged in for weeks? The phone rang at least 12 different times that night. It scared me to death. Worst of all, it scared my husband, who does not scare easily. My husband is a huge skeptic (or at least was).

I inherited my grandmother's mink stole and her mink-lined ball gown. The night of her funeral, I walked into my walk-in closet and noticed the scent of her perfume. I noticed it because she wore Coty's perfume, which you cannot find anymore. My husband, being the skeptic he was, said, "That isn't so weird. Her mink and gown are covered in the perfume." It was so strong that usually you could smell it even when she washed her clothes. I agreed with him and didn't give it a further thought.

Four days later, my husband and I went upstairs to our infant son's room because we heard voices on the baby monitor downstairs. We weren't all that concerned because we were unsure of what it was. We went upstairs and the teddy bear mobile over my son's crib was moving slightly, as if someone had turned it on. As my husband and I stood in the doorway of the room, a slight breeze passed us both with the overwhelming scent of Coty's perfume. My husband looked at me with tears in his eyes and said, "Hi, grandma. Welcome back." From that point on, we only sense her perfume in our son's room. It is great to have her back! - by Chrissy T.

Grandpa's Final Favor

My mother and I were in my grandfather's room; he had recently died. We had gone through his room earlier looking through papers and things that he had made. It was late at night and my mom and I started talking about Sam, one of her really good friends. We had moved away from my grandparents and my mom had lost Sam's phone number. Sam was always close to my grandfather, and my mother wanted to tell her of his death. We were lying on the bed when I looked up and saw Sam's phone number written in big black numbers above his bed! The ironic thing was that we had looked through the room all day and never came across her number. Was my grandfather doing my mom a favor... or was it just a coincidence? - by Phil

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