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EDITOR’S NOTE: Ever since childhood when she watched Sky Ships clean up nuclear spills that threatened her entire town, Eljay has been in direct contact with her “Star-born Protectors.” She’s now in her middle sixties and living near the Smoky Mountain National Park. We interviewed her on December 12, 2009 after she decided to go public for the first time with a few of her powerful experiences. This is the longest article we’ve posted, six segments, but it’s packed with thought-provoking information.

Sky Ships clean up nuclear spills

When I was a child in the 1950s, my dad had a very high security position with an enrichment plant that mixed together uranium and other chemicals or minerals for nuclear warheads. We couldn’t talk about his job even at home.

All the years he worked there, we had to go to meetings with the families of all the employees and we were always warned not to discuss things -- and they meant it because we saw perfectly healthy people have mysterious heart attacks and come home vegetables if they spoke out.

When they were doing something at the plant they didn’t want the public to know about, they would throw out a thick fog over the plant. It was thicker than fog. If you were on the road around the plant, you couldn’t see past the windshield of the car.

Many times the plant had toxic spills. When that happened, the creeks and rivers would have a green glow maybe six feet or more above the water. That’s when we would see a sky ship come in, hover above the water and, like a big vacuum, suck the green stuff off the water.

The sky ships that came to clean up the toxic spills each looked like a dome with a ring-like plate on the bottom. They were a dark charcoal color and huge – about the size of a large Greyhound Bus. If you put your hand out at arm’s length, you could not have covered the ship – that’s how close we would see them.

The sky ships were always around and cleaning up messes. They were there to protect the people. Around the world, even today, if there’s a big nuclear spill, they’re there to clean it up.

Balsam Mountain’s secret underground facility

There’s stuff going on within and around the Balsam Mountain Ridge that could be detrimental to the wellbeing of those living in Western North Carolina and beyond. The shadow government has a coffer there that goes six stories down into the ground. Survival supplies and equipment are stored there as well as stuff that could be harmful to the general population – and even wipe it out. They also have electromagnetic equipment that can be used to destroy human memories.

Because of all this, the Star-born ships are in the area to keep any of this from happening. To confuse matters, there also are man-made ships and ships piloted by the renegade aliens that the shadow government uses to manipulate human reactions and behavior.

Many individuals with high energy vibrations and wisdom from the future are drawn to Western North Carolina and other significant locations around the world to uplift the vibration of an area and counteract the negativity generated by the shadow government.

Why does the U.S. government resist disclosure?

We had two presidents who were approached by the Star-borns and given scientific information from the future about how to use energy from the Earth without destroying the Earth. The two chose to use the technology for war instead of for helping Earth. That’s when our renegade Star-born scientists started interacting. They deliberately began working with the shadow government which wants to keep U.S. citizens under an illusionary blanket of fear.

There should not be any fear. Our Star-born Brothers are not going to destroy this Earth nor allow humans to destroy it. If we continue to believe the fearful rhetoric about what’s out there in the universe, we will destroy ourselves but not the planet because Earth is part of something bigger than any of us can imagine.

Over the years, the Star-born messages have said in various ways to stop being so afraid about why they’re here and to stop listening to the shadow government which strives to keep people constantly in fear of something.

After decades of constant protection from my Star-born Protectors, I absolutely know they’re watching over us and will help us in any way we allow them to do. But if we put up blocks, they can’t help us get through this time of transition on the Earth.

When I was involved with a website with scientists from all around the world, it was clear they knew all this, but U.S. scientists weren’t allowed to discuss it publicly even though scientists in other countries are allowed to do so.

“Star-born Protectors” heal Marine

My husband was a Marine and he always was being sent to Vietnam to train the troops. Because of exposure to Agent Orange, he got a bleeding fungus on his hands and shoulders where the chemical interacted with the metal in his gun.

We worked with the Veterans Administration and the doctors for several years and nothing was healing. So I finally asked for help from my Star-born Protectors. After that, my husband’s condition started clearing up. First the bleeding stopped, then the fungus began receding and finally disappeared completely. To this day, he doesn’t have any trace of it.

Alien implants – good or bad?

I had an apparent alien implant that dislodged one day and moved into the lock of my jaw. It was like a good-sized pea and caused a lot of pain. Knowing what I know, I didn’t want to have surgery in any of our hospitals. Instead, I put my finger on the “pea” and told my Star-born Protectors that if it were theirs to please get it out of the lock of my jaw. If it wasn’t theirs, I requested that they remove it.

The next morning I was at the table and my husband looked over and said, “You’ve got a drop of blood right in front of your ear. What’s going on?” He didn’t know I had asked for help the night before. When I went to the mirror, I saw a line and a drop of blood right at the end of it. The “pea” was gone. The pain was gone.

The shadow government has been interested in me since my childhood -- ever since communication started between me and my Star-born Protectors. According to my Protectors, the shadow government and our renegade scientists were responsible for putting the implant into me as a tracking device. The Star-borns, who are good guys, don’t use such implants. They can tune into us simply by following our energy vibrations.

I should add that some of the grey aliens are robotic humanoid creatures that renegade human scientists have created. The shadow government uses them to generate fear in order to manipulate the masses.

If anyone is abducted or has a fearful experience with aliens, remember you have the right to say “NO.” Tell them to stop and remove themselves from your presence. Call in help from the Creator or the Star-born Protectors. You do not have to have a bad experience.

Star-borns assist with baby’s birth

The doctors and nurses weren’t the only ones in the delivery room. Four Star-born Protectors were there, too. My mom and I both saw them. They were in their energy form – four separate forms. Each one looked like heat rising up from a hot highway.

They communicated telepathically throughout the entire labor assuring me everything was going to be all right and directing me how to breathe. Whenever someone came into the room, they would rise up to the ceiling.

They were with me before that, though. Back at home I had been awakened when a terrible racket hit the roof above my room. That’s when I realized my water had broken, but there was absolutely no pain – not then nor at anytime during the birth.

On the way to the hospital, which was a 30-40 minute drive, there was a protector ship that cruised beside us the whole way. Both my mom and I saw it. She was with me because my husband was in Vietnam.

As soon as the delivery was over, the Star-born Protectors telepathically told me to wake up and get the poison out of me – telling me to throw up. I kept telling the nurse, “I’m going to be sick.” Her response was “Just go back to sleep; you shouldn’t be awake anyway.”

I couldn’t move; I had no control over my body. Then I felt the Star-borns roll me over on my side and then green stuff shot out of my mouth. I was suspicious of what I’d been given especially since my Star-borns were so anxious to get it out of me.

I had a perfectly normal baby but I can’t help but think he is part Star-born. There were times as a child he would ask me “How do I know what I know?” I also remember a night when he was eight-years-old and a light beam came through the roof and into his bedroom. When I asked if he was alright, he said “I think it’s for me.” As a very young man he developed computer technology systems that hadn’t ever been done before.

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