Thursday, October 21, 2010


By Bruce Salisbury

While working at Navajo Dam (in Northwest New Mexico State), we were pushing a
tunnel under the parking lot at the West end of the dam, in order to drain off excess
water, which was collecting between the dams face and the surface of the rock on
which the dam rested. this tunnel was being drilled by Frontier Kemper Company.

My job was to be medical support, and the company had it's own ambulance, along
with enough Emergency Medical Technicians to man that position any time that
men were working. It was my lot to work "grave shift", for many months, and
during one of those long night shifts, I experienced an odd sight, which I have never
quite explained to myself.

Coming out of the First Aid Office at about 2 AM. I walked over to the dry room
(shower room) to check some batteries which were on a charger, and as I started
back, looked up toward Navajo Dam, as our buildings were just below the dam. To
my amazement, there was a huge object, slowly floating over the top of the dam,
and presenting as a "circle of lights" almost spanning the width of the entire dam.
I knew the thing was huge. and watched it as it advanced, with the large circle
of "starlight color" blue lights, strobing slowly from the leading edge of it, on
toward the back. there were also two"ruby color" lights, centered top and bottom.

As the thing slowly advanced, I became aware of the sounds of geese on the river,
directly behind me, so I reasoned that this thing was very quiet. Perhaps I thought
this thing is at high altitude, but logic insisted that if it was at high enough altitude to be silent, then it must be as big as a city. The lights advanced until almost directly over me, and then slowly turned to the East and coasted out over the nearby mesa. As the thing passed over, I was aware that I could always see the top and bottom "ruby colored lights" at every angle, thus the thing must be transparent.
Another random thought was, "can this thing be a hologram? Is it projected from
somewhere else?

The thing moved slowly to the East until it disappeared behind the mesa, but a few
minutes later, I saw two circles of lights, very small and appearing to be very high
(and from this distance) saw no "ruby colored lights", at any angle. The two made
their way generally downstream high above the San Juan River and eventually out
of my line of vision. The speed of departure was not remarkable at all.

Finishing my shift, I talked to my relief man about the sighting and grieved a bit
that "company policy" forbade us to have a camera on site at this "government run
job". When I got home, I shared the story with my wife, and went to bed. When my
wife returned from work , she showed me a little news article in the Farmington
Daily Times, concerning a lady near Bloomfield, New Mexico, having seen the same
sight that I had, except that she reported the thing to have landed behind her home.

What did I see? I have no idea what it was, but having flown with the Air Force for
much of my twenty years of military service, I could not identify what I saw, and
must admit that this was my first sighting that I could not explain away, utilizing
past experience. Was it a UFO? Well sure it was. It was not "identified" and it was
up there in the night sky, and it moved. Was it a real object? I'd say it was real
enough that I have never forgotten it, and if one digs through the newspaper files, there were several calls to the authorities that night, wondering about the strange sight, and an interesting story in the Daily Times, concerning the lady seeing the object or objects, near Bloomfield, and I suspect that she hasn't forgotten the sight either.

Bruce L Salisbury
Aztec, New Mexico
© 2001

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This is a very well written story. Thank you Bruce L Salisbury for sharing this event.