Sunday, January 16, 2011


BRISBANE -- I went to bed around 11 pm, on August 8, 2010, sometime during the night I was woken up by three creatures in a bright egg shaped room, with light coming out of the walls ceiling and floor with a soft luminous glow. They were speaking to me as they woke me before I opened my eyes, so that I might not be afraid. They said in gentle penetrating words, "Do not be afraid or scared, we love you and care for you." They introduced themselves as "One. Two and Three. One was on my left, Two was behind my head, and Three was standing to my right. When I opened my eyes, I was shocked, yet there is this strange familiarity with them, as if they have known me all my life. I was naked, (I wear pj's to bed) I felt dazed, even drunk, yet I don't drink).

I went to sit up and Two placed its huge hand underneath my neck and back to help support me. They were chatting incessantly using telepathy. I could hear them talking in clicks and pops sort of like crickets chirping but quicker and more complex. They said, "They were looking for signs of tampering on a genetic and physical level.

Three had a device in his hand and starting at my right foot he brought the hand held device up my right leg about ten cm above my skin. He tilted the screen so that I could see the surface of the device that looked like liquid metal. As I watched the screen I could see beneath my skin. Three flicked through the different resolutions so I could see the bone and muscle tissue, or just the nerves and vascular.

The creatures reminded me of ants. They had deep dark eyes and tiny noses and mouths, and their powdery white skin reminded me of shark skin. They were tall and thin, yet strong.

I was going to say where am I? When the walls, ceiling and floor changed to match my thoughts just like it was projected somehow from outside the craft and I could see we were high over my suburb and I could see the blue cross on top of the church, up on the hill I live at the foot of. I could see all the city lights below twinkling like a million candles. These aliens didn't have to wake me up and show me the view; frankly I would have preferred they hadn't.

I know for sure, that these particular aliens would never hurt us. I woke late for college by almost three hours and I could not help realize that this was not like any dream I'd ever had before. I kept telling myself it was only a dream, but who am I kidding other than myself? I've never had a dream like it and haven't had one since.

My conclusion is there is more than one race of aliens with us; and some are helping us. A carnivore reptile group is consuming warm blooded life forms through terror and collection of pituitary fluid; what religion calls the Beast. But I could be wrong. I know in my heart that what happened to me was not just a dream; they're tracking us.

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