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June 4, 1985

I went back up the mountain. I went back to my big tree, sat down, crossed my legs, folded my arms, closed my eyes and meditated. I tried to see if I could talk to the Big Foot telepathically. I said, "I am Stan and I want to be your friend. Can we talk?"

Big Foot: Yes, it is time to talk.
Stan: Is it all right that I come up here to visit you?
Big Foot: Yes, because I know you will not harm us.
Stan: I want to be your friend.
Big Foot: Yes, I want to be yours too.
Stan: Is it all right if my friend Bob also comes to visit?
Big Foot: Yes, he may come. He is good. He has no fear of us.
Stan: Who are you? We call you Big Foot.
Big Foot: I am Rrowe man.
Stan: What do you call your people?
Big Foot: They are the Rrowe Family.
Stan: What do they call you?
Big Foot: They call me Allone.
Stan: Where are you from?
Allone: I cannot tell you that now.
Stan: Do you have friends that are the people in the UFO's?
Allone: I cannot discuss that with you. The time is not right. I must get to know you better.
Stan: Do you believe in God?
Allone: Yes, we beliee in God and the Son of God.
Stan: Do you mean the Son of God or the bright sun?
Allone: We pray to God and his Son, but revere the bright sun because it is the source of all life.
Stan: How can Bob and I help you? Do you need food or herbs for your people?
Allone: You can help us by keeping all people away from us.
Stan: Why?
Allone: Because they are afraid of us, they don't understand who we are and they only want to hunt us or harm us.
Stan: I want to see you again. How can I see you?
Allone: The time is not right.
Stan: But when wil I be able to see you again?
Allone: In the near future. We send our love. I will go now. Out talk is discontinued.
Stan: I love you. God Bless. May the Spirit always go with you.

I will go back again the seventh because I think that's about the time I want to be there to see if I can communicate with him again. This whole psychic business with the creature was very startling. It was hard to believe. If it had not been for Bob telling me previously that they had the ability to telepathically communicate, I would have been in a state of shock.

June 7, 1985

This is my second sighting of the Big Foot. I have seen him today!! It is a pretty warm day.

I walked up the mountain, sat down with my back against a big tree. I folded my arms, crossed my legs and tried to telepathically communicate with Big Foot (Allone). I asked him if it were time for us to talk and he said yes.

Stan: When will you be able to talk to my friend Bob? Bob has spent several night up here hoping to make contact with you but has been unsuccesful.
Allone: I don't know him well enough yet.
Stan: Can I bring you food or any kind of medicine for your people when they are sick?
Allone: Bring us the white stuff your people call salt.
Stan: What do your people call it?
Allone: Lick.
Stan: How many of your people are there on the mountain?
Allone: Five.
Stan: What do you really believe in?
Allone: We send peace and love to you and all living creatures.
Stan: When can my friend Bob come to visit? Bob has been around the Big Foot people before.
Allone: I can't answer that as yet. You'll have to give me some more time.
Stan: Will you talk to Bob if he comes up here in a couple of days?
Allone: I might if the feeling is right.
Stan: Bob loves your people and would be very happy if they would talk to him.
Allone: I know, that is good, very good.
Stan: When can I see you again?
Allone; Soon, very soon. I will let you know.
Stan: I love you. God go with you and my prayers are for you and your people. Why can't I see you face to face?
Allone: Close your eyes and when you open them, look at me with your third eye and you will see me.

So I closed my eyes and then opened them. He was sitting there, leaning against a tree about twelve feet from me. In my opinion, he had been sitting there all the time invisible. There was no way he could have moved, unless he was invisible, and gotten to that spot while I was talking to him. My eyes were only closed for three or four seconds and I would have heard him walk up and sit down. I asked him how he had done that and he said he wanted to show me how he kept the wrong people from seeing him. When he stayed invisible, he could get around people and they would not know he was there.

Then Allone got up and took about three steps toward me, he got down on his knees, he raised both hands up in front of his face and formed a pyramid shape with his head bowed, as one does in prayer. He sat that way for about thirty seconds and then he raised up. Just before rising, he bowed his head to me. When he got to his feet, he put his hand over his heart and bowed to me again. He said, "We will meet again. We send our Love."

I started walking down the deer trail when I felt something interfering with my mind. It was like this new experience was being erased. I felt vey uncomfortable and irritated and struggled with this inside my head. It was then I realized that Allone had second thoughts of our meeting and wanted me to forget it, as if he didn't trust me. Then I remembered that Bob had told me he had experienced something similar and I quickly said to myself, "May the white light of Christ surround me and protect me." Instantly my mind was freed.

I quickly telepathed to Allone and said, "What are you trying to do to my mind -- trying to erase our experience? I told you that you could trust me and that I wouldn't bring anyone up here to harm you. When I told you that I meant it. Don't you ever do that again or I'll never come up and visit you again."

Alone apologized at a later meeting and has never done that again.


Previously I mentioned I had gone to the place where Stan met Allone with Stan. While there I heard a very loud scream in the forest. Stan said that Allone wanted us to leave - so we did.

I know who Bob is and I never agreed with him and his tactics. Stan trusted him and wanted to share what had happened to himself with "Bob". Bob or _____ took advantage and took Stan's information and published it as his own. Since that time I have not had anything to do with him. Stan was a trustful and loving person and really wanted to awaken people as to what they really were alike. He has gone to his reward now and can't say anything about what has happened but I can and have. I think I have shared enough for you to know the Sasquatch are loving people who just want to be left alone to live in peace.

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