Thursday, January 13, 2011


Event Date:1991-05-01 00:00 GMT
Status: Assigned
City: Great Falls
Region: Montana
Shape: Circle
Distance:100 feet or less
Entity Type:Human-like
Vallee Index:CE4

Description: I was in third grade and it was recess at Roosevelt Elementary School on third Ave in Great Falls, Montana USA. It was sunny, no wind and warm. A boy said look at the rainbow and pointed up. It was a round rainbow very low in the sky and solid.

The school bell rang indicating that recess was over. I was always one of the first ones in line after the bell rang. I remember running but when I got to the line everyone was already lined up in front of me. My class mates asked me where I had been, they were waiting for me.

My friend H came running up behind me with a strange look on her face. I estimate that I lost about 2-5 minutes of time.

I also remember a “dream”. I was being made to do mental tests in a dark area with a metal walk way. I was not allowed to look at the “observers” they were shorter than me and scared me, I did not get a warm or friendly feeling from them. They didn’t seem to care very much about me or any of the other children taking the tests.

I remember two tests. One was a small box, you were not allowed to touch the box, it floated and you had to turn it with your mind but there was only one correct way of turning the box. You couldn’t leave until you moved the box the right way, if you moved it wrong something happened but I don’t remember. The final answer of how to turn the box was inside out.

I remember being walked down a hallway my hands were at my side and I could not move them, the “observer(s)” was behind me. I looked to my right and I saw a boy my age with dark hair, he was wearing pajamas and he could not figure out the box. We were not allowed to talk and I was not allowed to stop but I thought the answer and turned the box for him anyway, he turned around and smiled at me as I was made to move on.

The second test was scary. I was tied back to back with another girl. We could stand up and I remember feeling like I was being watched from the upper right hand corner of the “room” it was black and the room looked like it could have been very big but maybe that is just because it was so dark. Burning sticks of fire would fly at us and we were meant to move them away using our minds, if they touched us they burned, or felt like it. Our hands were tied so we could not use them to defend against the sticks. I tried to throw the fire back towards the “observers” I was very mad at them.

Have not had any other dreams similar or seen a UFO since. Thanks for listening. I recently found my friend H on Facebook, she remembers the rainbow too.

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