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Our life is on the earth. Man made the rule that wisdom and people to live in long years lived safely. The history goes back, and we search for an old story. There is a story of the ancestor of having learned farming and the culture from an excellent pioneer there. We have called the "Excellent pioneer" "God of the rule" and "Hero of the culture". If "Culture" is not an invention of the human race but given wisdom from the contact.We should dedicate thanks to "Human race's teacher".

The companion and I traveled around Hokkaido on June 24, 2010. Our destination is called HAIOPIRA. It was known there as saucer park HAIOPIRA 40 years ago. However, the park has gone to ruin by long years. Ainu person's sacred ground HAIOPIRA is prohibited ground with the history.

During the earliest period of Ainu history, the Ainu saga says, OKIKURUMI-K
AMUI, the cultural god, lived in HAIOPIRA on the River Saru and was loved and respected as a human-like god. Leading his life in the same way as the people around him he ruled and civilized Ainu people. He not only instructed them in food, clothing and shelter, but also made sacrifice for their safety.

Later he abandoned the people in depravity and was gone to the neighboring country. He traveled in the air by a flying vehicle "SHINTA", and his house emitted "double or triple brightness".

Thunderbird story

An unexpected disaster came to the tribe of the Quileute.
Abnormal weather killed fish and plant. So people starved to death. The chief called all his people together and said, " Let's say an earnest prayer to Him in the heaven." Soon after they began to pray, a huge thunderbird, with lightning and rumbling, flew down from the sky carrying a live whale to the people.....:thus tells the old Indian legend on their Thunderbird.

Viracocha story

Viracocha myth tells that people were enlightened by Kon-Ticci Viracocha, a white-skinned creator of culture, in a white robe with a cane in his hand. Amazed to see his excellent ability to change the field into a hill or to make water spring up from among rocks, people called him the Creator, Father of the sun. They were given by Him moral laws and admonished against doing harm to others.

Quetzalcoatl story

Aztec historians never forgot about Quetzalcoatl, who gave them moral laws as well as learning. Wise and merciful, he gave corn and other food to men and animals and advised them to offer to gods not sacrifices but fruit, bread and flowers.

Nurundere story

The Narrinyeri call the Supreme Being by two names, Nurundere and Martummere. He is said to have made all things on the earth, and to have given to men the weapons of war and hunting. Nurundere instituted all the rights and ceremonies which are practised by the Aborigines whether connected with life or death. On enquiring why they adhere to any custom the reply is, because Nurundere commanded it.

Osiris story

Osiris, reigning as a king on earth, reclaimed the Egyptians from savagery, gave them laws, and taught them worship. He introduced the cultivation of grains. Eager to communicate his discoveries to all mankind he traveled over the world, diffusing the blessings of civilization and agriculture wherever he went.

Foreigner group story

There is a legend in Luzon in the Philippines. British W.J.Perry is writing in “The Children of the Sun.” Their cultures were up to the results of a mysterious foreigner group according to the legend of the race of Bontoc, Igorot, and Ifugao. This foreigner group has descended from the heaven. And, the knowledge such as the production of the usage of the megalith and the metal, farming, and irrigations was initiated into the aborigine.

Gratitude for skypeople-Okikurumi, from ground people.

Three people (Kiyoshi Amamiya, Toshio Kamata, and Harumi Kamata) visited HAIOPIRA on June 24, 2010. We put up the name, the photograph of UFOlogist of 16 countries in the world, and the national flag. These people are friend of Kiyoshi Amamiya. We stood with brothers in the world in front of the teacher from space. We are sung for OKIKURUMI-KAMUI in the poetry of Ainu. Sky is fine and the sunray wrapped us.


A different perspective from friends across the sea.

An interesting book titled “The 5,000 Year Old Spacesuit” outlines how the Japanese people began. An alien named Jimmy Tennu brought them here. The “Dogus” that were found in Japan depict the space suit. They are small figures made of some material that has existed all this time. They have hoses, zippers, eye shades, etc. and are typical of an astronaut’s suit. Of course the hoses, etc. are just depicted, not in actuality! The book also tells about a reservation in northern Japan where a white race of people live. It is a mystery where those people came from. - P. Urial

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