Sunday, June 26, 2011


Letter to Whitley Strieber about “The Master of the Key”
By Nellvergne Zajac

In response to your appearance on Coast to Coast am, Sunday, June 19, I thought and wondered just who you had contact with recently, about whom you talked.

In the story of “Contact from Planet Koldas,” published by Wendelle Stevens in the 80’s,I believe it must be the same man you met and who told you so much.

Stevens was very active at publishing some astounding stories of contacts people were having all over the world. This story unfolded in South Africa, when a young man of 18 or so went to work in a non-descript radio repair shop. There he met an admitted ET, who was average in looks, height, and for two years told him a fabulous story.

In the book was enclosed a paper record which could be played on an old fashioned record player and the speaker was an elder man from that Planet, who advised Earth people of coming events and told of Koldas lives. He was later to die at a very old age and set adrift in the Universe! They, as a planet belong to the Confederation of 12 Planets and have had war with some of the other ETs we have experienced, on Earth!

The Koldas people sent down “missionaries” to various countries to meet and tell their Earth contacts of coming events and about their planet and lives. One such man actually married a woman from Australia and on their uniforms there is a Star of David monogram!

Personally, I have heard a story of such a contact, similar to yours, in the 70’s and then later I met a senior woman who joined our group, who had an extraordinary contact in Toronto in the early 60’s and then in Vancouver, B.C. where she was given unusual metal plates with undecipherable pictographs. She still is living and sometimes receives some secret messages, as she is a psychic as well.

I was a long time member of a major group here in Washington State, organized by Aileen Garoutté and we met for many years. She had many other groups under her wing in other states and we out here, in Seattle met the others at various conferences, etc. Some of us have attended the major conference in Nevada, which is held at a casino around Las Vegas each year. Now unfortunately, she moved to Colorado and the rest of us are too old to keep the group in Seattle going. She would receive books from Wendelle Stevens to sell to us and most of us have extensive libraries.

I could go on and on but your story sounded so like the Koldas people I had to tell you about them. The books are out of print now but as I said, there are some around. Thanks again for your brave stance so that the rest of us can continue to pursue these associations and not be hassled by government spooks!

Nell Zajac

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MICHAEL said...

Nell, I was part of UFOCCI in Seattle area with Eileen G. My wife and I drove up to Suerey, B.C. in the mid 80s to a meeting, at that time, one of the folks there had the plates. Have not read that book, have to see if I can find it. We meet a tall elderly gent from the BC meeting,associated with the plates and claiming to be a non human, again at a Sun Dance near Nakusp, BC. While there he visited our camp fire,sat down and proceeded to out line many events that would happen to/for us. Pretty cool. And who says your too old for this stuff? Stay young at heart even when it becomes a pain to get around. your informtion isa puzzle peice some one will need!