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Scarborough, Ontario -- Paul writes, "When I was eight years old on a mid afternoon on a Sunday in August 1967, I witnessed my first daylight UFO sighting, as pointed out by my neighbor.

I witnessed an actual silver pear shape craft up close in August 1977. Through the years I witnessed several craft sightings include witnesses. One spectacular sighting I alone observed was in late August 1995, where over 80-100 lights appeared and disappeared in a bell shape form over Georgian Bay.

After experiencing my ninth sighting at camp about 2:30 AM, on August 3rd 2002, a crop circle formation was found in Howick, Quebec and reported by the Toronto Star Newspaper. I found myself questioning; what the heck is going on around here and why was I witnessing all these UFOs so I contacted a local investigator. He helped me reveal childhood nightmares? I clearly remember being carried out in a cradle position along our bedroom hall by two tall non human beings. I could see thin long legs moving in a robotic motion. I felt very strange and could hear my parents snoring in their room as I passed my parents bedroom. I then looked into the face of a very hideous white grayish insect like creature what was carrying me.

I was looking at this large headed creature with wrap around piercing black eyes similar to a praying mantis species. The huge eyes gave me a stunning stare with a message, "How dare you look at me? I was very frightened and could only move my eyes and could not scream as these two beings were quite tall and walked together side by side.

I now find myself in a corner-less room with no lights and no furniture. The room seems to be like a murky light tone mushroom color. There was a group of about six smaller different creatures in a circle that resembled a white snowman. They were tossing me around to each other like a ball. While one was holding me, I noticed the large cranial head moving from side to side like an insect as checking me out from head to toe. I was deeply frightened in this dream. The group appeared to have some type of humor amongst them. I was like a ball in a game.

Furthering these nightmares, I remember being in a dark place without light. Then with my eyes open in this deep darkness, I could see this small spherical bright white light. It moved side to side like a pendulum then moved in closer to me getting bigger. It surrounded me with a crushing sensation to the chest. I woke up in my bed screaming for my parents that early morning. I was sweating and had a high temperature. My parents came into my room and my Father said,'should we take him to the hospital ? My Mother said, "He just has a bad fever. I'll take him to our bed and get a cold cloth to cool him down. I was terribly shaken from that dream.

Victor believes I was abducted as a child, so I decided to research UFO's and alien abduction reports worldwide. I could not get enough information and conducted an obsessive research during 2002 to 2003.

The town of Oshawa, Ontario had a series of many power outages from January to April 2003. Adding that in 2003, I had witnessed about 16 UFO daylight sightings and pointed them out to many other witnesses. After witnessing a close encounter of a flying snake like creature at camp on August 7th 2003, it became clear that this is utterly paranormal.

I decided to research my possible abductions and I got a hit from an article dated August 21, 1965, claiming UFOs were seen over Scarborough for several weeks. I was deeply shocked to learn my childhood nightmares; were not nightmares. This is obviously connected to why I've been witnessing these UFO's and associated paranormal in my life.

The answer I found was very over whelming to my psyche and I have the feeling I had been watched my entire life. Following day on August 14, 2003. There was a massive power outage along the eastern seaboard at 4:11 PM Eastern. Now I was in a deeper bewilderment. The last time this massive outage happened was 1965 "November 9th.
Another coincidence happening in observation of the year of the August 21, 1965 article found? I was at a point in my life that I had discovered something further. The connection to having many UFO sightings and encounters was now opening up to discovery. I realize that something has been revealing itself more and more to me.

Honestly, I do feel alone with this one. The idea of seeing a UFO has less ridicule today but alien abduction is another reality. Species unknown to us are interacting with us. In conclusion, I do believe there are further signs of contact happening. I feel this information should be exposed to help others cope in similar situations. We are NOT alone.
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