Monday, June 27, 2011


Filling in for George Noory on Coast to Coast am, George Knapp welcomed Humboldt County Undersheriff Curtiss Kull for an update on the mysterious disappearances of several people in Northern Nevada. They were joined by Jim Carnes, whose father, Patrick F. Carnes, is one of those missing. Jim said his dad had been looking at retirement facilities in Toledo, Ohio, since several members of his family also reside in that area, but he ultimately decided to return home to Reno. Patrick left Toledo on Tuesday, April 12, with his companion dog Lucky, and several days later had still not made it back, Jim explained.

On the morning of Thursday, April 14, a part-time dispatcher on the way to her other job noticed an abandoned car in the sagebrush just off Interstate 80, Kull added. Deputies called to the scene soon discovered the vehicle belonged to Patrick Carnes. An extensive ground and air search for the missing man was conducted, but no trace of Patrick or his dog was found, Kull continued. The car itself had the appearance of having been dumped, he noted. Both men said they began to suspect foul play was involved in Patrick's disappearance, and that this might not be an isolated case.

According to Kull, two other cases share some eerie similarities. In 2008, 57-year-old Grant Moedl was driving to Boise, Idaho, in the same kind of car as Patrick's (Subaru station wagon) and vanished without a trace. Moedl and his vehicle have never been located, Kull said. On Valentine's Day of 2006, a woman in her early sixties, Judith Casida, left her home in Reno due to marriage difficulties, and to this day has not been seen again. In a curious coincidence, Casida's white Mazda pick-up truck was found abandoned at the same off-ramp as Patrick's car, Kull revealed.

Perhaps the most baffling aspect of Patrick's case is that investigators know exactly where he was the night before his car was discovered. On Wednesday, April 13, at around 9:00 pm, Patrick was stopped by a police officer for a traffic violation, Kull disclosed. On an audio recording from that stop, Patrick can be heard informing the officer that he is following what Kull believes is a semi-truck driver to Elko, Nevada. Jim suggested that his father, who once drove trucks for a living, may have befriended a trucker during his journey. Kull theorized that at some point somebody working in tandem with a serial killing trucker may have convinced Patrick to rest in the cab while they drove his car, eventually dumping it on the side of the freeway where it was found.

Callers phoned in to offer their own theories on the Patrick F. Carnes case, with many truckers and former truckers calling in to help identify the semi-truck from the police dash cam footage.

Last night Ed Dames, the remote viewer was brought onto the program. He had remote viewed where Pat’s location could be. He said he was dumped 23 miles south of Elko or Winnemuca, can’t remember which. He was dead. Only time will tell if he was correct.


In 2009 my friend Christine and myself were driving from Cortez, CO to Portland, Oregon by way of the salt flats in Utah to Winnemuca and then to Elko, NV where we stayed all night. The next day we headed north to go up to Oregon. In northwest Nevada just before the Oregon border we saw an old blue faded car stopped right on the road. It had a confederate flag on a pole on the back waving in the breeze. The car had no license plates which we noticed right away.

We passed around him, there was one man in the car. At the top of the rise of the little hill was a sharp turn to the right and the steepest highway downward I have ever seen. This hill is known locally as “Suicide Hill”. The speed limit is 25 miles per hour to go down it.

All of a sudden that old blue car passed us going at least 50 - 60 miles and hour. We were still at the top starting down and we saw that car already at the bottom. He was really flying (along with his faded confederate flag!) Christine and I had the worst feeling about that car.

After going down the hill and onto the flat there were two little ponds/lakes on each side of the road. There was a little red car parked on the right side of the road. No other cars, plenty of room to park. What did that old blue car do? It parked right up to their bumper which was very strange. He got out of the car and walked across the highway towards where the young couple were looking at the pond. I felt if it had been a single person at the pond who knows what would have happened, luckily it was a couple. I am glad that there were two of us. Who knows what would have happened if there was only me!

We kept going and before long here he came again, speeding past us. We came to a little town and we saw him turn off to the left and that was the end of seeing him. I have never had such an evil feeling about anything ever as that car and person.

Now I am wondering if that person could have anything to do with the missing persons. It is only a thought and probably means nothing but you never know.