Sunday, April 28, 2013


 Golden Field of Barley

By Janet Ossebaard, The Netherlands, used with permission

On July 17, 1998 I discovered a strange side-phenomenon of the crop circles in the Cher Hill Formation (Wiltshire, England): Dead Flies.

The small, black flies were attached to the seed heads in a strange fashion: stuck with their tongues/snouts as if glued to the plants.

It seemed like they were consuming something at the moment the circle making energies struck.  But not only that; they seemed to have died in shock.  Their legs and wings were stretched out; all they were attached with were their snouts. But there was more.  I also found other variants.  Some flies seemed to have been exploded; body and limbs scattered all over the seed heads. It reminded me of the blown nodes, the expulsion cavities that are created when the energies strike the plants shortly but fiercely.  Were these "blown flies"?

Other flies seemed to be in perfect shape, but when I took a closer look they too turned out to be dead.  And there were variants somewhere in between those who were attached to the plants, drugged as they seemed, but who flew away after I carefully freed them from the seed heads.  They first needed about ten minutes to recover, after which they took off.

Nobody had ever seen this before, me neither.  For a while, it looked like a new lead, a new hint so to speak.  Something that would give us new insights.

Were they flies killed in order to help us discover more?  Quite necessary, I would say.  After all, we don't get much further with our research, do we?

But then, a more perceptive 'croppy' - Ed Sherwood - told me he already saw dead flies on crop circles back in 99; he just never reported them.  So, nothing new after all.  We had just never really looked well enough.

What a weird side-phenomenon - dead flies.  I don't have a clue right now what to think of it.  I sampled the entire formation (including of course the dead flies) and sent them to Dr. Levengood in the USA and to a British lab.  Dr. Levengood is working on them so hopefully we will get some answers at short notice.

But until then, some question just won't leave my mind:

o  If the crop circles are indeed characterized by kindness, friendship, love and light, as so many believe (and I am one of them), then how come animals die in them?

o  If the energies are so strong and powerful that they can drug and explode insects, to what extent is the phenomenon safe and peaceful?

Sometimes I wonder when the phenomenon will give us some answers instead of more questions.

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