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Another roadway encounter this time from Scandinavia, Finland to be more specific; it
seems as if a ‘cosmic car’ and its bizarre occupants had taken a brief spin around this beautiful
Location. Vihtilajarvi, Kankanpaa, Finland

Date: December 8 1993

The witness, a 45-year old handyman had finished his daily work and was heading home to Nokia.
Driving in his car he suddenly noticed that the surroundings had become brightly illuminated. He first
thought that it was an airplane descending and he tried to look up, but could not see anything unusual.
After a while bright lights could be seen in his rear view mirror. On the next straight section of the
road the lights came up very quickly towards him and stayed just behind his car. The lights then briefly dropped back but then came up again on the next straight section of the road and passed his vehicle silently. The object behind the lights somewhat resembled a red car. The red color was glowing and appeared somehow transparent. In the “car” there were 3 or more beautiful completely white women, aged 20 to 30. As the “car” passed, they smiled and waved at the witness. Except for their black eyes and the mouth, they were completely white in color even their hair, which reached to their shoulders.

After the “car” had passed it accelerated and vanished towards the end of the straight section of the
road, about 500 meters away. After the observer had driven for a couple of km he noticed the “car”
again. It had stopped on a downward slope after a curve. He began to brake cautiously but as the object began to move towards the observer and a crash seemed inevitable the witness braked hard. Yet the object continued to approach and the witness was sure he was going to hit it. Then suddenly as the object was only a meter away from his car it stopped and vanished abruptly. Astonished the observer got out of his car to see if he could find some traces of the object, but he could not find anything.

The ‘cosmic car’ again vanished abruptly in plain sight of the witness, did it go back to its other-
dimensional realm or was it suddenly ‘teleported’ back to its mothership? The next case in this listing
appears to involve an otherworldly ‘car’ which then led to a full blown abduction onboard a possible

Location. St Petersburg, Russia (then Leningrad)

Date: 1971

Graduate student Tatiana Syrchenko was reading a technical manual accompanied by the student
chief when she suddenly felt a “push” from the back and could not overcome an urge to go for a
walk. She walked out in an area, which was pretty isolated at the time as twilight quickly approached.

Suddenly she noticed a very strange “automobile” approaching her. It was cherry red in color with
dark tinted glass, with a peculiar oval shape, never seen by her in the Soviet Union. She stood in
stunned surprised staring at the “automobile”. The strange machine drove up to her and a door was
slightly opened, a man wearing a black coverall leaned out and asked her if her name was Tatiana, if
she were then she must go with them. She glanced into the machine and saw two men sitting inside.
She was very afraid, but almost as if he was able to read her thoughts the man in the black coverall
said, “Do not be concerned we will bring you back safely”. He smiled and this gave Tatiana confidence, she immediately entered the machine. She noticed as she looked out the windshield that the machine dipped down in a steep 180-degree angle and had bright lights on the front. In a moment she found herself sitting in a square room that had walls and ceiling covered with a material resembling cotton, very soft to the touch. The room was well lit but she could not see the source of the light. The men who she had previously seen in the strange vehicle now wore silvery gray coveralls. She was told by one of the men that someone called “The Cardinal” wanted to see her. She protested saying that she was not dressed for the occasion. One of the men then approached the wall, raised his hand and a slot opened, and inside was two coveralls; one was silver and the other lilac in color. She chose the lilac coverall and quickly put it on, she remember that the material was also very soft. An aperture then became visible in the room and a man wearing the same lilac colored coveralls appeared. He looked elderly with long silvery white hair. He said something like, “I am glad to meet you Tatiana”. As she approached the stranger in order to greet him she suddenly blacked out. She then found herself back at the Institute still reading the manual. The clock still read 1600 hrs.

A cosmic car used in the commitment of a UFO abduction? Intriguing indeed. From
the Bonnybridge Scotland area comes a case investigated by researcher Malcolm
Robinson that appears to describe one of those elusive ‘cosmic cars’ in this case
apparently a ‘cosmic truck’.

Sometime in July of 1992 the Slogget family was out walking on the moorland above
Bonnybridge and as they claim, saw what daughter Carole then aged 26 described
as a huge “Tonka Toy” emerge from behind some trees. The sighting was heralded
by an intense blue light that illuminated the road around them and the object
appeared emitting a loud whirring noise. A door was heard opening accompanied
by a ‘howling’ sound. A brilliant white flash emanated from the object, rather like a
photographic flash gun, then it disappeared behind the trees again.

One of the most bizarre ‘pseudo vehicle, cosmic car’ reports come from tireless and
veteran researcher Don Worley and comes from that memorable year, 1973.

Location. Near Milroy Indiana

Date: September 2 1973

Part time preacher, Conner Corey had prayer with his sister’s family in northern Kentucky
and then headed north toward his home in Indiana. He stopped at Greensburg, Indiana
and placed some religious tracts in autos parked there. He was on State Road 3 near Milroy
when he noticed, in his rear view mirror, what appeared to be a dark green car with fenders
like barrels. Suddenly it was very close to his rear window, and now looked like a van, but
had a large curved windshield. A buzzing sound filled the air and he observed two indistinct
human-like figures with shoulder length hair inside the object. There was a brilliant flash
and the buzzing ceased. The witness continued to watch the scene on his rear view window
by looking in his rear view mirror. Suddenly it looked like water filled his rear window. Then
what resembled eagles moved across the top of the window and he felt the sensation of
flying into the air. Next, he found himself looking at the inside of an indirectly lighted room.
Three ordinary looking men in gray clothes came up into the room---two of them wearing
hospital surgery-type masks. This scene faded and was replaced by a distant aerial view of
an earth-like surface. A planet or moon came up between two mountains in the distance.
Following this he viewed a water covered surface from a lower altitude. Situated in the
middle of this surface was a huge dark cross-like area. Two man-like figures emerged from
the center of this area and became luminous. They moved toward him as if they were on a
conveyor belt, and steadily increased in size. The dark eyed figures were dressed in tight-
fitting suits that had a cloak and sash tied in front. The on-coming figures seemed about
to burst right out of his rear view mirror, and for the first time his intense desire to watch
gave way to fear. At this moment he was released as his eyes dropped from the mirror and
he found himself looking at a slow moving Amish buggy as he sped down the highway. The
preacher’s radio and watch malfunctioned after this event. He does not know with certainty
how much time he could have lost on his journey home. He thought he was driving about 50
mph, and he was sure he traveled ¾ of a mile during the contact.

Don Worley writing in UFO Universe summer 1993, apparently spoke about the same witness
who in April of 1973 while working in his auto parts shop in Milan Indiana and after having
photographed a UFO was visited by two very strange looking humanoids described as having
long hair and pale expressionless faces and wearing tang clothing with very heavy gloves.

One was very tall and the other was four foot tall with a long head. The witness’ dog began to
whimper and hid in a corner. The beings spoke in a mechanical monotone and demanded the
UFO photographs. They then left in what appeared to be a yellow Buick La Sabre with tinted
windows and no seats or steering wheel.

A very bizarre and little known report investigated by John Giambrone of Massachusetts and
published in the HUMCAT catalog, describes short humanoid creatures encountered by a
motorist that were riding what appeared to be small surface vehicles resembling Roto Tillers
(!), below is the report:
Location. Near Duxbury Massachusetts
Date: September 3 1974

Late in August, while driving on her early morning paper route, the witness observed a red pulsating
object at treetop level. When two beams of light emerged from its base to play across a nearby
cranberry bog, her car engine “fluttered” and the car radio emitted much static. On either this
occasion, or the following, the car interior became extremely hot and witness felt nauseated. Shortly
after the above while driving in the same area as her previous sighting, the witness heard a voice
“inside her head” telling her to run left at the next intersection, which she did. Then her car radio
went out and the motor died. She saw four humanoid figures, each standing upon a “small surface
vehicle” resembling a Roto Tiller, darting up and down the road a few inches above the surface. One
figure approached her and requested her, telepathically, to open the car door; when she did not; all
four doors flew open at once. The humanoids, after inspecting the interior of the craft, requested
the witness to make certain arm movements, then to bend her head forward. Looking at the back of
her head, one being said, “Yes, you are different,” and touched the spot with something that left 5
small puncture marks. He then “told” her that there were thousands of ships that have been visiting
earth for many years and many people who have been examined by the occupants, voluntarily or

They come from a planet whose name resembled “Omius” or “Omnigus;” there was a “mother ship”
at that time in Scituate Harbor. In reply to her own questions, the examiner said that she was not
permitted to touch them or to board one of their ships, but he promised that she would see a ship
subsequently; she was advised that she would suffer headaches for some weeks, which proved
to be true; he also said that she would “not like to look upon their faces.” They departed and she
arrived home an hour and a half later than usual. The figures were 4-5 feet tall, with small heads in
transparent helmets, through which she was able to see only “small, beady, very shiny eyes.” The
spokesman had two stripes on the upper part of his arm; the other 3 had stripes that were longer
on their sides, just above their waists. The leader had a buckle on his belt upon which was a wavy
line. She was extremely upset by this encounter, and told only her husband, who gave details to the
investigator. On the night following this encounter, the witness again experienced E-M effects in her
car as a large, disc shaped object with multi-colored lights descended; 3 landing legs extended from
the bottom, which passed barely inches from the windshield of the car; an insignia was observed
“resembling mathematical symbols.” After hovering briefly, the object shot straight up and vanished.

Cosmic cars!  Thanks for this article.
I think it was 2003 driving from Farmington to Santa Fe on the northern route, via Dulce.  There was a car following me that appeared futuristic, with lifting body wings behind the passenger doors, that means small lifting surfaces.  There were two passengers, looked like a man and a woman, the man wearing sunglasses.  They followed me for a long way, 35-45 minutes,  I kept staring at it ,trying to figure out if it was an optical illusion from my mirrors seeing their mirrors, or if it was some new style of car.  It reminded me of one of the Japanese or Korean makes, except for those wing like structures.  I made some turn and lost them when I looked for the car after the turn.
I have looked at vehicles following since and never seen that appearance of wing like things again, so I do not know if an illusion of small wings is something that can occur.
I thought I would share that.  Thanks   love and light from Belize     Randy

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