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Scientists in China have discovered the remains of a civilization that thrived 60,000 years ago and was more advanced than any of today's modern societies!

The ancient ruins contain evidence of super-sophisticated transportation networks, high-tech devices for the generation of power and ingenious defense systems.  And incredibly, experts believe the ancient settlements were wiped out by nuclear war.

"Modern man is not the first intelligent life form to have lived on Earth - there was at least one thinking, reasoning creature before us," said Dr. Mai-ling Deng, head of the Peking archeological team.  "At this point we don't know if these creatures were human or not.  All we can say with certainty is that they had a vast and complicated civilization."

Dr. Deng and her colleagues have been working at the sites - called the Kansu sites - since 1976, when a farmer in western China plowed up pieces of a light, shiny metal never seen before.

The metal, part of what archaeologists believe was a rapid transit vehicle, was taken to Dr. Deng's university in Peking for identification.

Over the next few years, the ruins of an enormous city were uncovered.  By 1989 another 15 separate sites had been identified.

"As far as we can tell, the sites were last inhabited right around the time the dinosaurs disappeared 60,000 years ago" said Dr. Deng in a news conference.  "It may  be that the long lasting nuclear winter that followed a horrifying war wiped out these ancient citizens along with the dinosaur.

"But while they lived, the primeval Earth dwellers were incredibly intelligent and technologically sophisticated much more advanced than we are.

"We believe they may even have had the ability to travel in space  We have even considered the possibility that this was the Earth colony of travelers from another planet," Dr. Deng said.

"They might also have been a highly evolved form of dinosaur that had developed incredible brain-power, relatives of the dinosaur people whose remains were found in Denmark.

"To date we have nothing definite but we are continuing our work.  We believe there are at least  another dozen unexplored sites in the region.  One of them is bound to hold the secret to these ancient settlers."

It may be that the "Dropa Stones" were part of this civilization? - Aileen

By Beatrice Dexter

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