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October 1, 1975 – Kingsley, Michigan – 10 EDT


Sketch of Object Showing Entities in Windows.
Sketch of Object Showing Entities in Windows.

Description: My ex-husband and I were driving in our car on a dirt/gravel road in Grand Traverse County, Michigan between Kingsley, Michigan and Buckley, Michigan. I believe the road was Schichtel Road. Now I believe that road is a paved road with houses on it. The year was somewhere in the mid 1970s. I never wanted to tell anyone because I thought they wouldn’t believe me. I am not too sure of the exact time of year, but I think it was in the fall. The road was lined with trees on both sides. We came to an opening on the right side of the car and a jet was hovering in that field not over 100 yards away. It was probably closer because we saw people in the jet windows. It was perfectly still, not moving at all and hovering above the ground about 20 feet. It made no noise.

At this point my ex-husband and I looked at each other and said: “What is that? Then, “It’s a jet and there are people in it and it’s not moving, but that’s impossible.” Even if it were a jet (it looked like one, not a hologram) jets don’t hover. It was silver in color with no markings on it. We were very scared and found a place to turn around to go the other way and when we passed the open field the jet was still there. We went home.

Seeing a jet in that area anytime day or night, hovering or flying was very unusual. We were 20 miles south of an airport which only prop planes flew in and out of during the 1970s.

It was a solid object. The people in the windows were people. My conjecture is possibly time travel? There is no other explanation other than parallel universes. I really don’t know. I have read a few other sightings something like this but not as graphic as the one we saw.

Please let me know if there are any more sightings such as this as early as the mid 1970′s. No internet, camera phones or cell phones.
About 1967 I met a UFO researcher with Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) in Seattle, Washington.  His name was Gene Thrune.  In the course of doing research he proceeded to tell me about the time he was traveling from Seattle to Bend, Oregon on business.  As he was driving up the Columbia River Gorge on what was then Highway 30, he saw over the Columbia River what he thought was an airplane but as he approached it he could see it was not.  It looked like the fuselage of a silver airplane, however it had no wings.  It did have windows like in the above drawing.  In the windows he could see people in formal dress standing up and looking out the windows.  As he proceeded on pass it all of a sudden it made an 180 degree turn and passed him up.  He drove on to Bend, Oregon.  The next day in the newspaper in Bend there was a photo of the object on the front page of the paper!  It could have been the same object as the story above tells about or one similar.

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