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Tom Reed Abduction Case: part 3

I spent the weekend with Tom Reed at the Tennessee MUFON Nashville/Murfreesboro Conference and heard Tom's story of abductions and spoke with him privately and feel he is telling the truth regarding his family - brother Matthew, mother Nancy, and grandmother have a documented history of multi-generational abductions that would span over fifty years, and five states MUFON. Investigators - Steve White and Max Mitchell are responsible for investigating the case and providing much of the information. They picked me up at the Nashville Airport for the conference.

Angie, Thomas' future wife, would move in with him. Angie AB Rh negative, became pregnant and things started up again. After leaving a black tie dinner at a local country club, Tom and Angie witnessed the landing of a craft within 100 yards of their car in Glastonbury, Connecticut.

Thomas shared the family abduction history from the start with Angie, and how his mother was first abducted in 1954. When his mother, and as difficult as it was to talk about, discussed it back in the 1950's with her mother, Thomas' grandmother, the grandmother would reveal to Nancy she also had been abducted as a child. Tom continued with the history and due to the pregnancy, would share his thoughts regarding the indoctrination period of select children.

Thomas and Angie moved to Fort Myers, Florida, where their son, Christopher was born. After Chris is taken home, he is found moved from face up to face down in his crib. Other effects such as rocking chairs rocking with nobody in them occurred.

Around the same time, a televised news report of a local man abducted from Fort Myers Beach makes local news. Tom and Angie were now concerned for Christopher. Thomas contacted the Miami MUFON chapter in 1994. Thomas and Anglia attended an abduction group in Fort Myers, and the investigation began. At this time, he handed over the drawings of symbols that he remembered from his time aboard the craft to the abduction's group director, who forwarded them for verification.
When they were returned, it was stated that they matched markings never before revealed to the public. Thomas speaks with Mary Zimmer, MUFON Assistant State Director. Angie became exhausted dealing with the abductions, and she had now had enough. Chris remained with Thomas after he and Angie divorced. Chris is a gifted boy and has been placed in accelerated programs and is especially high, in the 99 percentile in math by the 2nd grade.

In 2005, Thomas car was struck while sitting at a stoplight by tractor trailer truck in Boca Raton, Florida. He then moved to east Tennessee with Christopher, Matthew moved to Indiana. On his way home from work in April, 2009, Matthew awoke several miles off his normal route home with three hours of missing time and contacts MUFON.

Investigator Stewart Hill will document that the rear of the SUV is affecting a compass. There are other reports of UFO activity in the area. Thomas spoke with his brother Matthew and in time would also file a report with MUFON. Thomas also files a report with Steve White, a C.C. Detective with the Roane County Sheriff's Office and an Investigator with MUFON, after Thomas and his girlfriend are again experiencing activity in their home.

Description: Polygraph.jpgChris has another series of awful nose bleeds. Steve and Thomas go over 50 years of abduction reports. Steve contacts the Assistant Director of MUFON in Miami who had been in contact with Thomas for over ten years. On February 2, 2010, Thomas awoke at 2:35 AM, to find himself hovering over his bed in a frozen state in an illuminated room. His feet and legs were near the ceiling fan, and his head and neck were on the bed and pillow, his arms were fixed to his side.

With every bit of his strength he was able to move his arm about two feet to the bed's headboard. He could not breathe or move for about 15 seconds. Then the room darkened and he was back in his bed and still wide awake.

Thomas awoke again in February in the same frozen state, unable to breath, wide awake this time sideways in the bedroom floating next to the window above his tanning bed, feet next to the window. The only thing he could move was his eyes, again 2:33 AM.

Thomas met with Steve and the Director of the Tennessee MUFON Chapter in Knoxville. He is asked if Thomas would agree to speak alongside of Travis Walton in Nashville in September, 2010. Thomas agrees and per MUFON's request, undergoes regressive hypnosis. Both Thomas and his son Christopher have exhibited some form of remote viewing capability with Chris exhibiting more than Thomas. Some of Christopher's ability was witnessed by the Knoxville Hypnosis Center, June 16, 2010.

Thomas would meet MUFON'S Investigator Steve White at a licensed polygraph service in Knoxville. This well respected polygraph office has been in business over 20 years. It is owned and operated by a retired police officer. This same officer discussed the events and history for over 3 hours in detail before submitting Thomas the polygraph. Tom passed the polygraph test dated 08-04-10 with a reading of: 0.1 (99.9%). :

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