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Remarkable cure in Brazil reported to Flying Saucer Review

by Olavo T. Fontes, M.D.

On May I?, 1958, my friend Joân Marlins, who at
that time was publishing in the magazine O
Cruzeiro a series of cases on the Brazilian UFO "Flap"
of 1957, received the following letter. datelined Rio de
Janeiro, May I4, 1958:

"Dear Sr.  Marlins.

"I have seen your articles and l wish to congratulate

"l believe in the existence of the so-called 'flying
saucers` because l was a witness to an occurrence related
with them. 1 don`t know if you are going to believe me,
but I swear for everything that I am telling only the
truth. I am poor but honest, and I am not going to
mention the true names and you will understand.

“My name is Anazia Maria*. I am 32 years old and
living now in Rio de Janeiro.

"I worked with Sr. X (my ex-master) until December
1957, he is a rich man from this city, forgive me for not
giving the name.

"The daughter of my master was with cancer in the
stomach. She suffered too much, and I was engaged to
serve as a kind of housekeeper and mostly to look for
Miss Laiz, the sick girl.

“She had been submitted to all treatments. but the
doctors had said there was no hope. In August, |957,
my master took all the family to his little farm close lo
Pelropolis hoping to see Miss Laiz better in that good
climate. but the days passed and nothing happened. She
couldn`t| call, the pains were horrible and she was always
taking injections of morphine.

“On the night of October 25, I remember well, Miss
Laiz’s pains were terrible, the injection was valueless,
we were thinking that she was going to die, my master
was crying in the corner, when suddenly a strong light
illuminated the right side of the house (at the little
farm close to Petropolis). We were gathered in Miss
Laiz`s room, which window was placed exactly on the
right side, the room was lighted only by the small table­
light. Suddenly it got so much light as if the beam of a
searchlight had been pointed to the inside of the room.

"Sr. Julinho. son of my master, ran to the window
first and saw the so-called saucer. It wasn`t very big, I
have no study to be able to tell what was the diameter
and width. I know it wasn`t very big, the upper part
was involved by a yellow reddish light, and suddenly
an automatic hatch opened out and two small figures
came down. They walked in the direction of the house
and another figure stayed in the hatch of the saucer. It
became dark, and inside it-through the hatch-
appeared a light-greenish light like we see in a nightclub.

"The men entered the house, they were small in size,
they should have 1.20 meters in height, smaller than
the younger son of the master who was 10 years old.
They had long hair reaching the shoulders. yellow-red
hair, small eyes slanted like the Chinese, but of a strong
green colour. They had things on the hands, I think
they were gloves. the cloth was white and seemed thick.
The Clothes were all white, but the chest, the back and
the wrist glowed - l don`t know how to explain. They
approached the bed of Laiz., who was groaning with
pain with her eyes wide open and not knowing what was
happening around and  was moving or talking, in a
horrible expectation. I was in the room together with
Sr. X and his wife. Sr. Julinho and his wife, and
Olavinho who was the ten-year­ old son of the master.

"The men looked silently at me and stopped beside
the bed of Laiz, spread on the bed the things they
carried. made a gesture to Sr. X, and one of them put
his hand on the forehead of Sr. X who started to tell
them all the case of Laiz, the disease, everything in
telepathy. The room was in absolute silence.

“The men began to illuminate the belly of Miss
Laiz with a bluish white light, which showed everything
inside; we all saw what was inside the belly of the girl.
With another instrument that was making a creaking
sound, “he” pointed in the direction of the stomach of
Miss Laiz„ and we could see the ulcer in the stomach.

“That operation lasted for almost half an hour. Miss
Laiz slept, and they went away, but before leaving the
house communicated lo Sr. X, through telepathy. that
he should give a medication to Miss Laiz during a
month; then they gave to Sr. X a hollow ball which
was of steel. l think, and inside we found 30 small white
balls, they were the capsules to be taken one each day,
and she would be cured.

"Really Miss Laiz was cured, and Sr. X, according to
the agreement he had made with those men, avoided
any publicity.

"In December. a few days before I left their house
Miss Laiz went back to the doctor who verified she had
no cancer anymore.

“l left the house, but made the promise to keep
absolute secret about the case. However, I am telling
you about it, and I ask you to keep the secret. If the
case is mentioned in your articles there will be no
consequences because l will never disclose their names.
However, l swear to you that everything really happen-
ed; my darling Miss Laiz was condemned to die of
cancer of stomach and almost at the end she was saved
by an instrument that looked like a flashlight, that
emitted Some rays that look off the cancer and she was
cured. And those men have done many things of this
kind to the people of the earth (planet). to show us that
we must have no fear of them.

"They saved Miss Laiz, and in the same night went
back to the saucer and were gone forever.

"They are indeed from Mars and come
here to Search for magnesium, which they purify there
in their planet, and this magnesium is used for their
constructions and for the so~called Flying saucers.

“They have no intention of fighting against the
people of earth, this 1 was informed hearing what Sr.
X was telling the family- Please. don`t put me in a bad
position; if you mention the case. never tell in your
articles that you know about it from Anazia Maria.

"I don`t want to pass for a blackmailer or be in a bad
position with my ex-master. I am telling you this only
to help you in your investigation of the problem.

"Forgive me for not giving my address. l live in Río,
in a suburban district. I am honest and sincere but I
don’t want no press interviews because of my ex-master.

“Thanks for your attention. 

Anazia Maria.” 

The writer was obviously a person of little Culture,
but in spite of that, her letter is sincere. Despite her bad
use of the Portuguese language which I have tried to
convey in this translation, she tells her tale so well that
we can almost re-live the scene as if we were there
ourselves. In my opinion this means that the letter was
written with emotion; the emotion of something that
might really have happened.

There are also technical details which are very
interesting, such as the bluish while light which showed
everything inside the body of the patient (an advanced
form of X-rays); like the instrument looking like a
flashlight, which evidently was emitting some kind of
radiation capable of killing the cancer cells (an advanced
form of cobalt ray therapy‘?); and like the chemical
treatment to complete the cure, which also makes
sense. Another interesting thing is the telepathy through
physical contact. There is also the description of the
humanoid occupants of small size with  long
hair, light eyes slanted like the Chinese of which we have
seen in other cases with disturbing frequency.

However, I was ready to reject this case mostly
because of the part involving telepathy (in which I don’t
believe). I didn't, only because of another case (also in
my 'reserve’) which happened in the night of October
I0, 1957 (15 days before). l will describe only a small
part of it: "Then a door was opened in the object
automatically (like a Convair door). There appeared
two persons, then two more. then still two others and
finally a seventh one, who passed between the two
groups formed by the others. They watched the truck
for three minutes, all of them; all those people looked
like men of Earth but they were smaller in size, had
long hair on the shoulders and the clothes were lumi-
nous at the chest. "When those small men were looking
at me I went into a trance-like state and had the strange
feeling that they were saying: We come in a peaceful
mission _ . ." (unquote).

As the case of the “operation" was never published,
the coincidence of another incident at the same period
with similar details on the occupants, clothes, and
mental communication again, is evidently disturbing. I
decided to put both cases in the "special File” for future
reference. The case of the “0peration" is not closed yet.
As a medical doctor. living in Rio. I still hope to 
some clue (among my patients and other doctors) about
someone who was cured from a gastric cancer in some
unexplainable way.

*The name has been changed as requested by the witness.

This is an old case but one that has been repeated many times.  It is unique in the history of UFO contacts. - P. Urial

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