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The following four reports are from people who live in remote areas and have seen Bigfoot babies.  You can find their complete accounts and those of others in the book “Impossible Visits” by Christopher Noel.  The book, published in 2009, primarily focuses on ways a few Bigfoot and humans have established unique relationships with each other.

REPORT ONE is from a man in New York State who’s had direct experiences with Bigfoot since he was six years old.  At that young age, a Bigfoot family befriended him.  He named the giant male Midget, his mate Momma, and their three children Sissy, Junior and Little Brother.  

“They are like us but they groom each other and they got wild eyes if you look them straight on at first, then they relax.  They’re like a married couple, they bicker and everything.  Plus I didn’t want to share this because I didn’t feel you would believe me, but they had a baby. . . . I might be the only human to see a baby Bigfoot.  Very cute, he looked like a newborn maybe a foot and a half from head to toe or two feet maybe.  They had him in a piece of cloth they scavenged from somewhere.”

REPORT TWO is from a Texas woman who, along with her husband and two young teenage children, has had ongoing interactions with a Bigfoot family.

THE WOMAN:  “They usually show themselves to the younger kids, more than to us grownups.  Our daughter (Rachel) is the main one to see them.  She’s actually seen the mom and twin babies!
“If our chronology is accurate, we saw the mom pregnant outside our backdoor early last December.  She was huge and we think her giving birth was imminent.  Then Rachel (later) saw two babies in our pasture that ran for their momma and they were about the size of a mid-size dog.  They ran on all fours, like a chimp runs. . . . Rachel said the mom she saw was beautiful.  She had very pretty features.”

THE DAUGHTER:  “It was two baby Bigfoots.  I was shocked!  And I shined the light back on the cornfield, and I could see them running through the corn, and I was like, I’m going to go get a closer look, so I ran up to the fence, and I get within about six to eight feet of the fence, and Mama walks out, puts her hands on the fence and just looks at me. . . . She had a very human face, very pretty.  She didn’t have hair on her face either.  Black skin, chocolate black.  More like charcoal.” 

REPORT THREE is from a woman who lives adjacent to a thick forest and vast swampland in North Carolina.

“They imitate my son, and say, ‘Mom!’ loudly, they can sound just like him.  I thought he was playing tricks, until they did it when I was here alone, and then when he was with me talking to me.”
When my grandchild was here last year, at age six, she used to walk near the woods and talk to herself constantly.  She would take her toys and play there too.  I would be gardening, and ask her who she was talking to.  She would say the hairy people in the woods, or the hairy kids in the woods.  I thought she had a good imagination.  I didn’t know anything about the Bigfoots back then.”

REPORT FOUR is from a woman who is a retired police detective in Oklahoma.

“My nine-month-old grandson, Squirt, was sitting in the sandbox at the time of ‘the monkey-chase,’ as the kids called it.  He was reaching and laughing at the bushes where they burst out.  It was his behavior that got my attention at first.  He was cooing and laughing as he reached out in that direction.  I thought wow he must see one of the cats.  A split second later the first one burst out of the brush and ran bouncing across the yard. . . .

“I saw three of them.  The grandkids say there were five altogether, plus the babysitter. . . . I saw one very dark one, mouse-colored, and one red.  The grandsons said there was actually three very dark ones and the two lighter one.  They were everywhere in a matter of seconds.  It was one of the most amazing things I have ever had happen.  They burst out of the bushes, ran all around us, and the kids gave chase like a game of hide-n-seek.  They won hands down.  Then they were gone.  They were between two-and-a-half and three-and-a-half feet tall, rail thin and fast as the wind.  Along with a female about five-and-a-half feet tall hiding in the shadows and holding a baby. . . . The most amazing thing is they never made a sound.”  

From Sky Ships over Cashiers -


From the American Legion Magazine, January 2012

"The US government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race." - Paul Larson of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, responding to a petition calling on the US government to disclose knowledge of, or communication with extraterrestrial beings.

I heard this on Coast to Coast last night too.  A blatant statement that will make more people than usual believe in UFOs!  It was also sent to me today by Robert Gribble, I guess he couldn't believe they would blatantly say that.  There are so many persons that have seen and experienced UFOs that it doesn't matter what the TPTB says.

Tonight's Show, Thursday, January 26th: Coast to Coast am.

Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe will discuss 4 black stallion mutilations that occurred in Jan. 2011 in England, a large aerial craft and missing time that several witnesses experienced in Utah during Dec. 2011, the issues for Americans in regards to the National Defense Authorization Act, and the dangers of genetically modified crops to humans and animals. First hour guest, paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren talks about opening your spiritual vision in 2012.


Laura Cyr said...

I remember Ron Kona telling our UFO group about what his Grandmother told him about growing up in the 1800's. They were Native American and had an understanding with the Bigfoot people when the huckleberries were ripe. The Indians picked berries on one side of the valley near Darrington, WA and the Bigfoot picked the other side. Meanwhile the CHILDREN of both groups played together in the area between the the two peoples.

Annabelle said...

What an idyllic and unifying image that evokes. It is the image of...dare I say it...? P-E-A-C-E. and acceptance of difference, understanding of sames, acknowledgement of needs, and a true example of interspecial...EMPATHY!! Hirsute or otherwise, these beings could teach us a great deal indeed. I believe they are some of the Underground dwellers. Who knew from the early days of America that we were frankly....gun happy, ignoramus'. Thanx so much for sharing this...keep up the awesome work...please. Always, Annabelle.

Unknown said...

If the government has NO knowledge of extra terrestrials then why does TITLE 14, section 1211 of the Federal Regulations, Implemented on July 19, 1969, make it illegal for U.S. citizens to have any contact with extraterrestrials or their vehicles?