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US Air Force / US Navy Study to Create and Operate Traversable Wormholes or Portals and the UFO / ET Activity in Puerto Rico - Part Three

Part Three
By Jorge Martín   C. 2011. All rights reserved.

            Some years ago there were some incidents in the island -municipality of Vieques (located in eastern Puerto Rico and was under the control of the US Navy, that used it, even though it was an inhabited island, for bombing exercises and to experiment with new weapons) witch seem to be related to the type of phenomena we discussed in the previous articles, the cosmic portals or "wormholes", but with the difference that the manifestation of the openings appeared to be electronically induced.
            On Fathers Day, in June 2001 (shortly after civic actions by the organized people of Vieques and in general the people of Puerto Rico forced the US Navy to stop its military exercises on the island-municipality,  citizen José 'Chino' Rosa and his wife were riding on horseback through the area of what had been the western base of the US Navy in Vieques, during an activity organized to raise money for charity purposes.
            After a while Rosa and his wife decided to separate from the main group and reached the area of magazines or bunkers where the US Navy used to store their explosives, etc.
            They rode into the area of Playa Grande Lagoon, which borders the southern coastline, and between 2:30 and 3:00 p.m. , already inside the premises of a Radar Over the Horizon System (ROTHR), - a mini HAARP system the U.S. Navy settled there-, they witnessed a truly fantastic event.
            While facing the system's antennas they saw that "... the heavens opened, there was an opening in the sky and out from it came an immense ball of gray light that hit against one of the antennas, resulting in a noise like a loud explosion ... like the one you hear when lightning strikes close to you”,  said Mr. Rosa .
When this happened their horses panicked, and his wife was thrown to the ground by her horse, fracturing a knee, and had to receive emergency medical help.
            We inquired with the witnesses about the possibility this could have been caused by bad weather, rain, etc., but they stated that the day was sunny, clear, cloudless, and it was precisely because of this that they were astonished by the event.           
We asked Mr. Rosa to describe to us what they had observed, and he explained that the sky above the ROTHR antennas was sunny and there was a perfect blue sky, but that a  "... hole, a crack, opened in the sky, as if someone had cut that space in the sky with a huge knife, and a big ball of light or energy, whatever that was, shot out from the crack. "
            He described the aforementioned "energy ball" or "light" as a spherical mass of bright blue-gray light that came out from the opening,  leaving a bright streak of light  behind of it .
“These type of events have occurred on several occasions when the ROTHR is activated”,  said Rosa.
On one occasion one of these abnormal discharges killed several cows grazing near the radar, and the event was covered-up by the US Navy.
            `"Other people had seen similar things – he added-, but it now happened to us. I have no doubt about what was being said,  as now we saw with our own eyes. "
            Citizens Pablo Delerme, and his wife were sightseeing in that same area moving around in their pick up vehicle, and they too witnessed the event.
            In fact,  they were the ones who took Rosa's wife to a hospital in Vieques, where she was treated for her fracture.
            Mr. Delerme told us: "We were in our vehicle,  near the radar site, and all of a sudden the sky above the antennas lights up and the sky opened and a big hole appeared, and you could see another deep blue sky inside that hole. Then a bright ball of light shot out from the crack in the sky, hit the radar’s antennas and fell to the ground.
         "It was weird, because the weather was good, and the sky was clear, sunny. It was not cloudy at all, or raining. "
            Delerme said that the phenomenon lasted only a few seconds, and he offered other important details.
            He said that the aforementioned large crack in the sky ”…suddenly grew vertically, and then opened up more to the sides of it. It was truly impressive. "
The Explanation for the Secret Military Experiments in the South-West of Puerto Rico:
US Air Force / U.S. Navy Project Study for the Development of Traversable Portals or Wormholes

            What the Vieques witnesses described suggests that what they observed could very well be the manifestation of a stargate or dimensional threshold that would connect our dimensional reality with a different one, another plane of existence, or a parallel world or universe to ours, and the ROTHR, as we said, is a project of the Navy of the United States.
These events are evidence that the US military agencies seem to be experimenting in the territory of Puerto Rico with electronic systems to access and control cosmic dimensional portals, in this case in the island-municipality of Vieques.
            But we have found other data that supports our hypothesis.
            Everything we've revealed so far indicates that the manifestation of cosmic worm holes or dimensional corridors is not something casual in our geographical area, but that they are frequently activated and controlled by non-terrestrial intelligences or extradimensional beings.
            Other findings we made during our research on this matter allowed us to understand the real reason behind the unusual interest of the U.S. authorities to build and control a  facility in the south-west as a base for a sofisticated radar blimp in the municipality of Lajas, in  Olivares sector, and also to understand the reason behind the secret experiments US military and Intelligence personnel did occasionally with sophisticated electronic equipments in the vicinity of the Cabo Rojo lighthouse, and the use of the facilities of the Arecibo Radio Observatory to study the ionosphere and make a series of experiments with ionizing gases in the sky over Puerto Rico, called Coquí 1 and Coquí 2: in addition to being aware of the existence of  underground/undersea alien or extradimensional beings bases in the area, and investigating and keeping watch on such UFO / ET / alien activity in the region, they also study and monitor the frequent activation of these cosmic corridors in the area.
            This is why the archipelago of Puerto Rico is of utmost concern for security and intelligence agencies of the United States of America.
            The interest of the US in maintaining the territory of Puerto Rico as a colonial territory not only responds to an ordinary geopolitical interest,  the US Government is aware of the reality of what's happening in our country pertaining to the UFO / alien matter, and aims to understand how these cosmic portals work, in order to control them and eventually use them.
            The evidence lies in what we discuss below.
            The US Air Force and US Navy are locked at this point in the implementation of several research projects aimed at achieving teleportation by creating and controlling cosmic traversable worm holes and / or stargates.
            The existence of such projects was publicly revealed recently in a paper on a study published by the Research Laboratory Air Force Material Command Air Force Base and Edwards Air Force Base in California.
            This survey, titled 'Teletransportation Physics Study’, is in charge of Eric W. Davis, Ph.D, Warp Drive Metrics 4849, San Rafael Ave, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89120, and the document was recently released for publication and distribution without restrictions, so we will quote some parts of it that corroborate what we've been reporting on this blog.
            Due to reasons of space, we emphasize only on some aspects of the literature in the study, which are relevant to what we have discussed so far.
            The study asks how high levels of negative energy can be obtained (from the use of current terrestrial technology) to stimulate the creation of traversable portals or cosmic wormhole-dimensional corridors, and how this would be done by various means, but indicates that the easiest method would be through the use of laser light strongly compressed, so we will emphasize on this method.
            The study indicates that negative energy can be generated by ultra high intensity lasers coupled to an ultra fast rotating mirror system .
            A laser beam is passed through an optical cavity resonator made of lithium niobate crystal of (Linbo-O3) in the shape of a cylinder with rounded plates terminals that reflect light. The resonator will act to produce a second light beam of low-frequency in which the pattern of photons is re-designed to one of pairs - this is the quantum optical effect of light "compression".
            The compressed light beam then emerges from the resonator containing compressed pulses of negative energy mixed with strong pulses of positive energy.
            A set of rapidly rotating mirrors is prepared to separate the pulses of positive and negative energy - the beams of light should strike the surface of each of the mirrors at a slightly slanted angle,  as the rotation ensures that the energy pulses are reflected in a slightly different angle to that of the positive energy pulses.
            The small spatial separation of the two different energy pulses will occur at some distance from the rotating mirrors, and another mirror system will be needed to re-direct the negative energy pulses to an isolated spot and concentrate them from this point (see Figure 1).
            Another way to compress light would be to produce extremely reliable light pulses containing one, two, three, etc. photons each and combine them together to create the desired compression states. The superimposition of many of these states could, theoretically speaking, produce intense bursts of negative energy (see Figure 2).
            We’ll leave there the data related to the study published by the Air Force.
            But there is something we want to point out, and it is the 'coincidence', if we can call it that way, of the similarity between the equipments described in the Air Force study and the ones described as observed by witnesses in Cabo Rojo-Lajas, Guánica and other parts of the south-west of Puerto Rico being used by specialized military technicians in their experiments in the Cabo Rojo lighthouse zone, and their secret research of the sky over the area looking to the south-west, north-east and north-west, precisely at the points in the sky in which the cosmic wormholes manifest in the region.
            The description given by several witnesses of a 'cannon-telescope' being mobilized by the military on a platform truck is compatible with the description of a laser cannon (see photo), which could be used for military exercises, but also as part of a laser based system such as the one the Air Force allegedly uses to stimulate the generation of stargates and / or cosmic wormholes.
            These data, together with the fact that the base of the radar blimp in Lajas is under the control of the US Air Force,  suggests that the Air Force is investigating and studying the manifestation of the stargates in the region’s sky, along with their own studies, in order  to find a means to control at will the generation of such portals with the possible purpose of interfering and inactivating them to prevent the access of aliens to the area, and even, perhaps, to gain access through the portals to the places of origin of the alien intelligences involved.
            Now we can understand why the Lajas radar blimp was installed there: to monitor and study the cosmic portals that are manifesting in the south-west, west and north-west regions of Puerto Rico, and to monitor the UFO / alien presence in the area.
            On the other hand, the electronic over the horizon radar system (ROTHR) in Vieques, as noted above, is another US military variant of these efforts to generate cosmic wormholes in our environment and / or interfere with their manifestation.
            The same was happening at the Arecibo Radio Observatory, where according to some, a new system could be installed soon very close to it, the dreaded HAARP system, that would be moved from the state of Alaska to Puerto Rico, and both systems, HAARP and ROTHR are projects under the control of the US Navy, which works together with the US Air Force in an effort to produce and control these stargates.
            But there are other indications that the US military and U.S. intelligence necessarily should already be aware of everything we have reported so far in these articles, and they lie in the fact that in the area of the former Ramey Air Force base in the municipality of Aguadilla, there is powerful Doppler radar at the joint facilities of the US Homeland Security Agency and US Coast Guard Service, and a little further to the east in the same area, there was until recently,  an US Air Force Solar Weather Station doing research on solar weather, and it is virtually impossible that the presence of the cosmic portals that appear in that same region from time to time, as registered in the photograph taken by Mr. Víctor Román (shown in article #1 of this series), was not registered by the Doppler radar and the electronic equipments used for solar-astronomical studies, etc., by the staff in those facilities.

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