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Evidences of Cosmic Wormholes in the Sky Over Puerto Rico -Part 2

Part Two of Three

By Jorge Martín  -  C. 2011. All rights reserved.

           In this second article we present new data, together with a photo and an analysis of it in full-color images, which seem to confirm our hypothesis on the occurrence of cosmic portals or wormholes in the sky over Puerto Rico.


More Wormholes in Lajas, Puerto Rico: Picture and Analysis

            Mrs. Wanda Zapata, who resides in the municipality of Lajas (south-western region of Puerto Rico), took three digital photographs of 'something' strange that appeared high in the sky in the morning of April 3, 2009, at 10:11 am,  in sector Lajas Arriba, in the Lajas municipality.

            The images showed 'something' with an unclear configuration, as she could not identify it, she believed it could be a UFO.              

Authorized by her we examined the images and found extremely interesting details in them. For purposes of this article we will emphasize in photo #1, shown below.

            First we cropped the section where the anomaly was,  increased it in size and gave it a resolution of 1, 800 dots per inch.

            Over the 'UFO' there was what looked like a mass of fire, and also what looked like a small white cloud. Another smaller cloud was observable below of it.

But we also saw that what initially seemed to be a 'body' was actually an elongated amorphous thing which seemed to have at its bottom center a dark opening, as in the case of the photo taken by Mr. Viíctor Román in Aguadilla, and the one taken by the Dr.Walter Cotté in Lajas, which we showed and discussed in part 1 of this series of articles.

            After that we subjected the image to the solarization digital filter and subsequently to another reversal of the color tones, which allowed a clearer view of it, as well as of a large  light distortion area around of it. Also,  a 'tube-like' or 'tunnel-like' structure was observable projecting backwards from the hole or opening into the zone with 'fire', 'steam' or white 'clouds'.

            We then submitted the image to the digital filter to find the edges and profiles of the shapes in images, and inverted the color tones, and re-confirmed the presence of both the hole and the ‘tube-like’structure projecting behind of it.

            After that we subjected the resulting image to the filter to illuminate the edges, and the result was truly amazing, as the opening was clearly observable in a three-dimensional fashion, and it could be seen how both the opening and the ‘tube-like’ structure certainly connected with the cloud and energy mass in the back of the phenomenon, where the other end of the tube or tunnel-like structure could be observed connecting to (we believe) another point in the universe.

            Also,  an  area of a very strong light distortion was observable and clearly defined around the opening of the phenomenon, which could respond to an extremely large gravitational force caused by the negative or exotic energy that kept 'solid' and open  the walls of the 'tunnel', ' corridor 'or ‘throat ' of the physical body of the wormhole.

            There was no doubt about it, Ms. Wanda Velez had captured in her picture the manifestation of another cosmic wormhole or dimensional portal in the sky over the area of the municipality of Lajas.

Corroborative Events (among several similar reports we keep in our research files)

            In these articles we have shown what we believe are the first pictures that show beyond any doubt, the manifestation of cosmic wormholes in Earth's atmosphere, and how they are being used by intelligent beings from other parts of our physical universe or a parallel universe, to enter our zone of the universe, right in the sky over the territory of the archipelago of Puerto Rico.

            But apart from that, in our research files we have a collection of testimonies by serious witnesses who related to us events observed by them in different parts of the Puerto Rican territory which seem to be related to this same type of portals or wormholes.

            One afternoon in January 1991, Mr. Roberto Rivera, who lives in the fishing village of Boquerón, in Cabo Rojo (also in the south-west of Puerto Rico), was driving his car at the end of Highway #303, which passes in front of the base of the well-known radar blimp -( in Olivares sector, located in the municipality of Lajas) and continues on to Las Palmas sector.

            As he was about to enter Las Palmas sector he observed something very strange that was going on out at sea in a spot south of the area of La Pitaya, but not too far from the coastline.

            According to Rivera, a large submarine vessel was on the surface of the sea, and next to it, to its right, was a big ship from US Coast Guard Service.

            Right in front of both ships there was huge white cloud which looked bulky ”…and had a weird aspect”,  according to Mr. Rivera..

            Suddenly, two military jets appeared in the area, which to the witness looked like F-16s from the US Navy. The jets made several circular passes over the submarine, the Coast Guard vessel, and the mysterious cloud,  and after that both jets flew right into the huge cloud… and disappeared!

No noise from their engines was heard anymore. Nothing.

            Rivera was surprised by the event, and waited to see if the jets came out again from the cloud, but they did not.

            He could not believe what had just happened. It was impossible.

           “Nervous and confused, Mr. Rivera stated, I wanted to tell someone what was happening, but I was alone at the time on that road, and I was also fascinated by this unexpected event, and wanted to see if the jets re-appeared again, but thought this could happen while looking for someone and I might miss it, so I decided to stay there and wait.”

            He waited for a period of three hours, and nothing happened. But suddenly the jets noise was heard again, and they re-appeared again coming out from the right side of the huge strange cloud, leaving the area immediately, flying to the east (probably to Roosevelt Roads Naval Station, located in the region of Ceiba, in the east of Puerto Rico – actually not active).

Simultaneously, the submarine vessel submerged into the sea and was lost to view.

            The Coast Guard ship also left the area right after that, “…and the mysterious 'cloud' flew away into the sky, coiling unto itself, and in less than a minute disappeared from my view," Rivera told us.

            Days later, a police officer patrolling the same road in Lajas witnessed a similar incident from more or less exactly the same spot in which Rivera had parked his car days earlier.

            ‘Coincidentally’,  in August of that same year 1991 a large number of US military and US intelligence agencies personnel took control of that same area and the area of the Cabo Rojo lighthouse to do mysterious top-secret experiments with highly sophisticated electronic equipment. They refused to inform the local authorities what they were doing at the site,  stating that it was a matter of national security.

            As we will see in part 3 of this series of articles,  they were probably secretly investigating the manifestation of the portals in the sky over the area, and their connection with the high alien-UFO activity in the territory of Puerto Rico.

Note from the author: We ask anyone who may have photos or videos obtained in Puerto Rico or abroad with images similar to those we are showing in this series of articles, to communicate with us through our e-mails, which are:

martin.jorgemartin.jorge @ gmail.com  

and send us a copy of these evidences, to study them.

We’d also like to receive your comments on the material discussed here.
Read Part 3 next.

These pictures are also on Face Book in the Aerial Phenomena Research Group site.
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