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My first exposure to UFOs came at an early age.  My mother worked for the Boeing Commercial Airplane Company in Seattle, Washington, and because of this, I was used to hearing a lot of talk about new designs for aircraft.

I had always been interested in airplanes because I had uncles on both sides of the family that were pilots.  Occasionally we kids would be privileged enough to go on a plane ride with them in a small
Cessna, or similar craft, and be thrilled at the acrobatics performed with us in the plane.  I had a love of flying that persists to this day.

When I was 12, my mother and I lived in a small apartment in Midway, an outskirt of Seattle.  Our apartment had a hilltop view of the Puget sound and Vashon Island.  The flight path for Sea Tac airport was about 1,000 feet out directly in view of our window.  We lived above two fellows that were Boeing engineers.

One summer evening we were leaning out the window watching the night sky.  Out of the darkness a blinding white flash of light lit up the inky black sky.  Before we could react to this, two rapid flashes of red light from separate but close sources followed.  There was absolute silence.  Even the highway before us seemed to have been quieted by this occurrence.  We were waiting to hear the familiar whine of the airplane engines, but nothing was heard.  Again, the same sequence of lights flashed.  This time, the islands across the sound were lit up like daylight. You could see the trees, and the water's edge.

By this time we were frantically trying to get the two fellows downstairs out to see this unusual sight.  They came out onto their patio and witnessed the same sight we did.  They were conferring with each other trying to convince themselves that this was indeed "one of ours."  They didn't sound too convincing.  What struck all of us as the most out of the ordinary was the fact that this craft was not only flying in the opposite direction as the normal flight path, but the silent running and brilliance of the lights.  They were convinced, however, that this was a most unusual air craft, and not at all sure it was one of ours.

I ran out of the house to the opposite side when this craft flew out of visual range. It had turned to arc over the apartment house and straight up and out of sight.  There was no explanation for this.  None of us had ever seen anything that resembled a silent airplane with lights that could illuminate the whole Poverty Bay area.  This was my first exposure to a UFO.

Over the following years, I have seen orange balls of light that close up in fan fashion, only to reopen and close again.  Several times I saw small, streaking, lime green pin points of light high over the Earth's atmosphere racing off to who knows where.  I thought that everybody saw unusual lights in the sky at one point in their lives.  I didn't know that I was in for the most unusual experience of my life (to date).

On March 17, 1988, my steady boyfriend had come to Brooklyn, NY to take me out for the evening in Manhattan.  We usually took the Brooklyn Battery tunnel into Manhattan to the West side highway.  This highway is a busy 6 lane main arterial that carries heavy traffic 24 hours a day.

My boyfriend had to stop by his business to check on something before we went out.  We were about to make a right turn onto Spring Street, when I noticed a formation of lights over the North end of the city.  I thought that perhaps since it was St. Patrick's Day, somebody had gone to a lot of trouble to celebrate it with an advertising plane, or something similar.

We watched it for about a block or two before we had to make our turn.  I asked him to pull over to the side, so we could get out and look at it.  We were on a block that had an unobstructed view of the sky.  UPS parks their trucks in a lot there at night, and it occupies about a half a city block.  We found ourselves watching a stationary formation of lights.  We watched it for about a minute before I said "Gee, I wish it would come closer so we could get a better view of it."

The words were no sooner out of my mouth than the lights began to move in our direction.  I thought that it might have been an optical illusion when you see something far away and it's moving in your direction, but you are unable to see the movement until it's very close to you.

As the lights got closer, we could see a V shaped pattern of lights.  I didn't hear engines, so I instantly ruled out an advertising plane.  My logical mind replaced the plane with a blimp as an explanation.  We could see a central white light at the point of the V with 2 pairs of red lights on either side of it.

This craft silently drew overhead and stopped about 300 feet over our heads.  There wasn't any connecting structure that I could see between the lights.  There wasn't any reflection of the street lights against a silver blimp body, so of course, I was left without an explanation, again.

As we were watching this huge craft (it covered the entire half block parking lot), I wondered if anybody else on the street saw it also.  I turned to look up the West Side Highway.  There was not a car in sight!  Keep in mind that's it's a Friday night at 7:30 p.m. on St. Patrick's Day in New York City!  No cars in sight??  There must be someone on the street also disbelieving what they were seeing.  I turned in the other direction to look up the street at an Irish Pub - The Ear Inn - there must be someone out on the sidewalk.  There was not a soul in sight.

It was at this point that the craft slowly and silently turned to the right to move away back in the direction it had come.  The hair was standing up on the back of my neck.  As it moved away, I could see another smaller cluster of lights that moved in unison with the main section. It was four red pin points of light in a diamond pattern.  Again, there wasn't anything visible that connected any of these lights together.  There was no air craft body to see.

When the craft moved away, we were mobilized again, and started to see cars in the street.  I feel that we were in a time warp where all other activity around us was shut off.  Perhaps this craft was looking for a perfect opportunity to observe two humans close up in a spot where they could hover unobstructed by city buildings?  I don't know how the timing of these events is worked out, but it seemed like a perfect - too perfect - coincidence.

We got into the car, both of us in utter amazement as to what it was we just saw.  Neither of us spoke.  What was that?  Why wasn't there anyone else on the street?

Consciously, we observed this craft for what seemed to be 5 - 7 minutes.  When we got to my boyfriend's business, about 1 minute from where this happened, we were about 20 minutes later than we should have been

My boyfriend is reluctant to call this a UFO.  He still doesn't believe we had missing time.  I remember clearly the events of that night.  Perhaps one person's perception of certain events can be altered from what really took place.  Perhaps our memories are faulty and we are up against something we totally don't understand.

After this incident, I began to draw and construct various images for a choreographed suite that featured New Age Music and alien characters.  I had never drawn before, now characters were jumping off my pencil and starting to rapidly compile into a collection of off worldly images  New Age music was the tone of choice, and I had never before been exposed to it.

I think that these experiences are to awaken our creative and telepathic abilities.  They are designed to enlighten our souls to a higher level.  People that are "blocked" from achieving the higher levels have problems assimilating these experiences into their lives and fall apart.  I am thankful for this experience, because it has confirmed what I have always known to be true - we are an engineered species and our caretakers have come back to activate key elements of the Master Plan.

We are the Keys.  It is up to us to fulfill our part of this and collectively raise our consciousness to a point where war and hate will be a thing of the past.  It is conceivable within our lifetimes if we all make a conscious effort to accomplish this.

As it is, so shall it be done.


NOTE;  I am very familiar with this case.  There was much more to it where the witness was picked up and taken inside the craft.  Through regressive hypnosis she remembered many things. - P. Urial


Michael P. said...

Are you able to comment about what she experienced under regressive hypnosis?


P. Urial said...

Some of the things were huge "glass" containers with different kinds of beings in them. There was one that was empty and she was scared they would put her in it. She also drew pictures of different alien beings in the ship.