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This is a case that Brent Raynes investigated.  It concerns "LL" .

LL sent a letter to Brent briefly describing a time when she disappeared unaccountably when she was visiting a friend in Washington state.

"One night as a heavy blanket of fog surrounded the house there was an "errey" red light also.  The girlfriend was unable to tell where the light was coming from, so she decided to go upstairs and get LL out of bed so that they both might investigate.  But LL's bed was empty, although it had been slept in.  She then searched the house unsuccessfully for her.  LL writes; "She said that she stayed up and had coffee and soon the fog lifted and the red light went away.  That's when she about "jumped out of her skin."  I was coming down the stairs asking her why the lights were on and if John, her husband, was ill.  I remember that and waking up in bed and seeing the lights from downstairs in the stairway.

In her next letter LL described another curious recollection that she describes happened at a "Pacific Northwest Military base."  She wrote it on separate paper from the rest of the letter in case I were to choose to destroy it or put it away somewhere secret for safe keeping on account of its implications. At the conclusion of the report LL wrote, "There is a feeling while writing this that made me uneasy... You might say that I have the urge to just burn this part of the letter.  Something is going on but the government will never reveal it to the public.  As you can see it is scary, but one needs courage at times."

(Editor's note:  I remember this very well and never forgot this particular case!- P. Urial)

This is what she claims happened:  "It was early morning and I was taking a shortcut across the reservation, at the back part of the base (where) it was covered with semi-open areas and heavy woods.  There were some trees set out from the woods and this area had been used for training in the past year, but not at that time.  There was training going on in another area at the time.

I was driving southwest and the sun was up but not full strength.  It was good light out and no rain had fallen for a couple of days.  Meaning that the ground was dry and no morning mist or fog was in force.  The time was about 7 or 7:30 a.m.  I was driving along at the speed limit and saw something in the woods to the left front at about 30 degrees to my face.  It seemed to be long and white and there were many of these white things.  I looked again and was very curious about what they were.  They were about as big as a large tree trunk and was long.  One hung from a trunk to the ground.  I stopped the car for a better look and tried to guess what it was.  Thinking that it must be some military equipment but what kind was impossible to guess.  They just don't leave things laying or hanging around like that.

I got out of the car and went over to look.  Now the distance is about 200 yards off the road to the white things.  This road was little used and is not a major road but is blacktopped.  At one time it was a major road.  It was the easiest for me though to get to my job.  As I got closer to the white things they looked more opaque; like a frosted bathroom window.  They looked as I thought, much like a cocoon of a white material.

The one I could see better was on the ground under the tree so was flat on one side.  The upper surface was rounded on each end and rising higher in the center too.  It looked like millions of tiny threads made up the fiber of these things and you could see a form of some sort inside, but not real clear.  The fibers were like fiberglass of today - is the only way I can explain it.  I touched it and it was sticky to touch but not like glue.

It scared me so I ran back to the car, turned around and found a base police officer.  I told him all about it and he went back with me.  He went over to the three white things (cocoons or pods?), touched them and looked all around.  He then came back and used his radio.  I don't know what he said but he came back and ordered me to stay in my car and not to leave.  Pretty soon here came an officer and about five base police.  They went over - and I could see that these white things were getting more clear as time went on.  You could clearly make out human forms!  They came over and asked me all kinds of dumb questions.

Now I have funny hearing and male voices are easier to hear than women's.  I overheard that the forms were males and there were holes on the necks of each.  The skin was pale or parchment white from what I could see.  The hair was of normal color and the males were naked!  There were no marks on the body other than mentioned.  I've been around dead bodies hundreds of times in many ways, but this was very different in some way.  They looked flatter!

They took the three forms and what white fiber they could get into jars but the fiber seemed to just dissipate at the same rate as the rest of it was.  There didn't seem to be any residue in the jar either.

When they saw my door was open they closed their door and mine.  There was a guard also at my door.  Being German I got mad in keeping me there, and started to make a fuss.  They let me go then.

One thing is that while at the scene, and after awhile, they took me over to the three pods to show them what I did and did not do.  I was told to make it exactly the same."

About the statement regarding being around hundreds of dead bodies LL described herself as having worked as an EMT, and presently has "own business of taking care of dying people.

NOTE:  I believe this Airforce base was McCord Field south of Tacoma.

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