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GALACTEUS is a leading group in the field of interdimensional contacts.  It is a group of friends who were attracted together by a telepathic resonance, and have chosen to live in exceptional environments.  They unite their expertise and technical abilities to create living conditions allowing a coordination between between human life and invisible planes, hence a contact with supraterrestrial energy fields and superior dimensions of consciousness.


It all began some twenty eight years ago in Paris, when I.J.P. APPEL-GUERY were giving conferences about his own experience of contact with suprahuman levels.  A little group of people gathered around him and regularly met for transmuting meditations and elevations in sacred places.  It soon became obvious to them that a communal lifestyle was necessary in order to maintain between themselves a purified energy field allowing to keep permanent contact with these very refined energy planes. Also appeared necessary a vegetarian diet and the suppression of alcohol, tobacco., coffee and all sorts of drugs in order to let the body's sensibility be as clear and undistorted as possible.

This improvement of the quality of life was uplifted by the development of arts - music, drawings, dance, martial arts, photography, laser shows and the organization (private or public) concerts, art shows, celebrations, and fun, mostly - laughing being an important means for energy transmutation.

A worldwide network of crystals was set up at important ley line knots over the whole planet, in order to reactivate the etheric body of the Earth.  In France, some menhirs and dolmens were reordered and reactivated by this group of people - and it happened that important UFO experiences and sightings took place during these operations of control and contact with other dimensions.

In 1983, the Galacteus team decided to fly towards sunnier and more primeval places.  Since French Polynesia in the South Pacific is united to France economically and politically, the group settled there until an island was purchased, and a communal setting was organized in the natural paradise of Bora-Bora.  A group of people lived there for three years until it became necessary to connect again with the European roots they had left behind.

In 1990 a new community has been settled in a castle surrounded by a beautiful property, near the area of the "Loire Castles" in France.  It is a very beautiful place which can be traced back to year 600, with huge blue cedars and sequoias, large meadows and a lake.  Its energy field has been reharmonized and elevated, and it is going to become an international center for seminars and meetings with people from all countries who now want to become members of the Galacteus network.


Both of European and Asian origin, I.J.P. Appel-Guery was contacted by a superhuman dimension when he was twelve years old.  A cosmic presence touched him and kept guiding him through an initiation process during the following years, inspiring him in all sorts of meditations and exercises he later discovered were mentioned in Western and Eastern esoteric traditions.  Then, at age 18, he went through a very strong illumination experience.

There are different types of out-of-body experiences, depending on which subtle vehicle the being uses in order to fly out of his body - these mental, astral or etheric bodies which are utterly described in esoteric traditions.

1.  He had to be thoroughly prepared.  A year of complete ascetic life achieved the preparation realized by years of guided excercises since 12 years old.

2.  An extraordinarily powerful force coming from the inner universe intervened in order to pull him out of his physical body.  He mentions it as "the force which makes the planets move," and says he would never have been able to make that trip without this powers intervention.

He was suddenly propelled inside the core of the universe, a fantastic world of energy streams which is interior to all manifestations in the material world.  It is what Boehm calls the "Implicate Universe," a world of timelessness and immortality, absolute awareness and total communication with all that exists.  He decided to come back from this experience in order to tell the world that this existed, and since then. he has devoted his life to the contact wit this suprahuman transcendental dimension.

Wishing to create a synthesis between Western and Eastern forms of thinking, APPEL-GUERY graduated in Sciences and Arts from the University of Paris in the same time as he studied all the esoteric traditions existing in the history of man on our planet.  He realized that philosophy, religion, science and art were connected together from the beginning of man's evolution, coming from the primeval source of all knowledge, the Primordial Photosynthesis, although through the evolution of humankind they have been diffracted, separated and opposed to each other.  He tried to find the common-essence which can link them together again, trying to realize a communication between our past and our future on this planet.

He has attracted around himself a group of people which forms in the invisible a great unified being, whose system of consciousness, of perception of the universe and of energy is amplified compared to that of an individual.  This great being can be in contact with a superpersonal field of consciousness, allowing the reception of telepathic messages and graphic patterns, and UFO sightings under special conditions.


"The satellites and rockets sent around the planet and into the outer space are slowly introducing for humankind the dawn of a cosmic age.  We may well have to take full responsibility towards other civilizations who would not necessarily be patient with us, should our attitudes not please them, because we may disturb some systems of cosmic balance we are not aware of."

"Most messages received by contactees state that it is presently necessary to treat the imbalance created by the development of a "science without conscience," i.e. too much power in the hands of humans who lack the necessary level of cosmic  responsiblity and awareness to wield it."


Many contactees speak of extraterrestrial races, of space travellers coming from several stellar systems.   The interventions of such travelers have been found in all earthly civilizations, since time immemorial, as far as Hyperborea, Lemuria and Atlantis.  The UFO phenomenon is a presence which reminds us that man is not alone in the universe and, and most of all, that he is not only a body made of mortal flesh, but also a special kind of energy vessel which he must understand and control.  The physical body has transcendent correspondences and resonances in other vibratory fields, in the past and the present as well as in the future.

From their experience in the field of interdimensional communication, I.J.P. APPEL-GUERY and the Galacteurs group can say that superior contacts and channeled messages should be given relatively more or less importance according to where they come from.  The accurate perception of vibratory fields makes it possible for n individual to discern whom to contact and who is contacting him.  It is not easy to maintain a connection with a suprahuman dimension of consciousness, for different reasons; all too human inertia and lack of control, socio-cultural prejudices, lack of interest or disinformation from official institutions, fear.  I.J.P. APPEL-GUERY and the Galacteus group have devoted their life to the maintenance of this contact.

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Truth Seeker said...

This article is charming, lofty, intriguing and innocent. All terms that describe the impression of this "group of friends" on a first encounter. What the article fails to mention is that this group and their leader display all the classic symptoms of a cult. Key components are seduction, energetic manipulation, oppression, coercion, strict hierarchy and mandatory severance of ties with family and society. Members are not encouraged to think for themselves and ultimately all decisions are made by the leader who proclaims that only through him can they attain salvation. They believe their purpose is to help people, when in fact they are the ones who need help. Members trying to leave this group in an effort to re-insert themselves into society have faced years of psychotherapy, risking severe depression and suicide. I cannot stress strongly enough the danger of befriending this group.