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Helga Morrow lives in Tucson, Arizona.  The following is an annotated copy of an article she wrote in the Sedona Chronicles magazine.

My father hid behind the cloak of an average "John Doe draftsman," a typical 9 to 5 type of guy, when in actuality he was a very well known scientist.  Knowing what I do now, it is obvious to me that, due to the nature of his work, he had access to some very top-secret information.

In May 1952, he came home from a trip very upset, distraught and totally out of control.  His calm facade and usual cool demeanor had vanished.  He barely said anything to Mother, brother and me.  Since I always sat next to him at the end of our sofa, I noticed him writing.  More and more, endless writings. Oddly enough, he got up in the wee hours of the morning and wrote and wrote and wrote 'till dawn.  The more he wrote, the more distressed he became.  It got worse.  He started crying, the tears flowing down his cheeks.  I felt then, and still feel, he was hiding something so horrible that he didn't dare speak out.  His incessant writing seemed to be a silent scream.  He appeared not only distraught but scared to death for me and the rest of the family.  His bottled up secrets were gnawing at him constantly.

My mother sat in her corner in total silence when he was upset and my brother "took off" so he wouldn't get in the way.

He seemed to be getting worse and worse every day.  He had always been interested in my school work, but somehow, this trip home, he never shared with me about my homework.  I felt alone, as if he were a stranger in our midst.  His face became that of a frightened man

All I did was say, "What's wrong, what can I do to help?"  That did it!  He jumped up, thrust his notes in my face and screamed, "It's all lies!  Lies!  They are lying to all of us.  This whole world is a damned lie!  You should not have been born.  They are only going to select certain ones.  The little man has no say, we are nothing.  They are planning a damn war in 1966 where the blacks and the whites will kill each other off so a certain part of the population will be thinned out.  The war will be devastating, the likes of which we've never seen in America in this century.  A blood bath.


"It is useless for you to have  a child, although if you select the right person to breed with, there may be hope for you.  Otherwise, they will check out the child's background (the father) and it will be another reject.  For God's sake, check out the father of your unborn child.  Make damn sure his background is clean - no alcoholics, nothing but pure, healthy mental and physical bodies, no criminals or convicted felons and, above all, above-normal intelligence and attractive appearance - an intelligent jerk won't do either.  Those who have inbred (certain ethnic groups) because of their religion have innate blood diseases and will be eliminated as inferior unless they intermarry."

I said, finally, after this strange tirade, "What are you screaming for Daddy?  I just want you to tell me now why are you screaming at me?  I did nothing wrong"

He yelled, "After they have messed up this planet they are going to start over again some where else, on the moon, on Mars - they are putting us there in colonies.  They are being set up now.  The governments of the world are all conspiring to set this up!

I thought he had flipped.  Not saying anything, my mother ran to the phone and called the police.

"You will see mass destruction in your lifetime.  When you're 55 you will remember my words.  They may kill me, but my words will live on.  You will find out who I really am..."

With that the police came to the door.  My mother and brother finally got their way.  Daddy was severely clubbed with their night sticks until his unconscious body was dragged into the paddy wagon.

My mother told the cops, "He's a nut who believes in flying saucers, and I want him behind bars in the nearest mental institution."  We had no car and went to the police station in the police car.  It was a horrible nightmare.


Mother told me we could see Daddy every Wednesday.  A dear friend and coworker from Martin Marietta (name withheld) drove us.  There he sat in his barren room.  No voice, no emotion, no eye movement.  He looked as if he were in a catatonic state.  

Later, I noticed men (in trench coats) questioning my mother at home.  She always said they were friends from the Martin company.  Frankly, I knew she didn't know who the heck they were.  I'd come home from school and I'd see them leave.  Looking back now, I'd say they looked very much like the Secret Service men I've seen many times since.

The men in trench coats always came once a week to bring my father's paycheck and ask about his progress.  They were very interested in what Daddy had said before he left.  Mother was told to burn his writings which she did, however, I still remember some of them.

The news from the hospital was that Daddy was coming home for a visit in August.  I was happy.  Even though he had survived the brutal shock treatments, his well-being was precarious.  My father spoke in soft, guarded sentences.  It was just polite family conversation.  Nothing earth-shattering happened during the visit.  Again, we bade farewell and he went back to the hospital.  A few weeks later, in September, he was released.  Oddly enough, during this very traumatic experience, he was still carrying a top-secret clearance with his company. even after three to four months in the hospital.  Evidently, he was too important for them to fire.


Alternative 3, by Leslie Watkins with David Ambrose and Christopher Miles (published by Sphere Books, England) is one of the most controversial books of our time.  At one point it was permanently removed from bookshelves and banned worldwide.  It tells about colonies being formed on the moon and Mars, populated by the foremost people in every field of endeavor (whether kidnapped, selected or persuaded) in an attempt to save the best segment of the population from the certain disaster of the greenhouse effect.  These colonies are purported to house everything from selected breeders to scientists.  It's clear to me now that my Father was worried about my chances of being "selected" if I were to breed with the "wrong type" of specimen.  He was terrified that my offspring would not be good enough to be among the selected few to survive and propagate in the new colonies.

No one knew of his breakdown or his affiliation with flying saucers.  The hospital diagnosed him as paranoid-schizophrenic because he talked about flying saucers and aliens.  But the doctors assured my mother this was harmless illusion, that he'd get out of it eventually.

Well, things were all quiet, until we got news from Daddy that he was to live permanently in Denver, Colorado.  Mother refused to go because of the high altitude in Colorado.  A lot of engineers who had transferred to Colorado had died of heart attacks (seemingly because of the thin air).  Many of my father's fellow engineers dropped dead within one to two years of being transferred there.  On some occasions, my school called my mother to find out who I was or what kind of American I was.  The neighbors were also questioned.

On very rare occasions, I'd sneak into my father's bedroom and look at the pictures of the flying saucers.  Not even my mother knew about them.  But I knew his secret hiding places and I knew I was being prepared for something in the future.  Age 5 seemed so far away.  When I figure it out in 1952, 1992 seemed so distant.  I pictured myself as an old lady.  But something in this madness made sense; someday I would be able to share my story safely.

I think he knew that the real issues were hidden behind smoke screens, and that, unfortunately, the smoke screens were what made headlines.  He believed that racial wars were not spontaneously triggered by a minor incident but by well planned, clandestine operations, in an attempt at genocide - to "thin out" the population.  He saw the women's movement, even abortion rights, as the eventual control of women for selective breeding.  He always said communism was a joke to create friction between believers and non-believers, a cloud to obscure truth.  The stupidity of Lincoln was to have freed the slaves and then not give them real freedom.  This, he thought, was the injustice that would lead to racial wars.

He also mentioned that I should have only one child if I did decide to breed.  Love was not in his vocabulary, except to love one's fellow man, as in mankind.

 He told me that there would be a time when beings the government deemed inferior would not be allowed to reproduce, that the government would eventually decide for us.  "That is why it's important for you to breed with the right person, at the right time, when you grow up.  Breeding is more important.  An intelligent female with a below average male will produce inferior children.  It's a question of breeding only superior beings with superior beings.  They won't be hurt - just not allowed to breed, so their inferior genes will become extinct.  This is the only way the human race can breed out criminals, murderers, violence, diseases and genetic disorders.  This is what they have achieved in other star systems.  This is not the only star system.  There are endless varieties of galaxies.  They walk among us, breed with us and have integrated into our civilization.  We (the scientists) are working on this now."

What about our 'gifted children" programs?  How are these children being observed?  What statistics are being  gathered and what are they used for?  Where is the information going?

My father felt that our seed must be perfect - strong - so that no one person or group could take away our rights of make us prisoners on Earth or on another planet.  Mental and spiritual training are vital to strength, as is discipline.  The incorruptible who adhere to the will of God will survive on this planet.  Speak and live only the truth!

I believe that Helgas father knew what was coming in the future and the powers that be did not want him to let people know so they locked him up and probably kept him drugged.  I found this a very important article because of what is taking place right now.

Hi Aileen,
  This article on Helga kind of corresponds with a book I just read (and bought).  It is called: BATTLE HYMN.  The author is John Scura/Dane Phillips.  It is a very scary book.  The author is a journalist along with his co-author.  They have dug up a lot of information and they give references to look up.  I did on  one of them about the Health Care Section 2521 which (they) said was implemented.  It has NOT been implemented yet.  The other one they did research on was the Codex Alimentarious Bill 4872.  It HAS been passed and in place.
  By the way the author was on C2C about a month ago.  Although I bought the book, I think you can get it from your public library.

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