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Location Rostov-on-Don Russia
January 1990
Time:  Night

A 40-year old woman named Larissa Galushko awoke in the middle of the night and saw a semi-transparent humanoid silhouette suddenly condensing in mid-air in front of her eyes.  She looked closely and saw a man-like figure.  Frightened she asked, "Who are you?"  In response the man ordered in a booming voice, "Give me your hand."  She obeyed the order and slowly as if in a trance she stretched her right hand towards the stranger.  The man touched her right palm gently, carefully and then melted away into thin air.  Larissa felt the man's hands and they felt dense.

Several days later the transparent alien came back.  He stood for a long time near the head of Larissa's bed.  He stared at her silently.  She felt awestruck as she watched the figure again dissolve into thin air.  From that moment on his visits became regular; he was now visiting Larissa at least 2 - 3 times per month. 

At one time another alien accompanied the first one, standing next to him shoulder to shoulder.  The new visitor (alien) was dressed in a white loose-fitting garment.  His head was either totally clean-shaven or completely hairless.  He had Hindu features and was also semi-transparent.  Larissa began to cry, pleading with the aliens to leave and to leave her alone.  She asked who they were and why were they visiting her at night.  The hairless "Hindu" in the white loose garment said, "We love you."  Slightly taken aback Larissa said, "Where are you from?"  The alien said, "From a parallel world, Planet Trion."  That having been said both aliens then vanished.  After this contact the strangers visited Larissa 5 to 6 more times, but they did not speak anymore.  They usually just stood near her ottoman and stared at her  They totally ignored her requests to leave her alone.  Their last visit was around August 1990.

Source:  Alexey K. Priyma, "Unknown Worlds" Moscow 1996

Location:  Toquila Valley, Colombia
Dare: January 9 1990
Time: Late night

Deontologist, Ivan Naranjo, and two passengers were traversing a lonely valley when their vehicle, a Nissan jeep, began to experience engine trouble.  The vehicle soon ground to a halt by the roadside as its electrical system went dead  Stranded in the middle of the Andean foothills, Naranjo was doing his best to get the vehicle in motion again when one of the passengers gasped involuntarily at what was taking place in the night sky.  In the horizon, headed their way, was an amazing interplay of red, green and yellow lights, which did not correspond to any atmospheric phenomenon, they could identify.  They watched in sheer astonishment as the array of colors lit the sky and grew closer, increasing in size as it closed the intervening distance.

Within seconds, a huge disc-shaped device, was hovering unsteadily in the blackness over their heads.  The object was out of control, and to their horror, about to crash land right on top of them.  Naranjo and his passengers found themselves paralyzed by what he characterized as "muscular sluggishness."  Then suddenly out of nowhere, another massive disc-shaped craft appeared.  Gliding into a space immediately above the dangerously wobbling craft, it fired a dense beam of white light at the vessel, stabilizing its erratic motion immediately.  (That is similar to the Maury Island case in Washington state.)

The surreal event became even more so as two humanoids emerged from the larger craft to ostensibly perform repairs on the now stabilized saucer.  Soon the repaired saucer began spinning furiously on its axis, vanishing in a thick fog.  The "rescue" ship vanished amid a powerful whirlwind that stripped earth, rocks, and dust from the surface below.

Exhausted by the ordeal, the shocked witnesses spent a night of fitful sleep in the wilderness.  In the morning they were stunned to see a landscape that gave the appearance of having been blasted by divine fire ; water ponds adjacent to the highway had been turned into grim puddles of mud, and the carcasses of small desert rats and lizards littered the landscape, roasted by some form of radiation.  One of the passengers would later die of an unknown malady, possible related to the strange energies released by the alien vehicles over the valley.

Source: Scott Corrales, UFO Files #1

Location:  Odessa, Ukraine
Date: January 14, 1990
Time:  Night

Gennadiy Kosushenko was watching news on television when suddenly everything in the room seemed to slowly dissolve away in plain sight, cupboards, couch, etc.  Frightened he tried to grab the back of a slowly vanishing chair but his hands seemed to go right through it.  A milky fog then enveloped his whole body.  Soon a male entity appeared amidst the fog, standing only a couple of steps from the witness.  The man was quite normal in appearance, nothing special.  He appeared to have been about 40 years of age.  He looked at the witness smiling.  Inexplicably the witness became calm and was no longer frightened.  He felt a strange tranquility inside him.  The alien man began speaking directly into the Kosuchenko's mind, he could hear the voice but could not see the stranger's lips moving.

The "alien" told the witness that he constantly controlled his behavior and then said, "We are your brothers and you are not a real resident of earth, but an agent for an extraterrestrial civilization."  The alien then added, "How do you feel in that unsuitable terrestrial body?"  The witness answered that he felt fine that everything was normal.  At that, the alien man vanished and the milky fog surrounding the witness slowly melted away.  The room had now returned to normal.

Source:  Alexey K. Priyma
XX Century Chronicles of the Unexplained Moscow 1999
The above cases courtesy Humanoid Sighting Reports, Albert Rosales

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