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Call in to Coast to Coast on June 5, 2005 - Art Bell Host

Roy had been in contact with the ETs ever since 1940.  He knew Kenneth Arnold.

They have been here since Earth was formed so they are ETs, not aliens.  The aliens are us humans.  They were brought here by ships just like the previous military man that was on saying ships would come in and take certain ones away from the planet; that is true.  But the human race was brought here from other planets after the Earth was flooded and cleansed.  I have been involved for 70 years, long before you were born Art!!

The whole thing has been a coverup through the government right on down to your door.

I got my first implant in 1940. I have six implants and four of them are visible. The last one was put in on the 16th of August (2004?) by the ETs.  The first object was put in my brain in 1940.  I can see a picture they can take with their ship anywhere in the Universe - in color and I am totally blind normally.

One of the fellas that crashed at Roswell July 7, 1947 was supposed to heal my eyes.  He was from Lanulos but he got mixed up with the Reptoids so he is no longer doing much healing.

ART:  That is quite a story.

ROY:  It is very true.  I have the documentation on my web site but I can't give web sites (on here).  I have given world wide broadcasts and I have had them on with me.

J-Rod is a brother to the one I have been in contact with which was very popular and in the UFO Magazine, the August issue.  I have spoken with him.  He is no longer on earth.  He was very badly treated at Area 51 and other bases by the fellow that they don't know where he is (Dan Burish?)  They used boiling liquids, they used electric prods on him.  All the technology you are using in your studio came from the  ------ since 1947.

Somehow the Math doesn't add up.

Here is another mention of Lanulos.,Woodrow,Contactee,1966,J.Clark.pdf

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