Sunday, August 26, 2012


Coast to Coast am, July 30, 2012 - 4th Hour

Casey in Boise, Idaho considers himself a self taught shaman just trying to learn from the world around him because he doesn't have any direct teachers.  I kind of wanted to share with you and the listeners an experience I had I consider an initiation of my Shamanism.

I was in a room with some friends and we were going to do a ceremony.  There was some music on and we got into the
ceremony and the music around me shattered and then the entire room shattered.

I left my body and was kind of en-wrapped into this plant like preying mantis kind of creature. I went to this place that was like a void of all space and time, there was just this empty void space and I saw in front of me, the creature, he told me to look in front of me.  Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention before I embarked on this journey it said to ask a question.  My question was what are you?  It was to the universe or to the medicine of whatever, what are you?

They told me to look at this screen type thing and it was kind of a never ending video tape or something that just kept rolling by my field of being there and it had everything on it.  It had these ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, it had Chinese symbols, it had all symbols and writing about time and all human actions and forms of evolution, up to the current period and then even beyond that. I went into these geometrical designs that I just couldn't understand, they were a complete contradiction unto themselves, they just didn't  make sense or whatever.

It wasn't an event that happened in the future, it was just so vast, it was so overwhelming that I just couldn't make any sense of it and during this experience I, in this void of space, I broke down and I cried and I said I was sorry because I couldn't understand.  I said I don't understand what you are telling me.  I feel like I should because I asked the question but I don't understand, I am sorry.  Could you just tell me?  They said OK we will tell you.

What we are is everything and that is what you are too, all  of you.  George said you know some extraterrestrials have been described as praying mantises.  Then George went to another caller and cut Casey off.  I wanted to hear more.

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