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The Birdmen of Toscana Italy 1945 Location....
Albert S Rosales 2:01pm Jul 14
The Birdmen of Toscana Italy 1945

Location. Toscana Italy

Date: 1945 Time: afternoon
An Italian sailor onboard the 
battleship Duilio that was anchored 
at the port, looked up from his post 
on the ship’s bridge at something 
that attracted his attention. From a
distance he saw what resembled a
formation of migrating birds flying
in a “V” formation. The sailor 
reached for a pair of binoculars 
and was treated to an unexpected
The “birds” turned out to be flying
humans endowed with powerful
wings, heading toward the battleship
in a steady glide. Their faces were 
entirely human, and the leader, 
occupying the vertex of the “V”, 
appeared to be engaged in 
conversation with his companion to
his right. The massive wings were
strangely motionless, and their
legs ended in powerful, three toed 
claws. Their bodies were entirely 
covered in feathers except for their 
faces. The witness ran to obtain 
additional witnesses, but 
when he returned the creatures had 
predictably disappeared.

HC addition # 2108

Source: Scott Corrales, Unsolved 
UFO Sightings
Fall 1995 Type: E
High Strangeness Index: 8
Reliability of Source: 8
Comments: Pre-Arnold report 
indicating the existence of winged
man-like creatures. This group 
differs in the fact that they 
appeared to be feathered (!). 
This incident is also in Tambellini’s 
book “Aliens in Italy”.
Interestingly in his book “From the 
Ashes of Angels”, Andrew Collins 
describes similar beings 
reported in the ancient 
pre-biblical times, which were 
said to have been the original
“fallen angels” race.

From Albert Rosales, Humanoid Contacts

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