Sunday, August 12, 2012



I want to tell everybody about my dentist.  OK, a year ago I met some Greys outside Moberly, Missouri, about 30 miles north of here.

A few months ago I was telling my mother, I was telling her and I said, I wonder why "They" couldn't have removed my wisdom teeth, it would have been easy for them.  They (wisdom teeth) are just ripping my face apart.

A couple days later, it was about 4 o'clock in the morning; I was sitting outside, out back here.  It was cloudy but I was looking at the moon above the trees and in a blink of an eye everything got brighter.  So I looked up and most of the clouds were gone.  Then something caught my eye and I looked up and there was a big bright light, maybe 300 feet off the ground and it was moving directly away from me.  It was moving back up into this cloud and I looked back into the field behind there.  The light was lighting up the whole field.  Anyway the light just receded into the clouds and disappeared.

The next day I realized one of my wisdom teeth was gone.  When your wisdom teeth have been impacted for years you know when one is gone.

I realized that I, uh, in that second when everything got brighter, I realized I must have lost a few minutes of time or something, I think that is what must have happened.

Anyway I think we have some new improvements in the field of dentistry.

At that point George went to another subject with his guests.  Seems like he would have asked Bradley what happened when he met the Greys a year ago.

This shows that the aliens are well aware of what the experiencer is thinking and experiencing at all times, whether they will do anything about it is another matter.

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