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UFO TWO - #5

The students' constant desire is to move upward, always striving for a closer relationship with their Older Members, to be more like them in thought and action, and thus "be of the same mind." "The Son can do nothing on His own accord, but only what He sees the Father doing..." -- John 5:19

In trying to achieve this goal, they have found a most valuable instrument to be the constant use of a "check partner." Check partners are individuals who share the same desires and goals, but between them there exists no physical or romantic relationship. As constant companions, they are always reaching for the most right action based on what they think their Older Members would have them do. "For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them." -- Matthew 18:20

This applies to all ages of Next Level members. The older a member, the more he has mastered the technique of checking with his Older Member if this or that thought or action was the one intended or handed down through the "vine," trying to be sure that the thought or action wasn't a creation of his own or different from that of his Older Member. This is not the loss of individuality but the liberating from influences which separate us. "For I have come down from heaven, not to do My own will, but the will of Him who sent Me." -- John 6:38

(If any true religious scholars try to digest any of this puzzle, they may understand more of the real meaning of their studies.)

As was mentioned earlier, Do recognized that Te was clearly his Older Member, not that Te ever told him that, but it became quite obvious because of how much more natural the Next Level conduct and ways of thinking were to her. Also it became clear to the class that Te and Do were their elders (Older Members), though they were not as aware of the gap between Te and Do as much as Do was and as Do was sure that Te was.

The class also has recognized that during the course of our classroom the concepts we believed in seemed to change almost as fast as our locations. However, we continued to believe in certain things consistently all along the way (mainly the rapid antiquating of our previous understanding). We knew that each step was an important stepping stone and gave us the perspective we needed to take at the time. We also clearly recognize the limitation and potential antiquation of our present understanding, though we know that it is sufficient for this moment. In other words, growth is a continual changing process.

We are aware that some of this information is a real brain twister and takes a gestation period before comprehension. Frequently, at first exposure it may provoke negative reactions. However, the true "Sons of God" in line for membership will wade through the adjustment difficulties.

When rising into the vernacular of this kind of thinking, it becomes difficult to maintain a cohesiveness of thought. The thoughts seem fragmented or as little pieces of a larger picture that is difficult to bring into focus. That is because at this moment the reader is experiencing the mind of the Older Member of the writer speaking through his instrument, i.e. brain and pen. However, in this case the writer will not come out of some coma as "channelers" do, for the writer is consciously on the same "wavelength" as the Father, or Older Member, who is coming through. (The writer has just received instruction to switch back to more mundane information.)

Some may ask, "How were those bodies affected which were entered by the Next Level minds of Te and Do and the class?" If those individuals are still in the class, that is evidence that the genetic programming of the human vehicle has accepted or adapted to the thoughts and actions of the Next Level mind that now occupies and controls that vehicle. If a member of the Next Level wears a body like a suit of clothes, then he needs the strength to control and functionally use the genetic package of the suit of clothes he has reason to put on.

Our understanding is that Next Level bodies (the normal bodies for that Kingdom level, as human bodies are for the human kingdom) are grown as plants from a vine, and a the end of their gestation period, they are fully grown and functional, not "babies" as are the products of human "seed-bearing plants." There seem to be actual grafting processes used and genetic binding from Older Members. "I am the vine, ye are the branches" -- could that mean something more than previously thought?

When minds or souls are deliberately tuned to the same thinking and same actions, think how well they could function in the service of the Next Level if they inherited like bodies of the same genetic vine with the same programming potential.

Here we are fragmenting again because the picture is so big and so difficult to focus.

Some 3-1/2 years ago from the time of this writing Te left her human vehicle. To all human appearances it was due to a form of liver cancer. We could say that because of the stress, due to the gap between her Next Level mind and the vehicle's genetic capacity, that the cancer symptom caused the vehicle to break down and stop functioning. However, it was strange that she experienced no symptoms prior to the week she left her vehicle, and for the most part her vehicle slept through the transition. We're not exactly sure how many days it might have taken her to return to the Next Level vehicle she left behind prior to this task.

More importantly, since that time, Do has been experiencing the role of having to communicate mentally with her, his Older Member, in a strengthening opportunity for mental or telepathic communication (not to be confused with the popular concept of channeling or spiritualism). The class has witnessed Te's mind meshed in Do's thinking and even his choice of words as he talks to them. Does the quote "The Father is in Me and I am in My Father" mean a little more than we previously thought it might?

It's fun that in the class they refer to this kind of thought expression, which has several strata of interpretation, as "N.L. Base" computer language -- Next Level computer language -- for it seems to take on a different level of meaning to those who have the same "computer program" or "software."

Is it possible that those who have like minds might also share a same kind of implant (not unlike an advanced computer chip) and recognize the same language or basis for understanding? "You cannot come to the Father unless He draws you to Him." -- could that possible mean that the Next Level has literally placed implants in the heads of some humans for different purposes? One purpose might be to draw the chosen to Him, for they are looking to the right source with the right asking (prayers?).

"What has the class been doing for 12 years?" you might ask. They have been tuning their minds with their Older Member's mind, who has been tuning his mind with his Older Member's mind, and so forth up the ladder.

They have been progressively gaining more control over the genetic programming of their vehicles, and in so doing have been automatically putting those signals into the atmosphere for others to draw upon. Evidence of the successful depositing of these signals comes in the form of the public increased awareness of the harm that smoking, drinking, drugs, and sexual promiscuity can cause to the chemistry of the human body. Additional evidence may be found in the increased awareness of the physical nature of the Kingdom of Heaven, UFOs, Next Level bodies (recovered "alien" or extraterrestrial bodies), etc.
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