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"As we stood there watching this object hover there without a sound, I took note that the object was maybe about 30-40 feet from front to back, it was maybe the same dimensions around. The object seemed to be of a highly polished material that reflected the area around it. The reflection of the distant street lights from the surrounding neighbors properties seemed to reflect off the surface of the object. There was also a small dull glow to the object, barely noticeable unless you were really looking, almost like an aura of sorts, a iridescent blue of sorts."

CLOSE ENCOUNTER IN MONAHANS, TX (A FOLLOW UP) by Gerald Bringle, Bagdad, Arizona

The quotation from the "Close Encounter in Monahans" reminded me of a story that was passed on to me by one of the workers at the mine where I work. I did check the story out and found it to be credible. This event took place at a mine in Arizona called The Tungstona Mine. This is close to my village so I have had ample opportunity to check out some of the details.

The events happened on a Monday morning. The Tungstona mine is on the side of a deep canyon. There was a cable car used to transport the ore cars from the mine at the bottom of the canyon to the top of the canyon. From there the ore was processed at the mill which was on top. There was a mill that was used to crush the ore and the tungsten was separated from the crushed rock.
The electric motor that was used to bring the ore car from the mine to the top of the hill had burned out. There were two workmen repairing a burned out electric motor.

They had both had been drinking heavily over the weekend. Miners in those days liked to drink on their time off. It was too far to go to town to do any hard drinking. The mine was in a very isolated area.

The lead man had his head down taking the motor apart and was concentrating on his work. The helper began to have an uneasy feeling like some one was watching them. The helper turned around and looked up the hill. There was a UFO hovering between two rocks about two hundred feet from where the two workers were working on the motor. He had never seen anything like what he was looking at. This was in 1950 and the mine was in a very isolated place. So the possibility of them having heard of flying saucers is probably not possible.

Remember, these two had been drinking heavily over the weekend. When the helper saw the craft he had no idea what it was, he wasn't even sure what he saw. So he said to the lead man, "Do you see anything over there?" He pointed to the place where the craft was hovering. The lead man, a big gruff hard working miner, turned around and looked up the hill at the craft. He took a very good look. He turned around and picked up his tools and bent over his work and didn't look to the right or the left, he just kept his head down and said to the helper, "No, I don't see a God dammm thing."

To this day neither spoke of the incident to others. The helper told me the story years later and took me and showed me the place where they had seen the craft. I took a photo of the exact location. In the picture, the location is where the stick is sticking up between the rocks.

Contributed by Gerald Bringle of Bagdad, Arizona

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