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The class knows that the world sees them as a cult, and that no longer bothers them. They know that all they care about is the Next Level -- the Kingdom of Heaven - and how they might become better members of that Kingdom. Prior to 1981, their understanding was that they were working toward graduation from the human kingdom into the Next Level, and that this graduation from the human kingdom into the Next Level, and that this graduation involved physically changing over their human vehicles (metamorphosing) into Next Level vehicles. They now believe that they were in the Kingdom of Heaven before entering these human bodies. But because of the present awareness of their Next Level consciousness, they know that they are in that Kingdom now, though occupying human vehicles in order to do a task.

In spite of their repeated effort to refute this explanation, all things continue to lead them to believe the following. (Hold onto your hats!)

They were briefed as a crew aboard a spacecraft about how they would incarnate into human vehicles in order to do a task. They left their Kingdom "world" and came into this "world" beginning in the late 1940's. Some left their Next Level bodies via so-called UFO "crashes." However, they believe that the crashes were not accidental, as they appeared to be to the humans who witnessed the remains and recovered some of the bodies. These are now in the possession of governments (one of our Government's scientists coined the term "EBE" -- extraterrestrial biological entities -- to identify these beings, also frequently referred to as "Greys").Some left their bodies behind in "cold storage," or the Next Level's wardrobe, for the duration of this task. Others were in "spirit," having not yet earned Next Level bodies since having left the human kingdom.

If this hypothesis is true, then the class members were not humans recruited by Te and Do into some cult, but rather were members of the Next Level before ever meeting them. They knew prior to coming to Earth that two Older Members would take them through a lengthy (according to human time) observation-study time in this world in preparation for choosing and taking a human vehicle before actually entering it. That is to say, they were all in "spirit" from the late 1940's and possibly early 1950's until the mid-1970's before actually entering and taking charge of the human vehicles -- or the human bodies -- they are now in. The vehicles they chose generally ranged in age from early 20s to late 50's, some having more difficult genetic packages or programming in order to give more growth opportunity.

The task seemed to include the important aspect of example. They incarnated into such a variety of human vehicles that collectively they covered the 360-degree range of humanness and human addictions. They then, during the classroom, "overcame the world" or changed the programming of these vehicles sufficiently to demonstrate that "virginity can be recovered," or you can do as Jesus admonished his disciples to do. Was this not the more realistic metamorphosis? This is not to say that it took 12 years to do this, for many other lessons and much broader understanding filled the bulk of these years.

The pieces of the puzzle seem to indicate that the reason the Bible and its role players teach overcoming human ways is not for the sake of morality or pseudo-piety, but simply because the Next Level literally has no place for those activities. For example, there are apparently no active reproductive organs in the physical bodies of members of the Next Level, though the bodies of some of the younger (less advanced) members of the Next Level, if examined, might show signs of internal remnants of reproductive organs long since all but atrophied. Therefore, it seems you could not inherit one of those bodies until you no longer have any use for activities involving the reproductive organs. Those who think their Heaven will have husbands and wives who wear "seed-bearing plants" for bodies must know of some other place than the Heaven our Heavenly Father exists in.

In the same way, they would also show no signs of digestive organs as humans know them. So wouldn't it follow that it is important to have no likes or cravings for food, other than as fuel, if you hope to inherit a Next Level vehicle (body) or suit of clothes?

Whatever you crave or haven't overcome at the loss of one body carries over to any next body, if the Gardener chooses to replant you. That is, the capacity of your new body will match the level of comprehension and control that you (the mind) achieved while occupying any previous body (vehicle). You will "pick up where you left off," so to speak, with whatever programming or physical additions you had not overcome. Do not confuse this with the popular concept of reincarnation.
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