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UFO TWO - #7


One example of the "faith" syndrome might be seen in relationship to Whitley Streiber's experiences. Since as yet, his "visitors" have not offered him proof incontrovertible, that fact likely indicates that he is still candidate material. But for non-candidates of the Heavenly Kingdom, faith is for the most part, not a requirement for incontrovertible proof to be shown, for they are not building a relationship, nor are they going anywhere.

Though candidates, early on, are denied the proof of their relationship with the Next Level once faith has been sufficiently proven, then proof of the Next Level's existence may be given. This is not to say that all who have had what they might consider incontrovertible proof are not necessarily candidates. We would like to believe that out of all of those who witnessed the recent Gulf Breeze, Florida incident, at least some might recognize it as part of the workings of their Heavenly Father's Kingdom.

One of the reasons for the class' resurfacing at this time seems to be as follows: Information has been released or leaked about UFO occupants, crashes, and communications between "aliens" and humans that, because of misinterpretations, could turn your eyes or have you see this evidence as something other than the workings of Our Father's Kingdom. Humans, with very few exceptions, who have an awareness of the presence of these "aliens" haven't grown to have the capacity to see that the Kingdom of God is at work here.

Governments who have had an undeniable awareness of the "aliens" presence here since the late 1940's have tried to cover it up. They have retrieved "crashed" spacecrafts, live "EBEs" (extraterrestrials), and numerous bodies, autopsies of which have revealed characteristics mentioned previously (even though investigators interpret these occurrences incorrectly). They have even reported having had communications, encounters, and agreements with the "EBEs" that have been misinterpreted.

We, the class, certainly don't care to force the disclosure of the cover-up. The Next Level has had its own "coverup" so to speak, since this civilization began, for humans' sake, because the younger "plants" (humans) wouldn't be able to handle the unrelgiousized reality of some of their doings. There are records of how in Biblical times hoards of Angels came and won this battle, or did this or that act (actual close encounters of the third kind). However, the Next Level's presence hasn't been noticed much for many generations until recently; i.e., in increasingly significant ways since the late 1940's.

If you are part of God's "children," you know the Next Level has reasons for Their "leaks" or exposure, in preparation for a broader acceptance and understanding of Them. However, because of Their exposure, Lucifer's counterinterpretation of this presence has been stepped up. A major movement is afoot to depict the members of the Next Level as hostile space "aliens" who abduct humans, do them harm, and are really here to "eat humans" (a quote from a so-called reliable source).

Alas, Our Major Dilemma: What to do with what we know?

For a while we tried to use what we had learned in an attempt to help victims of problematic genetic programming. We briefly started what was called Anonymous Sexaholics Celibate Church, aimed at people who had already joined a Sexaholics type organization. We tried to show them the positive side of their problem -- that to be liberated from that addiction, having already acknowledged that they were addicts, put them ahead of the pack as far as having the potential for an improved relationship with their Heavenly Father was concerned.

We didn't expose other knowledge that we had, only what we had learned as related to the overcoming of a sex addiction -- never anything about UFOs or Next Level awareness. We simply tried to help them understand that life after addiction acknowledgment could be a much happier, more fulfilling, and significantly more liberating existence, particularly if they could establish a dependency relationship with their Heavenly Father in whatever vernacular that translated for them. This was done in a way similar to the Sexaholics and Alcoholics Anonymous approach, except it offered them a more Godly focused fellowship.

We spent a lot of time and money on planning, brochures, mailings, and talking at meetings and conventions. However, the response to us was almost one of resentment of our finding "joy after celibacy," as if we were trying to show off or be self-righteous. We considered and presented ourselves as addicts, but our lack of ability at facing "doldrums" seemed to cause some to question our humility. It was as if we were supposed to remain in a "poor us" or "sick" syndrome of otherwise be misunderstood. In this instance, they really couldn't tell when we "were coming from."

We also thought that we could help AIDS victims realize that their problem could actually be their blessing, if they could be thankful for the opportunity to come closer to their Heavenly Father during this period of suffering. We have done our homework mentally in this effort, but haven't yet found the physical opportunity to put much into motion.

Again! What Are We To Do With What We Have Learned?

When we were holding meetings years ago and didn't even know much of anything about what we were doing, we were criticized by what seemed to be almost every camp. Psychologists wrote books, papers, and even articles in Psychology Today about our "unfortunate brainwashed syndrome." But from our standpoint, we felt like our brains weren't yet washed clean enough. They really didn't know us.

Ministers wrote articles in books and newsletters about how selfish our self-perfecting syndrome was. Overlooking Matthew 5:48, "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father in Heaven is perfect," they hastily surmised that we were on an ego "perfection trip. Our motivation for trying to overcome everything that separated us from the Next Level was based upon the humility that we felt, feeling that we had done nothing to deserve the honor of the Next Level's closeness, and in spite of that fact, the Next Level had chosen to draw us closer to them. An awareness of that gift compelled us and also gave us the strength needed to try to rid ourselves of everything that separated us from Their Kingdom. Again, they never knew us, having never even sat with us.

Ufologists said that we must not know anything about the world of spacecrafts because we had used the term UFO, and what they knew of what we stood for seemed too spiritual.

However, the ones who misunderstood us the most were the ones who interpreted our position as by-passing Jesus, never understanding that without that same Mind that abides in Him, we would be nothing.

We believe in the reality of God, His Kingdom, and of His Son Jesus Christ. If we are off track in any way, we want it rectified. If we are some well-meaning, misguided charismatic cult that is full of baloney, we want that rectified. However, if we are in fact in His service, we want that service brought to its full fruition according to God's will. We want only what's right in His eyes.


The one thing we seem to be good at is attracting those to us who would mock us, misinterpret us, and wish that we would go away. They not only find fault in everything that we did and do, but make up things to accuse us of.

Maybe this is what we are supposed to expect at this point in our development toward our Older Member. We're not really the martyr type, but "so be it" if it's His will -- part of His design!

Here's hoping our efforts have not been in vain. We feel that it is our instruction from our Father's Kingdom to get this material out at this time. Maybe, just maybe, there are some who can benefit from it -- if not now, then possibly in some future time.

If you want to help us get this material out (intact) far and wide, please do.

For the great tragedy, tune in tomorrow for the last in this sequel. Remember to think twice before getting caught up in someone's wild imaginings. It could be the death of you.

Look at #3 for a comment from a person that was in this group.

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