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Today I am starting an 8 page sequel about the Two - Bo and Peep and how it all came to be. They were known originally as Te and Do. Perhaps some of you will remember but did you ever hear the whole story? The articles were written by someone that was in the group so they are not my words but they do explain how it all got started and what happened over the years. The last one in the sequence is about the great tragedy that ended the whole thing. Please persevere and read each one as we go along. I will try to put one on each day until it is finished.

P. Urial

A Brief Synopsis (Condensed Version)

In the early 1970's, two members of the Kingdom of Heaven (or what some might call two aliens from space) incarnated into two unsuspecting humans in Houston, a registered nurse and a college music professor who were in their forties. The nurse and the professor hadn't previously known each other and had completely separate lives. The registered nurse was happily married with four children, worked in the nursery of a local hospital, and enjoyed a small astrology practice. The music professor, a divorcee who had lived with a male friend for some years, was contentedly involved in cultural and academic activities.

For about a year before they met, their lives seemed to encounter severe upheaval and personal confusion, later recognized as the human body's response to the entry of the minds from what "the two" referred to as the "Next Level," or the physical level about human. About nine months after they first met, they left Houston because their lives, which were crumbling around them, made it impossible to concentrate on what was actually happening to them.

Most of their friends and associates thought the two of them had lost their minds or were being duped into a relationship by the other. The only relationship they shared, certainly had no physical attraction toward each other, was the compulsion to discover what had brought them together and what might be their purpose. They had little in common other than strong personal relationships with their Heavenly Father.

While spending almost six week in painful, sol-searching isolation in a Texas hill country ranch house, they began to respond and identify with more of their "Next Level" mind. They consciously recognized that they were sent from space to do a task that had something to do with the Bible, an update in understanding, and prophesy fulfillment. Having divorced themselves from their human lives, they struggled for some time with the conflicting duality of their bodies' memories and thought patterns and their Next Level identity and purpose.

Shortly after first meeting, even before leaving Houston, they had individually dropped habits - such as sex, drinking, and smoking -- not for explainable reasons, but simply because they both knew that their new consciousness would be interfered with if such practices were continued. However, the memory and "old programming" of their bodies (which they now referred to as their "vehicles") had to be kept at bay like an annoying puppy in order to sustain their Next Level consciousness.

Leaving the hill country, having left everything behind in Houston, giving it all away, they struck out in their last possession, a little sports car convertible. They seemed to just go where "the spirit" led, facing the country up and down and from side to side as if they were being used as cameras and microphones for the Next Level. They did odd jobs to sustain travel funds, everything from carving crosses for a little store in Las Vegas where the owner took an extreme interest in them, to digging septic tank test ditches near Savage Rapids on the Rogue river in southern Oregon. Occasionally, when they could find no work, they asked for help from preachers, which was needless to say, a humbling experience for both of them. Their sports car "died' in front of the Ananda Marga house in Portland, Oregon where they were invited to stay for awhile.

Their real or more in-depth awakening occurred over several months while camping on the Rogue River near Gold Beach, Oregon. While there they came to believe that they were the Two Witnesses mentioned in the Book of Revelations. This was extremely difficult for them to accept, for they were both the type who were "turned off" by people who thought they were reincarnations of Cleopatra, or some Egyptian King or Biblical character. To have to believe that they were assuming a role that would have caused them to "run the other way" had they seen someone else assume it, was more than hard to digest.

In spite of that difficulty, they felt that they really had no choice but to tell the world what the real Kingdom of Heaven was -- a physical evolutionary level, instead of some mystical cloud-and-harp, spiritual existence as Lucifer has popularly twisted the scripture quotes to misinterpret. The term "evolutionary" here does not refer to the theories presented by Darwin, but to a level of life that can be entered only after overcoming or rising above the ways of the human world, and only with the assistance of a Member of the Heavenly Kingdom.

They knew that Jesus had come or been sent to share exactly the same truth with "those who had the eyes to see," but that His body might have been a Next Level hybrid by means of artificial insemination, offering Him more Next Level capabilities. He knew that a "boarding pass" to His Father's Kingdom came only after overcoming (hating everything of this world), leaving everything and everybody behind (forsaking mother, father, sister, brother for My sake) and following the example and lead of an "Older Member" -- your Master, Rabbi, Lord. This was exactly the same awareness that the two had come to be witness to. They also knew that whoever carries this witness would be hated of men, most of all by the religious who are comfortable in their belief system of "He did it all for us, we just have to believe in Him," instead of individually needing to also do as He did.

They also came to know that the true Antichrist is now here and has taken several faces, one of which is the New Age "Ye are Gods" concept, or "I have only to become aware of my own "Christ consciousness within" while continuing to practice the ways of the world. They knew that when it becomes time for any individual to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, he cannot "love the Lord his God with all his heart, mind, and soul" and still love his wife, his things, his respectability, his credibility, or even possess any of these things while being taken through the birth canal into the Next Level - the Kingdom of Heaven - by one of its members.

After awakening to this understanding, their heads were spinning with excitement about what had been shared with them by their Heavenly Father, or Older Member, and yet they were fearful of what they were to do with this information.

Their Older Member helped them realize also that so called flying saucers, or misappropriately labeled UFO's, were means of transportation and laboratories of the Kingdom of Heaven (clouds of light, wheels of fire), and that the occupants of these spacecrafts were for the most part" here means that frequently the Next Level transports lower life forms (human-like creatures) in their spacecrafts, just as zoologists in the human world transport animal life as their means of transportation. The two were given to understand that these spacecraft occupants were participants in "God's creation" of the Earth and had been the participants in relating to Abraham, the Israelites, Jesus, and all of our Bible's record of man's association with God. They also understood that this civilization, since Adam's time until now, is just one planting of Earth's true "Gardeners."

Coming to know, or having been given the knowledge of these things and countless more made their heads reel. What they grew to know seemed to create such a communication gap between them and humans that they began to ask, "What are we to do with this understanding? Everyone will think we are kooks or be ready to have us committed if we say anything."

So when they left Gold Beach, after having received an unexpected insurance check from a car accident, they began to wander even more. They traveled into Canada and all over the US again, leaving little calling cards on pulpits saying, "The Two Witnesses are here," and then running before anyone could see them or ask any questions.

At a New Age awareness center, they felt led to share that they were the Two Witnesses, only to find out that the leaders of the center claimed the same title! After this incident, they struggled significantly with whether to continue with this "M.O."

A woman who had met them in Houston right before they left and with whom they had promised to communicate, asked if she could meet up with them, and they agreed. As they traveled here and there, they met her a few times and she offered the use of her gasoline credit cards. They used the cards for a while until they were informed that the cards had been reported stolen by the woman's husband, which was a traumatic experience to say the least. In the meantime, the old car they purchased in Portland, Oregon, with money from their pawned jewelry, "gave up the ghost," and they were stranded in St Louis on the night that the comet Kohoutek was at its peak. In their naive trust, they pulled out one of their old credit cards and rented a car, firmly believing that "God would provide the means" to pay the bill.

Sometime later, while in Brownsville, Texas, they made an appointment with a news reporter to share what they had come to know, telling him that this would be the biggest story he had ever received. He believed them, but thought that their story was about drug trafficking and brought hoards of the authorities with him to the interview. This frightened the two, who were pretty paranoid by now anyhow, and when they saw the authorities, they left abruptly, which made the authorities follow them. In the process of following them, though the police didn't know why the two were running, they checked out the license of the rented car which had been reported stolen.

The two were then arrested and plopped into the county jail. (For sake of clarity, we will refer to the female as Te and the male as Do, two names they took some time ago.) Te was charged with stealing credit cards (the gasoline credit cards that belonged to the husband of the Houston woman). Do was charged with auto theft (the car that he rented with his last credit card in St. Louis on Christmas night).

After a few days, Te was sent to a Houston jail where the charges were dropped by the woman's husband. She was released after having spent 30 days in jail. Do stayed in the Brownsville jail a while longer,and the credit card company dropped the charges related to the rented car. However, the DA's office in St. Louis picked up the charges and Do was extradited to St. Louis. After six months his trial came before the judge, and he received a four month sentence, which he had already served plus two extra months.

That experience yielded significant growth for both of them. Mainly, the isolation yielded Statement 1, the first written statement of their beliefs, which they sent out soon after Do's release.

They were at first horrified at what had happened, thinking that a jail record had ruined their mission, that no one would listen to them if their credibility was questionable. However, they could see that even prior to the jail incident their stability and credibility was by now unquestionably questionable. So the felon record was taken in stride as assurance that now they couldn't turn back. It might be interesting to note that during Do's trial, because of the judge's awareness of the peculiar circumstances surrounding the arrest, the judge ordered a psychiatric examination. Although Do passed it with flying colors, not a 24-hour period slipped by that he didn't question his own sanity.

Continued next time. You might have guess what this is leading up to, if you remember "Heaven's Gate!"


GMODY said...

I like what you wrote, but you spelled Te wrong, it is spelled, TI, but that is cool, I mispell all the time, thank goodness for spell check, lol. I have recently published a book titled, HEAVEN'S GATE A MEMORIAL Established 2009. It tells what could have happend if the members of HEAVEN'S GATE did board the space craft and travel the galaxies to the level above human. It is a very loving and posative story to help counteract all the negative media propaganda.

GRYODY said...

Ok, comment two here. I first want to state that I was never a classmate, nor even met TI, DO or members of the HEAVEN'S GATE Monistery. My spelling maybe inaccurate too. I was never aware of them til after the news broke. Then I started studying their teachings, which I clearly state in my memorial book. I sometimes wonder why the level of human concept jumps to their own conclusion about certian things. I am flattered that you would beieve I was a former class member, but unfortunately, I am not. Thank you for assuming anyway I look forward to reading more.